Achieve Happiness & Financial Freedom by running a Successful E-commerce Business!

Hello guys,

I want to share something amazing with you.
In today’s world, we have a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with where their finances are at the moment.
These people feel stuck where they are, and some, if not most have already begun to accept their fate and suck it up. It’s not that these people are lazy, it is just that they lack the knowledge on how they can escape their financial crisis.
Are you one of these people? Then, you are in luck, because I am to transform that ignorance to expertise.

How does running a business from your home or any part of the world sound to you? How about if I told you that this business could bring in a sweet $45,000 into your pockets every freaking month?!?
Want to know the best part of this business? You can run it on autopilot and still be immensely successful if you know what you’re doing of course 🙂
So what is this highly profitable business that I’ve been talking about?
Well…. It is called e-commerce: Particularly e-commerce business on Amazon and Shopify.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world, and it is only getting bigger and bigger. Amazon’s billionaire, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, and he has achieved his wealth and fame via this e-commerce business!
Bezos isn’t a greedy guy, and in Amazon’s 23-year existence, he has made several people millionaires in $$$, and you can be one of these people too! Provided you know how.

A lot of people realized that Amazon and Shopify were the markets of the future and they rushed in, without having an in-depth knowledge of how to run an Amazon or Shopify business, your guess is as good as mine…Their little experiment ended up in capital failure!
Permit me to reiterate, “Knowledge is Power.” This is the reason I created sellslikehotcakes, I don’t want people to waste their time and money and rush into a business they hear is doing well, only to fail all because they lack knowledge and proper guidance, I don’t want people to remain stuck in their financial woes because they think there is no alternative.

Sellslikehotcakes is the platform to change all that. Here, we aim to turn ignorance into knowledge, neophytes to experts, financial ruin to riches! All this is possible with the right knowledge and the right application of this knowledge! We would guide you every step of the way, showing you the system that works, how to channel your energy and resources in order to make profit!
We would teach you how you can effectively setup your online store and begin to set yourself up for an early retirement. Think about this for a moment… How many times have you had to give up that fantasy of a beautiful vacation or cross out items on your purchase list just because you couldn’t afford it?

Enough is enough!
Give your finances a fresh breath by taking the right steps to set yourself free! Financial freedom doesn’t just fall from the sky; you have to earn it! Let us help you do just that, go and check out the sellslikehotcakes Amazon and Shopify courses right here and give your finances a fighting chance!
Remember, there is no change without action… Take ACTION Now! 


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Last Wall Comments

 Jeff says at 21:15 et
Can i get negative feeback removed??
Claudia says at 21:16 et
yes, JEFF. please see video about feedback removal. It's pretty easy to prevent negative feedback with followup series.
 Aria says at 21:19 et
What's ASIN?
Claudia says at 21:19 et
A 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier assigned by and its partners for product identification within the organization
 Bill says at 21:23 et
What's my FBA return policy??
Claudia says at 21:23 et
If you FBA then the Amazon return policy is YOUR return policy
 USA says at 21:30 et
How to find and contact influencers on Instagram??
 Samuel says at 21:31 et
Try,,, Buzzsumo ,Boostagram .. each can provide list. Also BrandSnob app. Also of course direct contact without third party tools on instagram!
 nicholas says at 21:31 et
Already discussed before, please search first...
 sultan says at 21:47 et
2 questions. Love the community very helpful read..

1.Whats BSR??
2. Whats MOQ?
 Uncle Sam says at 21:48 et
BSR... BSR (best sellers rank) is how well you are ranked on amazon.. the smaller the number the better!
Ideally you must be under 10,000 BSR to get 5-10 sales per day!
 Lucy says at 21:48 et
MOQ minimum order quantity.. Usually 500-1000 units when doing whitelabelling..
 Caleb says at 00:54 et
Very excited to meet many of you guys at Traffic and Conversion summit in san diego!! You are crushing it!
 Samuel says at 00:55 et
TLC2017 rocks.. rian dies and perry belcher on fire. By the way Perry is also doing sourcing from CHINA! this topic is on FIRE !!! he is doing 20 million with his strategic knife sales this year and expanding.
 Ted says at 00:56 et
True, ecommerce is growing really fast. It's a golden time to start!
TRI says at 01:24 et
Hai, I am obsessed with online business. I have bought some e-commerce affiliate software, that is completed with with Youtube video review for every product I added. The e-commerce is linking to social media. It covered three affiliate : Amazon, Ebay, and Ali express. Organic traffic is about 8,000 visitors in 3 months, but ZERO affiliate hit. No sales. Then yesterday I saw this system. Here claimed can get usd 45,000/month if we follow all the guide. My question, if we just started with Shopify, and we follow the guide, is it possible to get that number? By some posting I read, the contribution is more come from FBA instead of Shopify. Nice to meet you all here.
 Lane says at 01:25 et
Glad to have you here. There are many shops on shopify that are doing much more than 45k, it's a pretty modest number but after couple of years you should be doing much more than that. just take your time to learn!
Leslie says at 01:27 et
Videos provide two examples of searching niche. I need more. By the time I go to camel, and best finder, and video, back and forth, i get lost. I thought I found something, all looked good, until I went to aliexpress. Price was more than amazon! That was hours of research for a dead end. Maybe I'm not doing it right.
 Father says at 01:30 et
Aliexpress price does not have to be lower than amazon.. Aliexpress is only good for Shopify Dropshipping business.

If you plan AMAZON FBA business, then check prices on Alibaba, not on amazon! hope it helps!
Leslie says at 22:56 et
Can't do FBA until business succeeds. The lower the price when buying, the better one can compete with anyone. I don't want to stock or ship, so I'll stick with the dropshipping model. I'll Keep searching I guess.The videos however are very good. Some company tried to sell me $3500 dollar CDN course on dropshipping. Was already doing what they are teaching. This is way better!
Claudia says at 22:57 et
Thank you Leslie. Don't buy into overpriced courses. All the tools you need is right here. FBA model you can also start without big investments using the "alibaba wholesale" instead of whitelabelling... One of the videos cover it.
GERRIE says at 08:27 et
I have watched a lot of videos and I understand what they are telling me to do. However, I can't memorize an all the instructions. Is there a written text instruction that I can reread the instructions as I am filling out the forms? I have been putting everything on my reading list but don't know if that is enough.
 Mike says at 08:27 et
Most of our videos have text transcript to download.
Jonathan says at 05:58 et
Hello Guys, I am new here subscribed because I am planning to go to the Canton Fair this upcoming April and I want to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity the best I can.
Claudia says at 05:59 et
Good luck Jonathan!!! Canton Fair is a way to go!