My Amazing China Trip!!

Hi guys!
I just returned back from my China trip, and I must confess… that was such an amazing and eye-opening experience, to be able to see the REAL China, to break stereotypes, to meet my Chinese partners and sourcing agents.  We also had a chance to meet the famous Manuel Becvar, the creator of the first FBA Udemy course about the French press. What a great guy! He is an expert on sourcing in Hong Kong.
I had a great opportunity to get in-depth insights into Chinese whitelabelling … Read more

Live from China: The Pros and Cons of working with Chinese Factories

If anything, my time in China has taught me that if we can strip ourselves from all forms of prejudice and view things strictly from a business perspective, we’ll see that China brings a lot to the table business-wise, especially when it comes to the e-commerce business. Like every other thing out there, working with China has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them.
The Pros
Lower Manufacturing Costs This has to be the primary reason why businesses are eager to work with Chinese factory … Read more

4 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing a Supplier

Alright guys, so you’ve got your business plan sorted out, you’re done with the market research and you know the exact product(s) you want to start selling. Well…congratulation! You’ve only won half the battle 🙁 Your products aren’t just going to fall from the sky; you are now at the juncture where you have to find a supply for your products. The truth is that there are a ton of suppliers out there who are involved with the product of your choice, but not all of these guys are … Read more

Quick Tips for Writing an E-commerce Business Plan

Okay, okay… so in a previous post, we learned about the importance of having a business plan for your e-commerce business and how it can be useful in setting goals, monitoring your business and carving out a roadmap for scaling your business in the long run. In that post, I promised to give you tips on how to go about writing your business plan, and that’s what we are gonna do today.
I keep my promises *winks*
With that in mind, I’ll be giving you a few pointers on … Read more

Are These Bad Habits Ruining your E-commerce Business?

It’s another great week again.
Today, let us look at bad habits preventing you from succeeding. Habits are routine behaviors which are repeated continuously. They usually have a bad connotation to them. Although there can be good and bad habits; we will look at the bad stuff first 🙂 As an entrepreneur and an individual, certain habits make up our personality and consequently these routines can affect our business, relationships and personal lives. Everyone wants to succeed, but this isn’t always the case. An accumulation of decisions and … Read more

Essential Things You Need To Know About Keywords

Ever since Google came around and redefined how SEO and keywords are used, a host of other search engines have joined the parade, and Amazon is no exception.  Aside from helping with higher Google rankings, keywords and other metadata are used by search engines to make the user easily find what they’re looking for.
So essentially, Amazon keywords function the same way. Amazon employs a search engine where customers input their search queries; these are then matched against the keywords which you entered for your products. If the algorithm finds … Read more

Grow or DIE: The Choice is Yours…

Okay, so you’ve done it! You’ve come up with a great idea for a product that is marketable and will sell and earn you profit, heck! You’ve even begun the process and you’re getting a few orders here and there. I bet you’re thinking – “I’ve done well for myself” and you are probably right, but I’ll have to ask… Are you satisfied with the results you are currently getting? I would bet my dog on a resounding “NO.” Just so we clear, there’s no way I’m going to … Read more

Keeping Your Customers Happy: Why Reviews Are Really Important

The evolution of e-commerce has led to one of its biggest changes in recent years – the propagation of customer reviews and now more and more customers depend on reviews as a compass for making purchase decisions. According to the statistics; 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, while 54% of people will visit a company’s website after reading positive reviews.
It’s the way we are wired. Humans constantly seek others approval for validation, this is usually termed “social proof” and it is the … Read more

Why You Should Write A Business Plan Today

Getting from the point of abstract ideas to the actual materialisation of your dreams takes a lot of actions and decisions. A business plan is a physical document which helps to take your actions, plans and decisions into account it creates the bridge between your dreams and their materialisation. A business plan is a document which contains precise details about the running of your business. Its principal function is to clearly define what your business is and what you plan on becoming. I’m pretty sure nobody wants to remain in … Read more

How Do I Pick The Right Product To Sell?

Finding the right product to sell is arguably the most important step in running your e-commerce business. The products you choose to sell will define the outcome of virtually everything in your business. Even if you have every other aspect of your business locked down (including optimizing your listing, finding a good supplier or having a good price) as long as you pick a bad product, you will get bad results and lose money. Indeed, product selection is a crucial decision to make and cannot be overlooked.
So now … Read more