Crucial FBA Product Packaging Guidelines!

Hello guys!
There are some general requirements you must adhere to when packaging your products for shipping to Amazon fulfiment centers. The following guidelines will help stir you in the right direction and avoid any issues with Amazon.
A single package must be utilized for all individual SKU items. This includes multiple set book publications. Products requiring an assembly of multiple separate pieces will not be accepted by Amazon  A single Amazon registered barcode must be placed on all products to be shipped. This barcode must be able to … Read more

Improve your product listing and rank higher with SLHC’s Listing Analyzer!

Our Listing Analyzer is a big dog! It has been configured to help you in improving your listing and as a consequence, your ranking as well. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. It is really helpful and super easy to use.
This tool has three boxes, one contains the source; which is the e-commerce business you want to deal with, usually or, another box titled “ASIN” is where you input the ASIN number of your product, the last box is the “Main Keyword,” this is … Read more

SLHC’s Amazing & Highly Effective Tools for Shopify Success!

Hello Sellers!
This time around, let us look at some wonderful tools available on our website that will help improve your Shopify experience. Come along and learn about how they can make doing business on Shopify easy and profitable.
Alright folks… Let’s get to it
Aliexpress Finder: This is outstanding tool that will help you quickly find the best AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping business on Shopify. No more headaches from manually searching hundreds of providers and sellers. Here, you instantly get the right products ready for dropshipping, their best … Read more

The Main Reason Why People Never Take Action

Do you know number 1 reason most people fail in e-commerce?
It’s because they never give themselves a chance, they never get started, always procrastinating and complaining.
I get questions and complaints like “I don’t have time for this,” “How much time do I need?” Well, the truth is, if you can’t even create the time to learn, how are you supposed to build your passive income?
The beauty of Amazon and Shopify business is that once it is setup, then you are set “for life” with a steady passive … Read more

Customer Emotions & Purchase Decisions: The Business Secret Nobody Talks About

Humans are emotional creatures, and whether we care to admit it or not, our emotions hold a great sway over how we see the world, not only that, our emotions determine our decisions in life, relationships, business even down to what we chose to buy.
That’s right, contrary to popular belief, emotion guide our purchase decisions NOT logic. As a wise merchant whether online or offline, it would be of tremendous advantage to your business if you can understand human emotions and use that knowledge in the areas of … Read more

Basic Steps to Scaling your Business and Making More $$$

There is no point in doing business if you are satisfied with mediocrity. You might as well get a job as a waitress! Scaling your business is the priority of any serious entrepreneur, and I am guessing that since you are reading this, it is your priority too.
To achieve these goals of expansion, you must have a plan and be able to back it up with solid action! You can leverage the following strategies to scale your business to tremendous limits.
Utilizing Legitimate SEO Techniques: Recollect that in … Read more