Hard work vs. Smart work: The Secrets Nobody Talks About

Humans are lazy by nature.

Yup…you heard me right!

And I’m going to prove it…
Laziness is the primary reason we invent things. We keep looking to create stuff that’ll help us do things faster and quicker. We don’t do maths again with our brains since we now have calculators, we no longer go to the mall to buy provisions; thanks to e-commerce websites and people like you and me…he-he. Our propensity for laziness is also what makes us susceptible to get-rich quick scams and promotions.

Bottom line is that we are a lazy species and this attitude of laziness and complacency often slips over into our business. This can have disastrous consequences for the entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur. Handling and running a business requires a ton of hard work, and as entrepreneurs and business owners, laziness is a luxury we cannot afford!
We shouldn’t just go about telling people we are entrepreneurs, we should also show it, by our time and commitment devoted to improving and excelling at whatever business we are running.

According to current stats, a significant percentage of successful entrepreneurs devote about 60 hours to their business every week! If you can’t see yourself working at this level, then maybe you aren’t ready to bring your business dreams to reality.
Now, before we go on, it is important to realize that there is a difference between working hard and working smart. One can spend a ton of time on his business but achieve very little when compared to someone else who spends less time. So, how does this apply to you and your business?

Ensure you work not just hard, but smart as well! Make sure your time is judiciously spent, invent your time into productive activities that will move your business forward and take you to the next level. Look at the activities you are engaged in throughout the day, analyze which ones are helping your business progress and which one isn’t, cut down time for those activates that aren’t doing much for your business and focus on the ones that are pushing things forward.

Review your actions. Whenever you find yourself engaged in any activity, ask yourself, “does this help move my business towards my goal.” If your answer is “no,” then make the necessary adjustments. This would keep you focused and ensure you are always engaged in productive activities.

Time is steadily slipping away, and like the adage goes “Time waits for no man” productivity isn’t only about hard work, but it also demands that one works smart! Become a smart entrepreneur today and place your business in the position for success!

Have a great week!


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Last Wall Comments

 Vin says at 21:10 et
If i get return for dropshipping item?
Claudia says at 21:10 et
I think we replied that before.. Please use SEARCH first! Use the dropshipper's return policy.? You can use mail forwarding (virtual office) address for package forwarding..
 Wolf says at 21:13 et
What is estimates for air express and air freight?
 Rob says at 21:13 et
Depends on the product and provider.. Usually express is around $6/kg and air freight $4 to 5.
Sea freight is much cheaper but slower.
 Kettle says at 21:32 et
What shipment method is best from US to overseas for my products?
 Alice says at 21:32 et
DHL Express for all international shipments. IT's 20% more expensive than USPS but it will provide international tracking and it's much faster as well. For example $30 for 16 ounces (500 gram) in DHL to Australia.. (discounted rate) get account with them!
 diego says at 21:43 et
Where to get turnkey solutions for amazon coupon squeeze page?
 David says at 21:43 et
Check Amzpromoter, pretty easy to set up and build a list!
 jo says at 22:49 et
I am about to ship soon from China...do I need to put the sku on each product or just label on the boxes?
 Ron says at 22:50 et
Jo, You need your bar code on each and single item, how else amazon will receive it.. FNSKU or UPC
 Chris says at 22:51 et
UPC if you are brand registered with amazon. else FNSKU. You need to see the videos of the course first.
Ryan says at 13:48 et
Hi Everyone, new to the wall. Excited to get going with tutorials. Off the top of the head questions; can the niche finder for Amazon be applied to Shopify when searching for competition and comparing it to demand? Regards.
 Emma says at 13:50 et
Welcome Ryan! Great to have you with us!!! Yes of course. if something sells on amazon it of course will also sell on shopify as well. The demand is universal, it's not platform specific.
Leslie says at 00:15 et
I was on shopify then left over grey areas of card merchants not wanting to support product. Months later I came back and then left after 10 days due to lack of available products in my niche. Aliexpress vendors using misleading titles or description don't help. I then tried an app to upload Amazon products as an affiliate and do a review site, but it looks gawdy compared to shopify, and I will never make money like that. Therefore, I am convinced that shopify is way better. I'll just have to find a different niche that Aliexpress or a US dropshipper can fulfill!
 jack says at 00:16 et
I think the niche finder tool and the "Most passionate niches" report will help you find the product http://sellslikehotcakes.co/niches.php Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.
 Tyro Meg says at 00:16 et
Shopify supports Stripe and Paypal, no grey areas there, very easy these days. Try to attach them both!
Butz says at 05:01 et
Hi All, Im a beginner here. I have seen most of the videos.
I am interested on doing FBA.
I am from Australia and I just registered my business, applied for a seller account on amazon.
what should I do next?
Claudia says at 05:02 et
Welcome Butz! Well... Just follow the lessons, pick the products and start the FBA business. Let me know if you have more specific questions!
 Mike says at 11:35 et
Hi guys!

Great news, as you know I've been super active and super excited about the course, and today I'm glad to announce that I have added not 1, not 2 but 3 new great videos for you!

1. Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses
This is a video showing why and how you can buy and sell the ecommerce businesses (small or big)

2. Fullproof tips how to avoid paying huge long term storage fees on Amazon FBA
THis is great to show you how to avoid pitfalls with storage fees and get rid of slow selling product!

3. Using Crowdsourcing Campaign to boost your sales and jump start your product (Case study)
I dont always win and this is a fun video showing how i failed in crowdsourcing on kickstarter but still made $10k along the way and what you can learn from my mistakes! I hope my story will give you great ideas on how to boost your sales with crowdfunding!

By the way if you enjoy our course, please let me know, I really appreciate your reviews and your comments and questions!

You joined the course on the insane low price for first early-bird 500 betatesters (you know similar courses usually charge $150-190 or more for way less content) so your early feedback is really important to me!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Sells like hot cakes guy!
 Aria says at 11:37 et
thank you mike and SLHK team ... really great quality of video and I'm glad i joined early with such a silly price. I paid $10,000 for @Amazing@ Course 3 years ago and got way less info!
 Vin says at 11:40 et
thx for update, appreciated the efforts and the community has been very helpful to me!
 Mila says at 15:54 et
love the tools and community! my second product is reaching $300 per day now! it WOKRS!!!!
wade says at 04:27 et
Hello - Brand new here - Just wondering how long it took you to reach this point ? Also congratulations on the progress... :)
Andres says at 04:42 et
Hello new one here.....Is there a video on how to choose your product and niche?
 Mike says at 04:43 et
Of course Andres, a big part of both Shopify master and Amazon FBA video course is devoted to it, please take your time to watch!
 Kylie says at 08:54 et
welcome Andres... there is also a new cool tool with automatic daily ideas for the product that sells well, called Garlic press smasher
 Mike says at 09:01 et
Yes, for example today

Idea of the day:
Acorn Chrome Lug Nut and Lock System (1/2" Thread Size)
(Selected automatically. Come back tomorrow for more product ideas)

Sales Statistics:
Total sales volume of top 10 sellers / month: 3463 (Recommended 3000+)
On Average top 10 sellers are selling 385 units per month. (Recommended 300+)
Reviews: top 10 sellers have average 277 reviews
Average price of the product from top 10 sellers: $31.25 (Approximate FBA fees: $6.25)
Top 10 sellers approximate average gross profit per month $12846.11
Claudia says at 12:02 et
right, new idea every day!
Ernesto says at 06:36 et
I thought "boost post" was a big no- no, and should instead use ads manager? Can someone drop some knowledge on me?
 Eddy says at 06:38 et
Boost post is the same as using ads manager if you already created audience and just want to quickly boost the post for $10-15 when building community.
Rodel says at 06:46 et
Could I use Alidropship plugin instead of shopify?
 rick says at 06:46 et
of course you can