Momentum: The Secret to Achieving Your Goals and Growing Your Business

All around the world, in the early phase of the New Year, people are fond of making To-Do lists; habits to drop, businesses to begin, places to go etc. It’s a nice thing to make such bold proclamations, but how many people often follow through and stick to these goals? Upon close examination, one would find out that these people often carry over these goals to the following year, having accomplished little in regards to their new year resolutions.
The will to adhere to a specific idea and see it … Read more

Never Settle For Less: Why You Need To Get Rid Of Mental Blocks And Pursue Your Goals

Without a doubt, the human mind is capable of unlimited possibilities. The question we should be asking is, are we using our mind to the fullest? Fear, mental blocks, and restraints only serve to dampen our mental powers and imagination. Thus, our physical output is limited as well.
Successful people have one thing in common; the right mental attitude! If you examine any successful person, you will notice that they always expect a positive outcome when embarking on any endeavor. Whenever you put yourself in this positive mental frame, … Read more

What to sell? Here is an original idea!

Today while browsing through Facebook wall I stumbled upon an interesting dropshipping shopify offer (they are driving traffic via Facebook Ads like I am teaching in the course)
Take a look. Instead of going the beat down road with selling “dog products” or “necklaces” or “t-shirts” (the market is really oversaturated with those), these guys went really original and playing on the “nostalgic” and our childhood memories of the retro games.
This is their ad, well written as well: … Read more

Satisfying The Customer: The Ultimate Secret to E-commerce Business Success!

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and the smart entrepreneur is apt to keep his customers in a loop of good experiences, making them come back for more again and again!
E-commerce business is no exception. Customers always come first, and satisfying them should be your top most priority. There are many factors that determine how successful a business will be, but the customer factor is usually the most crucial in determining profitability.
So it’s about time you focus on your customers and ensure you are providing the best … Read more