I don’t have TIME!

It’s pretty common to hear people say “I don’t have enough time,” especially when it comes to taking important actions that will produce positive change in their lives. Isn’t it suspicious that procrastination and making up excuses is always easier than pushing forward and going ahead with your plans? It’s like the system is rigged against you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The evidence of the consequences of this complacency is all around us. A lot of people are living unfulfilled lives; with the regret of not taking action when they should have done so. DON’T be part of this group!

The bottom line is that more time will not magically appear for you to use, rather, you have to create the time for yourself; to learn the ropes and grow your business. Even if it is a few minutes every day. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean after all.

Your dreams are within your grasp… The power of successes is in your hands… there is always enough time…

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You shouldn’t get stuck in the loop of disappointment and redundancy. If you aren’t satisfied with your current financial status; break free from this cycle by making the necessary sacrifice of creating the time to grow and nurture your e-commerce business.



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Last Wall Comments

 freedom says at 21:01 et
Why to go Shopify and not WooCommerce??
 Ted says at 21:01 et
Shopify Is Easier to Use, it's a turn-key solution. (hosting, ssl etc all included) + great app store to boost your sales.
WooCommerce is free opensource plugin and working with Wordpress which means you have to install and confirgure everything yourself, buy hosting, ssl separately too so there is no real saving just more headaches.
Go for shopify and jump straight into selling rather than micromanagement tech parts with WooCommerce..
 Iriness says at 21:05 et
WooCommerce looks like saving but in reality you have tons of hidden costs like domain, ssl and tons of extra hassles... Why not go easy with Shopify!
Claudia says at 21:05 et
I agree with Iriness!
 Leo says at 21:29 et
Hi there! I'm new here and preparing to ship first set... What is the max box size I can ship to the warehouse?
 Emma says at 21:29 et
Welcome! The boxes must not exceed 25" on any side and weight limit of 50 lb
Dont put over 150 units of product in a single box!
 freedom says at 21:48 et
How to automate my FB social media posting?
 jo says at 21:48 et
Try buffer.com to schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place
 Jeff says at 23:16 et
I am ordering samples for the first time. How do I get this done in AliExpress and get the offered sample pricing and shipping?
 little_tiger says at 23:16 et
Jeff, have you watched the videos? The price is decided by your supplier. It can go as high as $150 per sample. Usually it's $30-60 WITH delivery!
 Lane says at 23:17 et
little_tiger means FBA model and price for sample if you go wholesale from Alibaba... Of course if you do dropshipping on Aliexpress, you just get 1 copy for yourself super cheap to test the quality
 Ron says at 09:15 et
where to find local suppliers?
 Aria says at 09:16 et
see resources... for example http://www.wholesalecentral.com/Made-In-USA.html or salehooo
Leslie says at 01:27 et
Videos provide two examples of searching niche. I need more. By the time I go to camel, and best finder, and video, back and forth, i get lost. I thought I found something, all looked good, until I went to aliexpress. Price was more than amazon! That was hours of research for a dead end. Maybe I'm not doing it right.
 Father says at 01:30 et
Aliexpress price does not have to be lower than amazon.. Aliexpress is only good for Shopify Dropshipping business.

If you plan AMAZON FBA business, then check prices on Alibaba, not on amazon! hope it helps!
Leslie says at 22:56 et
Can't do FBA until business succeeds. The lower the price when buying, the better one can compete with anyone. I don't want to stock or ship, so I'll stick with the dropshipping model. I'll Keep searching I guess.The videos however are very good. Some company tried to sell me $3500 dollar CDN course on dropshipping. Was already doing what they are teaching. This is way better!
Claudia says at 22:57 et
Thank you Leslie. Don't buy into overpriced courses. All the tools you need is right here. FBA model you can also start without big investments using the "alibaba wholesale" instead of whitelabelling... One of the videos cover it.
william says at 02:26 et
? I have went thew 4 of the 4 videos in Module 1, my question is should I go back and work one module and work that one before going to the next one is this how this work
 Mike says at 02:27 et
Well, it's best to finish full module so you have a big picture of tools that you can use and full understanding of the structure, and then implement it!
 Speedy says at 02:35 et
i agree with mike. but in some videos where they show specific apps, it's good to install those apps when you already have a store installed , or just re-visit the video again later! Cheerssssss
william says at 01:07 et
Sallyann says at 14:22 et
Hi there,
On my own I have set up my Shopify website with my domain, I have Oberlo and have imported lots of products and listed them, however, i am really not sure that they are worded right in the SEO way and I have been trying social marketing but still have no sales, I've been doing this for several weeks now. so I have just discovered Sells Like Hotcakes and thought that you may be able to help me with the marketing, the conversions and eventually with Amazon FBA is this something that you can do or because I have done most of the set up myself do you think I should continue on my own? I really am struggling to get past this rut where I have done everything I should do and no sales. Please help?

thanks in desperation!
 Mike says at 14:24 et
Hi Sallyann, it's hard to suggest anything blindly. I suggest that you post your website here http://sellslikehotcakes.co/critics.php in critics and we can all give suggestions to you!
Zaharey says at 05:23 et
Hi Claudia..

Does your store (mybestfriend.store) is Everything Store or Niche Specific Store?
Claudia says at 05:24 et
It's "everything dog related store". Niche specific store would be "Dog's Frisby Store" "Pug Toy Store" or "Dog Halloween Store"
Oliver says at 02:38 et
Thanks Emma, I got the logo done!
uma mahesh says at 05:23 et
Hello All,

I am launching a wellness and health niche on shopify. We have our private labeled products and also connected to aliexpress. How can I selectively charge shipping on our private labelled products and not charge on aliexpress products? Thank you
 Chris says at 05:24 et
Uma, two ways...
1. set the shipping zones in shipping settings
2. add shipping cost in price for your private label products and make shipping appear free.