Summer “Take Action” contest is LIVE!!


Summer is one of the best times to start your online business. Most people are on vacation, they’re in “sleep mode,” this means you have more time and more opportunities available to get on board and take the piece of the e-commerce pie. Additionally, if you are serious about succeeding, then it’s also a good time to start thinking about preparing your Christmas products (so you have them developed and in stock when Christmas comes). It usually takes me 2-3 months to get the product to the market, so it might take little longer if you are just starting out.

That’s why it’s a perfect time to start!

However, what saddens me is that most people just keep learning and learning, buying course after course, tool after tool but never TAKE ACTION and never start actual doing. They keep looking for a magic bullet that will make CASH appear in their pockets; the truth is that there is no such thing. The only REAL magic bullet is just hard work and taking action.

That’s why I’m starting this TAKE Action summer contest to give you a PUSH you might need.

To qualify for the contest and win the prizes

a) Complete at least 50% of the course. I want to see that you took your time to learn the material, else we waste each other’s time covering questions that are already answered in the course. It does not matter when you joined the course.


b) TAKE ACTION. Send me a message showing the actions you’ve taken based on what you learned from the course. It does not have to be a complete million dollar product ready, but I really want to see your progress. You developed a product for FBA? A dropshipping site? Just an idea or logo? I want to see that you took action. This is the most important thing that holds people back – Not Taking Action!


c) Spread the good word about the course. Tell your friends of the immense goodies they might benefit from, share the course link on your Facebook or Twitter, and refer people that might benefit from it as well, go ahead and post a review if you haven’t done that yet. You help me, I help you, it’s a win-win for all. I will personally select the winners based on these 3 criteria listed.The person who takes massive action wins it all!!


TOP WINNER: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 1 hour Skype chat consultation with me about your product /idea/ business.

2nd Place: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 30 mins Skype chat with me “ask me all” style

3rd Place: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 30 mins Skype chat with me “ask me all” style

4th Place: Free Sells Like Hotcakes membership and access to all tools

5th Place: Free Sells Like Hotcakes membership and access to all tools

In this game, there will be no losers. Even if you take the slightest action, you are on the right track already!

The winners will be decided on the 1st of August and I will announce them in the newsletter.


“The good guy”


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Last Wall Comments

Claudia says at 22:23 et
Welcome guys to Sells Like Hotcakes LIVE Q&A SESSION! I'd be glad to answer all your questions. Lets rock!
 chris says at 21:03 et
Hi friends... Is "Pet Rock" a good product to sell? seems like an eaasy winner and super original.
 Rob says at 21:03 et
pet rock.. hm.. Not really.. run the numbers on the Best Seller finder.. u see most sales are made by 2-3 sellers, others are struggling. It's also too cheap of a product, Average price of the product from top 10 sellers: $13.13 (Approximate FBA fees: $2.63)
 Papa says at 21:37 et
Hi guys.. Would love to know if you use paypal checkout in your shopify store, or any other checkouts in addition shopify?
 chris says at 21:38 et
Paypal accounts for about 45% of our sales. I'd say 20% of conversations are coming from Amazon. Also add Stripe and they'll have a much more straightforward guest checkout with credit card.
 Victor says at 21:38 et
Stripe is a way to go!
 mya says at 17:20 et
Is Jungle Scout a scam or real deal?
Claudia says at 17:21 et
Of course it's not a scam, and greg is a great guy! we use a lot of tools and have a video about it, all the tools are helpful! The more tools you have the better.
Andres says at 00:29 et
is this for world wide market or just USA?
 Uncle Sam says at 00:32 et
Andres, what "this"? Shopify drop shipping model works worldwide of course and chinese suppliers ship worldwide.. AMazon FBA works wit many countries as well (not all). But you can sell on AMazon USA for example even if you dont live in usa. its not a problem!
 lou says at 00:32 et
Right. Important where you sell, not where you live!
Jan says at 22:47 et
Hey guys, thanks for the great course! Dont know how to say, but I have a strong thinking within myself, that it is too late to start. I know that this will probably be only a belief. Any ideas for helping me with this issue?
I am also looking for products but it's really hard to find something with the criterias the course is telling me.
What about you guys? Are you thinking similar or I am the only one here? :)
Claudia says at 22:51 et
hi Jan and welcome. "is it too late" is the common fear of everyone that is getting started. What you really fear is "is it too much competition? what if my product does not fit all the criteria"? The truth is, there will be never an ideal product that fits ALL criteria. Criteria is an indication for you in which direction to look, but it does not mean that you must find ideal product that fits ALL criterias at the same time. This will never be the case.

This year is amazing time to start ecommerce, because so many new tools are developed and released and with new amazon review policies it's getting harder for low quality sellers just to buy tons of 5 star reviews and flood the market like it was last year. So i think it's getting even easier for people to stand out when most of those low quality sellers are banned for incentivize reviewes.

The great place to start looking for ideas is "Niche finder tool". for example who know that baby towels or corner flags might be a great idea to sell? This will give you great ideas on how to find a product!
 casey says at 22:52 et
Great points there... is it too late to learn new languange? too late to start a business? You set your own limits. Maybe late for you, but i will start my 4th product this year and i dont look back. more business for me :)
 Mike says at 01:39 et
The right time is NOW. Amazon is BOOMING. Jeff Bezos becomes second richest person On The Forbes 400. The gold rush time is NOW.
Jan says at 00:04 et
You are all right guys. Deep inside myself I know that it could and will work. For no other reason I signed to the course! Thanks a lot for your input!
Angela says at 16:31 et
Hi, I am new in e-commerce. I am trying to white label a product and I have registered a domain name so I can put in my product or products. Do I need to also Trademark the name? It appears a quite expensive exercise.
 Mike says at 16:32 et
hi Angela. Please watch the video about BRANDS, it talks about it. You might not need to invest too much at this stage but later down the road you might get a trademark if your business is growing fast. However make sure you are Amazon brand registered, it's free.
Jimmy says at 03:26 et
Hi there, I am a newbie at here. May I know what is the best auto currency switcher for Shopify? Thanks.
 James.W says at 03:27 et
Welcome, there are many plugins, not sure which is best, they are pretty same!
Jimmy says at 12:15 et
Now I am using Auto Currency Switcher, thanks so much James.
dilini says at 19:04 et
can I open USA shopify account? If yes what are the things I need? Thanks
 Lane says at 19:07 et
You need to do your research. To open USA shopify account you will need VPN, some USA forwarding address. But to use USA payment systems you will need more work - US company and bank account. You might also partner with someone from USA.
Jonathan says at 05:58 et
Hello Guys, I am new here subscribed because I am planning to go to the Canton Fair this upcoming April and I want to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity the best I can.
Claudia says at 05:59 et
Good luck Jonathan!!! Canton Fair is a way to go!