Summer “Take Action” contest is LIVE!!

Summer is one of the best times to start your online business. Most people are on vacation, they’re in “sleep mode,” this means you have more time and more opportunities available to get on board and take the piece of the e-commerce pie. Additionally, if you are serious about succeeding, then it’s also a good time to start thinking about preparing your Christmas products (so you have them developed and in stock when Christmas comes). It usually takes me 2-3 months to get the product to the market, … Read more

Exposed! The Truth About Outsourcing: What you need to know

Outsourcing simply means hiring another company or individual (outside of your business sphere) to handle certain tasks for your business.

These people could either provide labor or some other type of service for you for a fee. In today’s business world, outsourcing is now the norm.
A lot of companies are into it right now, but why is this so? What are the benefits of having outsiders handle crucial tasks that can make or mar your business?
A recent study has revealed that cutting costs is the number one reason … Read more

5 Important e-commerce Business Tips you MUST Never Forget!

There are a plethora of methods for scaling and growing a business….

Truth be told, there is no perfect way to go about this process. However, there are some key principles that you should adhere to regardless of the kind of method you’ve chosen to grow your business. What are these principles for e-commerce bloom?
Let’s find out!
Reasoning like the customer: the advice often given to entrepreneurs is “think like the customer,” aside from this sounding cliché, most people don’t know how to go about it. When attempting … Read more

Optimizing for Change: Make Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out!

In older posts, we learned about how widespread e-commerce has become.

On a global scale, it is safe to say that you can find an e-commerce startup virtually all over the world. This scary fact comes with its merits and demerits. First of all, this means that more people will be prone to patronize online stores, which translates to a wider range of potential customers for you. However, on the negative side, it then becomes fairly easy for upcoming e-commerce businesses to get stuck in the sheep zone; copying … Read more

The Perks of Having a Steady Stream of Passive Income

The words passive income is often thrown around, but most people don’t know the actually meaning and as a result of this, it is usually misconstrued for something else.

Passive income simply means a source of cash for individual requiring little or no effort.
Selling on Amazon and Shopify qualifies as passive income because with the right tools and following the correct steps, you needn’t work too much to earn money, the business can be automated bring you in cash steadily.
So why is passive income important? Here are … Read more

3 Major Global E-commerce Trends in 2017

Nobody can argue about the prevalence of the internet and how it has completely changed businesses.

E-commerce is now a norm and as internet use has become a global phenomenon, so has e-commerce.
Wise online merchants will therefore pay close attention to the trends so that they can devote their time and resources to profitable ventures.
So… what are these trends in 2017? What can you expect? Where do you think consumers are now pitching their tents? … Read more