Your Questions Answered!

What a great response we got… I got over 400 questions last days about the new Sells Like Hot Cakes program that you joined, lets quickly cover them all.

My mailbox is exploding. 53,192 emails anyone?

(Yes, I answer all real emails except the promos from marketers. I am subscribed to them all to make sure I learn from the best. I share the tricks on top converting emails in the bonus – email mastery course that’s also inside our members’ area)
Q: Is it really for me? I don’t have any product to sell (except for my wife lol)

No product, no problem! In fact, just a year ago I had no products at all. For years I struggled with e-commerce to make it work. Especially finding a winning product was a real pain. I was so frustrated I almost gave up!

After spending whopping $211,871 on seminars, video courses, and workshops, I stumbled upon the secret formula used by the rock star billion dollar sellers to grab any buyers’ attention and triple or even quadruple their sales.

This is how I started my own Amazon and Shopify business and I covered everything step by step inside “Sells Like Hot Cakes” video course … suddenly, everything I did just WORKED!

And you can duplicate it too!

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Q: Is it an automated get rich system?

No, it’s not. Those things don’t exist, don’t get fooled by the scam artists… We provide all the tools and guidance but you still need to take action and get started. This is not for you if are just looking for a magic pill and “next big shiny thing” that will automatically make you rich.

The hashtag for the day is “GET STARTED“. Don’t just sit on the information. Take action, and I am here to guide you and help you along the way!

Q: What if I have day time job, is it still for me? Do I need to do it full time?

Most of the Amazon and Shopify sellers start it part time, just as a passive income to reach the goal of $45,000 per month from their e-commerce business and ONLY AFTER that they consider quitting their main job.

Q: Do I need to invest a lot to get started?

No, you can get started with Shopify drop shipping model without any investments (except some small cash for domain, Shopify apps etc.) or with Amazon FBA model as well with small scale orders (10-20 units) or if you want to go “ALL IN” then with $5000 investment you can cut the corners and order up to 1000 units of product and go BIG from the start with white-labelling model. I will show you all 3 ways there!

Q: Do I have to live in USA?

Of course not. In fact, I am not even from USA (you see i really struggle with English and do voiceovers for all my videos so you can enjoy great content instead of trying to understand my foreign accents) but I sell on Amazon and Shopify just fine! It does not matter where you live, it matters where you SELL.

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Q: Show me the proof!

here you go. This is just one of 5 accounts we have. I am NOT making millions with it and you will not too. But I think even extra few thousands $ per month won’t hurt?

Q: How much can I do with it?

The goal to reach is $45,000 per month with 5 products on amazon and Shopify. My of the students of the course who completed it reached it too, you can meet them on the WALL and read their success stories.

If you are already doing more than 45k then you probably don’t need me anymore, and I would love to learn from you and hear your success story!

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P.S.  Mistake number 1 all people do is that they get the info and they sit on it. Like I said, the hashtag for the day is “GET STARTED“. Don’t just sit on the information. Take action, and I am here to guide you and help you along the way!


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Last Wall Comments

 Sandra says at 23:00 et
My question is.. What is the best time to start selling summer products?
 Claudia says at 07:40 et
Thank you Sandra.. Please check the TRENDS and SEASONS tool we have for your product.. Usually April-May is a good time to start selling summer products. Sales peak in June-July.
 Cyril says at 19:26 et
FBA: Personal Account vs Company account? Pro&Cons?
 Claudia says at 19:39 et
Professional for sure! Get LLC State Registration to protect yourself legally. Important: To Sell In USA you don’t have to live there or have USA company/Bank acc! Plus you get all the features of PPC, Lightning deals etc.
Cons? Small monthly amazon fee.
 Kenga says at 20:59 et
What if the customer goes directly to aliexpress and buys from it?
 Dylan says at 21:00 et
Truth is, it was not your customer on the first place. If the person savy enough to know about dropshipping and aliexpress method then he was not your customer in the first place. No point to worry about it. It's like worry about online pirates. People who always download cracked software are not your customers anyways, don't worry about them.
Target people who are not aware of dropshipping methods and you will be just fine! 99.9% of people will never bother finding alternatives and going to aliexpress is the last thing on their mind. They might go Amazon in worst place but never aliexpress..
If they go Amazon, again, they were not your customer so don't worry about them. Some people tend do buy exclusively on Amazon Prime for example.
 Claudia says at 21:00 et
Another tip... if you offer some sort of exclusivity or special deal then people wont be looking much for alternatives.
I have many people ordering Dog Frisbi for example and wait 2-4 weeks just fine when they could buy it cheaper probably on amazon and get in 1 day using prime. There is room for everyone here and a huge marketplace!
 Gab says at 22:23 et
Amazoners... with new UPC rules, is it better to print the FNSKU directly onto the product instead of a UPC?
 Alice says at 22:23 et
yes i did it and it worked fine
 spooky says at 23:49 et
Is it possible to find out what search terms Amazon Customers used to find your product on Amazon?
 jo says at 23:49 et
start an automated sponsored campaign PPC, then get Search term report
 chris says at 23:49 et
Run a reverse asin search
 Claudia says at 12:32 et
You are welcome guys, glad to have you here!
 Mike says at 16:31 et
Here is a new video i added "I don’t have TIME! + surprising ending" to address the most common question I get "I don't have enough time!" "I don't have time to learn!" "I dont have time to watch 12 hours of videos!" I dont have time to research a product!" "I dont have time to find a supplier" I dont have time to open my own ecommerce store!"
Gad says at 17:43 et
Hello everyone :-) my name is Gadi, and I'm a new member. Glad to meet you all , and looking forward to be part of your community :)
I would like to ask few questions:
First I'm thinking of adding a donation component to my sales. so part of the profit goes to donation. Is it sounds reasonable, regarding the expenses ?
Second - as I said I live in the UK, will it be a mistake to sell only for the UK market in order to save costs of transaction fees, and saving shipping time. I'm not sure that the thinking is correct, but as I said, I'm a newbie.. thanks, gadi
 Chris says at 17:45 et
Welcome Gad! Donation component is a great way to boost your sales but it must be linked to a good cause and make sense, so that your product is somehow linked to a good story that makes sense
 quirkyfox says at 17:45 et
yeah, like Bamboo product for saving trees...
 Mike says at 17:46 et
hi Gad. Regarding UK question you did not explain if you do dropshipping or FBA? Anyways you can start with UK and expand!
Gad says at 08:03 et
Thank you all for your comments
Regarding your question Mike, I thought about
Dropshipping at first
Gad says at 08:03 et
Two more questions please :
Is there AliExpress in UK, so the shipping would be shorter ?
Second - is it possible and profitable to creat one store, and then inside to create few nitches in it ?
 Mike says at 08:05 et
Gad, Aliexpress is a chinese company. They ship internationally but it's always from china. You can watch video on finding local dropshipping suppliers in your niche in UK if you want to go local route.
Regarding the store - again it depends on what you plan to sell. See my video about branding talking about small brand or more general brand to have better idea!
Gad says at 04:58 et
Thanks !