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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:52 et
whats the pros and cons of selling your own product on shopify vs amazon??
 Ab says at 21:42 et
any good facebook bots?
 Chris says at 21:43 et
check and to build list via chat on facebooks..
 freedom says at 21:50 et
Does dropshipping work? i worry about slow delivery times? who will wait 2-4weeks??
 Gab says at 21:50 et
Dont be discarded about drop shipping there are lots of people have succeeded in drop shipping, my advice drop ship is good when you do it internationally. I have no problems with international customers.
 Victor says at 21:50 et
You can reduce the delivery time.. Try DHL, i pass the cost to the consumer, i find consumer will pay the xtra amount to get the instant gratification they seek in online shopping.. Or find domestic suppliers..
It is Ok to use AlieExpress - just make sure that your customers know about the delivery times and the reason is because all products are made to order and direct from the factory.
Then scale up and move slowly to FBA once you know what sells best for your store and fullfill via amazon prime!
Butz says at 13:47 et
Does this work for residents in Australia?
Claudia says at 13:48 et
of course. You dont need to live in USA to get started.. In fact, I am not even from USA but I sell on Amazon and Shopify just fine! It does not matter where you live, it matters where you SELL.
william says at 12:34 et
Hi everybody, I'm new here and is excited. I'm just looking at the Course Intro. I'm starting with ZERO and will keep you guys posted.
Claudia says at 12:35 et
Hi William, great to have you here!! I'm sure you will love it. Share your progress with us!
Leslie says at 13:30 et
I had over eight merchant providers turn me down. For example, when you think hemp--you think...marijuana. Providers said no,no,no....Hemp is illegal, which it is not! And search Aliexpress for hemp clothing and what do you get, marijuana paraphernalia--not 100% hemp products! Hemp is just another tag for broadcloth. What I do not get is I have seen things like marijuana seed sites with a shopify or Paypal logo on their site? But.. I was denied by both of them for trying to sell anything that could be misconstrued as for vaporizers listed under Aromatherapy. Are not marijuana seeds sold for the purpose of growing an illegal plant in most states/provinces? Why the hypocrisy with merchant providers?
 Diego says at 13:31 et
You see, every provider wants to stay safe. If you are new and coming with a first product and start with something on the "edge" like marijuana-related stuff you might have trouble for sure. Start with safer products, get approved easily, then get some volume going and only when you are a trusted seller add more edgy products. Hope this helps
Ricardo says at 02:00 et
Hi, I have one question, maybe someone could help me: What if I work with 3 providers from Aliexpress, and I make an upsell on my store, but each product is is from a different provider. So, my customer will have this separately, will I have to tell him/her that would come in different time? (something rare that figure I think (?))

This providers offer different things for the same niche, so their product are great for an upsell for the other provider.*
Claudia says at 02:05 et
I think it does not matter if all comes same or not. People are not expecting all products to be in same pack these days, you know even with amazon many times the products are shipped separately even if you order same day.
Ricardo says at 12:15 et
thanks Claudia
 Emma says at 02:06 et
I agree it's not a problem. If customer asks you reply that you ship from different warehouses.
Andres says at 05:22 et
Thx for answering @Mike , @Kylie @Claudia....Im starting my plan on Shopify store...Do you experts, have only one theme, one storeo? giving that they are so many choices
John says at 15:35 et
Hello all! My name is John and I just joined. I'm just starting out and I'll be back with questions...
 Theo says at 15:35 et
Welcome John!