Everything store Vs. Niche Specific Store. Which is better?

Here’s a great question from Nasim, I wanted to share it alongside my response. “This course is really inspiring me to open my own store. Can you give me one more suggestion? From your experience which one do you think is better a specific product type or mixed product stores? ”
Example of a great everything store is chattuz.com

Example of a great niche specific store is http://www.deathwishcoffee.com/

There is no specific answer to this. You know Amazon itself is an “everything store,” and they are very successful. At the same time, a lot of Shopify stores are “one product only” or “one niche only.” If you target specific niche (like pugs lovers, pug owners for example), then your store should have only products for pugs because if they see a¬†product for bulldogs instead, they will be frustrated and leave). I hope it helps, but there is no RIGHT or WRONG way here.

Here is my suggestion:

1. If you go with “everything store” then research top competitor everything stores and make sure to sell similar products at similar prices. This will reduce the chance of failure.

2. If you go specific niche, again use competitor spy tools and find out best-selling products in competitor stores and duplicate them.

Head to our website now and check out the competitor spy tools and start using information from your competitors to upgrade your business. Check it out here:

Choosing between the two can be quite confusing, but you have to find what works for you and then you’ve got to stick with it. Hope this helps out.

Keep selling, keep winning!

See you next time.


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Last Wall Comments

 Dr. Jam says at 21:39 et
Any great FBA podcasts to hear?
Claudia says at 21:39 et
Check Resources. Scott Amazing Seller is top one!
 mya says at 17:20 et
Is Jungle Scout a scam or real deal?
Claudia says at 17:21 et
Of course it's not a scam, and greg is a great guy! we use a lot of tools and have a video about it, all the tools are helpful! The more tools you have the better.
Blaine says at 00:14 et
I'm watching the videos. I can only watch a couple a day, looks very exciting. I will try to get it going this weekend.
Claudia says at 00:14 et
No rush, take your time! I know that's a LOT of info but they are pretty short and up to the point!
Sathaporn says at 01:27 et
I just starting to do a dropshipping with Shopify and I'm from Thailand. How can I get customers trust me from USA?
 James says at 01:29 et
Dont say that you are from Thailand on your store. Buy a virtual address in USA, use fiver to proofread the texts (very cheap). See the video about building credibility, it helped me a lot
 K1nggg says at 03:11 et
i agree with james. many of us are not from usa so it's not a problem where you are from!
 Violet says at 03:14 et
Sathaporn, make sure your store looks trustworthy, follow the common steps outlined in the video lesson about building trust.
- virtual address
- phone number in US
- forwarding service (to forward returns)
- hire virtual assistant to proofread your english if you struggle with english. (on fiverr for $5)
- put trust seals
- be clear about delivery time
- provide great tracking and good customer service to keep customers happy
Ivan says at 13:07 et
Prompt what is to be done, how it works? I am from Russia and I do not know much English.
Claudia says at 13:08 et
hi Ivan and welcome. Follow the course here http://sellslikehotcakes.co/videos.php - each lesson has a transcription that you can read if you have hard time understanding spoken english!
Ricardo says at 02:00 et
Hi, I have one question, maybe someone could help me: What if I work with 3 providers from Aliexpress, and I make an upsell on my store, but each product is is from a different provider. So, my customer will have this separately, will I have to tell him/her that would come in different time? (something rare that figure I think (?))

This providers offer different things for the same niche, so their product are great for an upsell for the other provider.*
Claudia says at 02:05 et
I think it does not matter if all comes same or not. People are not expecting all products to be in same pack these days, you know even with amazon many times the products are shipped separately even if you order same day.
Ricardo says at 12:15 et
thanks Claudia
 Emma says at 02:06 et
I agree it's not a problem. If customer asks you reply that you ship from different warehouses.
dilini says at 19:04 et
hi, i am sri lankan. In sri lanka it is not allowed paypal and stripe still. for that i can use local intrenational payment gateway. But is there any option by opening amrican bank account to connect to world wide accept IPG? Thanks..
 Kylie says at 19:13 et
also search for local facebook groups, there must be people from sri lanka doing shopify and you can join them as well to get some local advice!
GERRIE says at 08:27 et
I have watched a lot of videos and I understand what they are telling me to do. However, I can't memorize an all the instructions. Is there a written text instruction that I can reread the instructions as I am filling out the forms? I have been putting everything on my reading list but don't know if that is enough.
 Mike says at 08:27 et
Most of our videos have text transcript to download.