4 Key Components For Constructing Terrific Facebook Ads!

Hello people!

Another great week is upon us, lots of opportunities abound and chances at getting one step closer to our desired financial outcome. One of such opportunities to expand our e-commerce business and grow is through advertising.

What better place to advertise your business than on the world’s most popular social media – Facebook; home to over 1.8 billion subscribers… to put that in clear perspective; we are talking about 1.8 billion opportunities. Get the drift? If your run a well thought out Facebook advertisement campaign, your success is imminent. You will not only boost your business visibility and exposure, but you will be raking in customers and more money than ever before.

But you have to get it right!

To help out with that, we’ll be looking at the important components of the Facebook ad. The success or failure of your advertisement campaign is greatly dependent on how you handle these categories.

Let’s dive into it now, shall we?

Visual Appealing Content

Do you that humans are prone to remember pictures more than words? This phenomenon is known as the “picture superiority effect” and it has been demonstrated in several scientific experiments that I don’t have the time to go into 🙂 The funny thing is that Facebook algorithms agree with this, it is a fact that picture content leaves a strong memory imprint compared to written content. Smart marketers know this and incorporate great visual appealing pictures into their Facebook ads, and you should do the same.


How relevant is your Facebook ad? Is your advert focused on the right audience in your niche? Is it relevant to your audience? Are you a solution to their problems or simply another pop-up nuisance? Ask yourself these questions before putting up your advert and most importantly, put yourself in the shoes of your audience, see if your ads inspire you to make a commitment or not.

Offer Attractive Proposals

Your ad is basically a proposal; it is an invite by the seller to the consumer. It is simply saying; “come into my world, I’ve got lots of goodies for you.” How you word your advert will determine if a buyer will click or not, and that could be a potential sale. So, you see words are still important after all 🙂 However you chose to play this out, ensure your proposal is believable and most importantly, ensure you’re being honest!

The Call-To-Action

An ad is incomplete without a well-placed call to action. It’s like working so hard on your farm, doing everything right, but forgetting to water your plants. Without water, your plants won’t grow, and without the call to action, you potential buyers would never feel compelled to click on your advert. Simple words like “buy now and save extra x%” or “offer closing soon” are examples of call to action words, they create a sense of urgency and will persuade those interested to click on your ads. So, don’t let all your effort of putting up good pictures and juicy proposals go to waste. Ensure you put the icing on the cake by adding the call-to-action text.

This is the foundation on which a great Facebook ad is built. There is still so much to learn about structuring. That is why we created these video courses, so you know exactly what to do, and you don’t make mistakes and waste resourcesCheck out the video courses on Facebook ad Mastery here.


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 Elena76 says at 21:19 et
I'm new here too.. Great course. Everyone talks of winning the "Buy Box".. whats a Buy Box??
 Evan says at 21:19 et
The Box that appears on the product detail part containing the "Add to cart" button.. You got to win it ;)
Or else sale goes to someone else.. If you are only seller then it wont matter. Read more http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200401830
 robert says at 21:19 et
you gotta win it!
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? https://apps.shopify.com/amazon (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 eric says at 21:37 et
I am confused with Facebook ads.. It shows on my FB ad is set I've got 15 conversions but in shopify i just got only 7 sales. WTF?
 Evan says at 21:37 et
Eric. Conversions can be of multiple types. Add to cart, view content etc are all counted as conversions. hover over 15 conversions and see how they are broken down.. In short Conversion = Action. It does not mean sale.
 nicholas says at 21:40 et
welcome guys, i am new here.. i was wondering what upsell and funnel apps you guys are using and why?
 Tyro Meg says at 21:40 et
Welcome friend I tried clickfunnels its good but not integrated with shopify.. Use clickfunnels to build your landing page for facebook ads promotions and collect leads and THEN send them to shopify via followup series..
 Alice says at 21:41 et
For shopify try One click Upsell by Zipify. also Product Upsell.. You can set up rules for upsell offers. Klavio works well for retention emails..
 wing11 says at 21:42 et
Are there any alternatives to clickfunnels?
 Amelia says at 21:42 et
Check Leadpages it allows to gather leads on your own website so you can follow up and market to your list.
 Ab says at 21:42 et
any good facebook bots?
 Chris says at 21:43 et
check manychat.com and trustmsg.com to build list via chat on facebooks..
 Olga says at 21:50 et
For VA (Virtual assistant) better flat rate or hourly??
 Evan says at 21:50 et
I never give a flat rate. I always offer hourly because some months it varies and I would never to over pay
Claudia says at 17:16 et
Will it work for me? What if I have no coding skills? Check out Libni's store and case study here: http://sellslikehotcakes.co/blog/index.php/2017/03/29/sells-like-hot-cakes-program-wonders-heres-libnis-story/
Claudia says at 09:35 et
Datacenter migration - We are pleased to announce that we are moving to a new state-of-the-art data center in Arizona. scheduled downtime May 20-21
We will begin a physical move of all active servers on May 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM PDT (GMT-7). We expect the equipment to be at the new facility by May 21st at 6:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).
 chris says at 09:56 et
thank you for headsup you guys rock!!
sol says at 07:45 et
Hi guys i am new to the community i have