I don’t have TIME!

It’s pretty common to hear people say “I don’t have enough time,” especially when it comes to taking important actions that will produce positive change in their lives. Isn’t it suspicious that procrastination and making up excuses is always easier than pushing forward and going ahead with your plans? It’s like the system is rigged against you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

The evidence of the consequences of this complacency is all around us. A lot of people are living unfulfilled lives; with the regret of not taking action when they should have done so. DON’T be part of this group!

The bottom line is that more time will not magically appear for you to use, rather, you have to create the time for yourself; to learn the ropes and grow your business. Even if it is a few minutes every day. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean after all.

Your dreams are within your grasp… The power of successes is in your hands… there is always enough time…

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You shouldn’t get stuck in the loop of disappointment and redundancy. If you aren’t satisfied with your current financial status; break free from this cycle by making the necessary sacrifice of creating the time to grow and nurture your e-commerce business.



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Last Wall Comments

 pat says at 23:09 et
Not to brag... but It's my first $1000 DAY pals! 37 units sold today! Really appreciate all the help you gave me to boost my sales.. Last year I never reached even 15 units per day!
 Sarah says at 21:03 et
hi.. new here.. where to find bloggers influencers in my industry?
 Evan says at 21:03 et
Welcome Sarah!! Try musefind, tapinfluence, tomoson, famebit. also check Groundsignal, socialchain , Shoutcart.
Or reach personally specific top influencers via their contact forms/fb messaging/youtube etc. Most have already ads department and managers to handle that.
Also bloggers you can find alltop directory..
 GoldmaN says at 21:04 et
For me works best reaching influencers directly.. I never had much luck with those paid services, they are just a middleman.
 Victor says at 21:04 et
Try Tomoson also, a good place to find mommy bloggers and instagrammers
 Kettle says at 21:32 et
What shipment method is best from US to overseas for my products?
 Alice says at 21:32 et
DHL Express for all international shipments. IT's 20% more expensive than USPS but it will provide international tracking and it's much faster as well. For example $30 for 16 ounces (500 gram) in DHL to Australia.. (discounted rate) get account with them!
 Papa says at 21:37 et
Hi guys.. Would love to know if you use paypal checkout in your shopify store, or any other checkouts in addition shopify?
 chris says at 21:38 et
Paypal accounts for about 45% of our sales. I'd say 20% of conversations are coming from Amazon. Also add Stripe and they'll have a much more straightforward guest checkout with credit card.
 Victor says at 21:38 et
Stripe is a way to go!
 Diego says at 17:33 et
I see many people start to use emoji in aweber but i dont udnerstand how to add them to titles??
 Chris says at 17:36 et
Aweber says "use this http://getemoji.com - so it's allowed
 Ron says at 09:15 et
where to find local suppliers?
 Aria says at 09:16 et
see resources... for example http://www.wholesalecentral.com/Made-In-USA.html or salehooo
 mia says at 09:35 et
Question about inspections in CHINA for amazon FBA. How to get my shipment inspected in China so you can have it sent directly to the Amazon warehouse? Thx
 jack says at 09:36 et
Use a 3rd party inspection company. Check out www.chinaqualitycheck.com or guidedimports.com
 Mike says at 17:06 et
New tool - the Slogan Maker
The Slogan Maker allows you to generate catchy slogans and titles for
your marketing materials. If you refresh - every time you get a new
idea! Enjoy!
 wing11 says at 01:56 et
wow this is helpful one, thx!!
Angela says at 13:27 et

Thank you.
EDWARD says at 16:45 et
Hi, Claudia and Friends...
Just brainstorming a bit! Is it possible to monetize a Shopify store solely or in part by customer's purchases?

 Mike says at 16:45 et
I am not sure what you are asking Edward. Please explain more
Bill says at 07:39 et
Hi everyone....I'm new here and looking forward to getting this thing off the ground! I'm hoping this course will help me decide which niche/products to use. I went to sign up for the Shopify trial and it asked for my store name....I have no idea ;-) I guess I have a lot of work to do!
 Mike says at 07:39 et
Welcome Bill! Good to have you here. Take your time to watch the videos, especially about Branding to get you some ideas.