Apps Are Running The Business World: Don’t Be Left Behind!

As we continue to advance and grow in this smartphone and computer-age, apps have continued to play a vital role in providing assistance to computer and mobile phone users in nearly every facet of endeavor. Ranging from gaming to personal hygiene, fitness and now they have even crossed the border into the business world.
With almost all types of businesses having apps here and there, heck, now people can carry out bank related transactions on their mobile phone without having to enter the four walls of a bank. Admittedly, … Read more

4 Key Components For Constructing Terrific Facebook Ads!

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Another great week is upon us, lots of opportunities abound and chances at getting one step closer to our desired financial outcome. One of such opportunities to expand our e-commerce business and grow is through advertising.
What better place to advertise your business than on the world’s most popular social media – Facebook; home to over 1.8 billion subscribers… to put that in clear perspective; we are talking about 1.8 billion opportunities. Get the drift? If your run a well thought out Facebook advertisement campaign, your success … Read more

Shady Amazon Tricks Nobody Talks About

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Today, we’ll be talking about the shady tricks sellers on Amazon use to stay ahead of the game. For the sake of increasing your knowledge base in this business and expanding your business acumen, we are going to reveal to you certain tricks sellers employ to help them remain competitive.
Although these tricks may lead to you getting banned, people still use them. It’s just like hard drugs; people still take them even though there’s a chance of turning into an … Read more

Creative Ways To Start Generating Ideas For Your e-commerce Business

Ideas are what make the world go round; from everyday mundane things to great scientific innovations and business concepts, virtually everything you see around was once an idea that existed in the mind of an individual. It is no surprise that generating innovative ideas is important in the e-commerce business world; new ideas will bring fresh products to the market, new ways of strategizing and improving your business all round.
This is great news, only if you know how to generate useful ideas that you can implement into your … Read more

Become a Shopify HERO Today! What are you waiting for?

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So…. what exactly is this Shopify thingy?
Well.. Shopify is a medium that allows you to create and run an online store. Working with Shopify provides you with the opportunity to setup an online store to sell your merchandise. It gives you the liberty of organization of your products and permits customization of your storefront. With a few clicks, you can easily track and respond to orders, and accept credit card payments
So basically, it is like owning a shop online but compared to owning a shop … Read more

Have you heard about the Sells like hot cakes garlic press smasher?

Have you heard about the Sells like hot cakes garlic press smasher?
It’s not your regular press smasher, it is specifically tailored to handle any garlic-crushing related tasks, and will smash and press your garlic to near perfection. There is no need to peel!  Every inch of its design is elegant and sleek, all channeled towards the purpose of smashing your garlic!
Ha-ha! Just Kidding!! 🙂 … Read more