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Have you checked out the Sells like hot cakes wall yet? Some of you may have not even heard of it. Well… let’s change that… let me bring you up to speed.

The Sells like Hot Cakes wall is a community consisting of sellers, experts, novices, and professionals, in the areas of e-commerce particularly, Amazon and Shopify.

We recognize the greatness humans are capable of provided they work together. With this idea in mind, we conceived an online community that will function as a meeting point to help Amazon and Shopify sellers rob minds together, share ideas, encourage and motivate each other for success.

It isn’t a mere chat hub; we are here strictly as business men and women. On the wall, members are privy to trade secrets that may not be found elsewhere. Novices are assisted and gain the strong footing they require to have a good stand in the e-commerce world.

There is no fear of competition, rather an attitude of love and encouragement. Wallers are in different niches, so there is no need to even worry about competition. Learn from the mistakes and success of other, share your own experiences, ask questions and improve your business acumen!

The Wall is an opportunity to grow, learn and improve your knowledge of this business. It is always good to have people you can turn to in times of need. The Wall community can and will be of assistance.

We recognize that individuals with like-minds, seeking a common goal are capable of accomplishing anything. This is the aim of the wall, to build a community of successful Amazon and Shopify sellers.

So, head over there, and become a member of this community. Communicate with sellers like yourself, both top-notch gurus and novices, learn, help others to learn and grow!

Join the wall now…Over here!

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Last Wall Comments

Claudia says at 22:23 et
Welcome guys to Sells Like Hotcakes LIVE Q&A SESSION! I'd be glad to answer all your questions. Lets rock!
 Sarah says at 21:03 et
hi.. new here.. where to find bloggers influencers in my industry?
 Evan says at 21:03 et
Welcome Sarah!! Try musefind, tapinfluence, tomoson, famebit. also check Groundsignal, socialchain , Shoutcart.
Or reach personally specific top influencers via their contact forms/fb messaging/youtube etc. Most have already ads department and managers to handle that.
Also bloggers you can find alltop directory..
 GoldmaN says at 21:04 et
For me works best reaching influencers directly.. I never had much luck with those paid services, they are just a middleman.
 Victor says at 21:04 et
Try Tomoson also, a good place to find mommy bloggers and instagrammers
 sultan says at 21:16 et
I'm new here.. Quick one.. What's FOB ??
Claudia says at 21:16 et
"Free On Board" is a term in international commercial law specifying at what point respective obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of goods shift from the seller to the buyer. Indicating "FOB port" means that the seller pays for transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs. The buyer pays cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the arrival port to the final destination. The passing of risks occurs when the goods are loaded on board at the port of shipment.
 Dakota says at 21:18 et
Friends... Love it here.. One question... How to calculate fees ??
Claudia says at 21:18 et
Check Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator
Usually FBA fee is 15-30% depending on the price.. higher price less fee %
 Ray says at 21:26 et
How can i do a basic photo setup without paying too much for professional fotographer??
 Ted says at 21:26 et
a) in case of BIG products like umbrella, put 2 chairs and white sheets and take your photos, then remove background in photoshop
b) in case of small products use white BOX-setup like this
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 freedom says at 21:41 et
Anyone knows on demand print for shopify in UK??
 Lucy says at 21:41 et
Check and (it doesn't integrate with Shopify)
 Tycoon says at 23:31 et
Morning Amazoners. Im looking to increase the quality of my listings AND increase conversions. Any tips?
 little_tiger says at 23:32 et
Learn yourself too! Don't be lazy.. Check the video about the listing and brainstorm, put to CRITICS!
 Samuel says at 23:47 et
Agreed. dont pay $150 to some shady guys. you should do it yourself and become your own expert. 1/2 the people that claim to know don't. You know your product better than anyone else. Dont be lazy! USe the tools provided and dont look for magic pills!
 Oli says at 23:32 et
Run Split tests also!
 lou says at 23:48 et
There are tons of services like to get your listing optimized
Carrie says at 01:25 et
Hi everyone! Are the videos out of order? Or am I missing something? :)- good to be here!
Claudia says at 01:26 et
Welcome Carrie. What do you mean "out of order" ? The order is correct here Which one is out of order?
A says at 04:51 et
I have finished watching the video about "incorporation and taxes" but I'm lost. If I understood correctly the suggested way to open a seller central account is as a professional.
-What do I need to open a professional account?
-Do I need a LLC? bank account? address??
Can someone explain ---> my situation will be "Rest of the world selling in the US"
Thank you!
 jo says at 04:52 et
You need an LLC, Bank account and a credit card. Yes your company does not have to be from USA even if you plan to sell in USA