Are you giving up too soon?

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Today is another Monday; the start of a busy week again for business around the world. As a newbie or an old timer still fighting to make a way for yourself in a world of constant and increasing competition, potential market instability, emerging new trends etc. things could become quite overwhelming. In the event that your business isn’t doing as well as your projection, it is very tempting to want to hit the brakes and just walk away from … Read more

The Great Wall

Imagine if there was a place you could go to, where you could find like-minded individuals who are more experienced/knowledgeable than you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could peek into their minds, ask these people questions that have been bothering you and get solutions in the form of replies? I’m sure you would love to have some sort of “safe heaven” where you could ask your business-related questions. You no longer have to walk this path alone.
Over at sells like hot cakes, we have just the right solution … Read more

Taking Advantage of China!

Transforming a war-torn country into a manufacturing giant capable of going head to head with America would’ve seemed like a fantasy to some people about fifty years ago. As fictitious as this sounds, this is the story of China. Today, China has done what many deemed impossible.  They have succeeded in bringing this fantasy to reality, but what does all this mean for an e-commerce business?
For upcoming and novice e-commerce marketers, working via China isn’t a faraway dream. You can take advantage of China’s ever expanding manufacturing workforce … Read more

Is Email DEAD?

As a business, no matter what you do, the most important thing for you to have is a great client list; and what better way to do that than through email right? Or maybe not…These days, a lot of marketers are going around and saying that email marketing is dead, is there any truth to these claims?
When asked for proof, they’ll quickly point to the fact that social media; Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms have done a pretty good job of putting the last nail in the coffin … Read more

We are regular sellers who have launched our shops in different niches from scratch, and you can do it too

Remember, our goal is simple – for each store to reach $45,000 per month. No, we don’t strive for a million dollars; we are down to earth and we believe that $45,000 per month is a good start. If this number sounds good to you, we are a great fit. If you are one of those people who plans to get rich overnight doing nothing, please don’t bother joining. We don’t have time to “coach your success” or give you magic tool that will provide you with “push button … Read more

Amazon Best Seller Finder

Includes a self-updating database of 39,871,951 products and counting and that will let you instantly find the top-selling products in each niche by keyword. You can get complete information about them, including their prices and, most important, the estimated amount of sales they get per month and the profit they are making. With this information, you can quickly see how they are doing and whether it’s worth it for you to sell the same product. Moreover, this amazing tool collects the stats of the top-selling products in each category to give you an idea as to whether they fit five strict criteria we developed and taught you about during the course. These five criteria are crucial when researching and selecting a product to sell.
Never start selling anything unless it fits those criteria;
it’s really important!
This database is so powerful that it’s usually sold on other resources as a so-called “Amazon matrix” for $499 or a “Chrome app” for … Read more

Right now it’s the golden age of online sales

Each year, online commerce market share almost doubles. Amazon and Shopify currently dominate, with close to 59 percent of all online sales. That is 59 percent of a $250-billion-dollar market, which you can easily tap into if you start now. A few years later the opportunity might be gone as each niche becomes more and more saturated and the competition becomes more intense. Right now it’s the golden age of online sales, and I believe that together we can easily build your store from scratch. Follow our course for … Read more

What is inside Sells Like Hot Cakes Members Area?

During the video course, I will take you by the hand from basic to advanced stuff, helping you create your own Shopify and Amazon stores from scratch.
This information is short and useful; I never waste your time by spending 15 minutes ranting, showing you how to open your browser or flooding you with 120-page-PowerPoint-slide fluff.
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