Easy Steps to Success in Dropshipping!

In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping is now a common thing, and a lot of people are flocking to this method, because it allows you to make a tremendous amount of money without emptying your bank account.
To start a business in the past, one would have to get a loan from the bank, but now, dropshipping has changed all that.
With a little amount of cash, you can setup an online store and start selling premium products to thousands of people all over the world.
So how can you successfully start the dropshipping business?
Well… a few tips below should help set you on the right path.

1. Niche Research: This is almost a cliche term in internet marketing, but don’t be deceived, although it may sound cliche, it is extremely important in
laying the foundation for your success in dropshipping.
Finding a niche is the first thing to do in dropshipping. You cannot skip this phase. You need to research your
niche carefully and ensure you are picking one that has big demands, with plenty of traffic and customers that you can sell to.
You don’t want to have products that nobody wants to buy. So, researching your niche before jumping in to sell is crucial to the success of dropshipping.

2. Product Suppliers: This is the next step after making your research on the niche you want to delve into. Finding suppliers for your products can be tricky, as there are many scammers with substandard products or services out there.
As with niche research, you must also be meticulous in your research for product suppliers. Ensure you are getting genuine wholesale products!

3. Selecting your product(s): After picking a supplier, you must select the product to sell, and this will be chosen based on the niche you are working with.
Yes! You must be systematic in your approach. Now, you can decide to sell only one type of product, or you can choose to sell multiple products within the niche.
Both of these methods have their merits. Dropshipping only one product makes marketing straightforward and simple; your SEO marketing, product description, etc. would be easier to fashion.
On the other hand, dropshipping different products offer the added advantage of making more sales, by bundling, cross-selling, upselling, etc.
It is a matter of preference, so experiment and see what works for you!

4. The Dropshipping Avenue: Finally, you should select the avenue for your dropshipping business.There are a ton of websites offering dropshipping services including eBay, eBid or uBid, Bonanza, and Amazon.
So you have a wide range of choices to make. However, you must note that big names in the e-commerce business world like Amazon and eBay have higher dropshipping fees when compared to other sites, but they also
offer the added advantage of exposure and more customer traffic.

So if you have settled on running an efficient and successful dropshipping business, these tips should definitely come in handy. We have tons of other courses going into great detail and teaching you the rudiments of dropshipping, we also have some AMAZING TOOLS that can help out in the areas of niche/product research and even when it comes to finding GREAT suppliers for your products.
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Last Wall Comments

 Sandra says at 19:19 et
What tools do you use to count your fees?
 Claudia says at 19:24 et
Check Fetcher, CashCowPro and tools like that! Hope it helps! They connect directly to your amazon seller-central to fetch data and build a nice stats&charts&fees page.
 Bill says at 21:23 et
What's my FBA return policy??
 Claudia says at 21:23 et
If you FBA then the Amazon return policy is YOUR return policy http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=15015721
 Papa says at 21:37 et
Hi guys.. Would love to know if you use paypal checkout in your shopify store, or any other checkouts in addition shopify?
 chris says at 21:38 et
Paypal accounts for about 45% of our sales. I'd say 20% of conversations are coming from Amazon. Also add Stripe and they'll have a much more straightforward guest checkout with credit card.
 Victor says at 21:38 et
Stripe is a way to go!
 Dr. Jam says at 21:39 et
Any great FBA podcasts to hear?
 Claudia says at 21:39 et
Check Resources. Scott Amazing Seller is top one!
 Oli says at 17:32 et
how to decide which amazon fulfillment center to ship to in the US?
 Violet says at 17:32 et
Amazon will decide when you create a shipment. sometimes it goes to all in one, sometimes you ship to separate.
Andres says at 00:29 et
is this for world wide market or just USA?
 Uncle Sam says at 00:32 et
Andres, what "this"? Shopify drop shipping model works worldwide of course and chinese suppliers ship worldwide.. AMazon FBA works wit many countries as well (not all). But you can sell on AMazon USA for example even if you dont live in usa. its not a problem!
 lou says at 00:32 et
Right. Important where you sell, not where you live!
 little_tiger says at 12:11 et
Btw great idea for you: customized license plate... build shopify store, then source from sites like buildasign.com Then promote via Facebook ads. Like PUGS licence plate for pug owners etc
Andres says at 05:23 et
*store, or do you guys have more than one store in shopiffy?
 Mia says at 05:24 et
once you have a successful store you can duplicate it into other niches!
 Aria says at 05:25 et
I am opening more stores too. why limit just 1. once the stroe is up and running no need to baby sit it, just launch the next one!
EDWARD says at 16:45 et
Hi, Claudia and Friends...
Just brainstorming a bit! Is it possible to monetize a Shopify store solely or in part by customer's purchases?

 Mike says at 16:45 et
I am not sure what you are asking Edward. Please explain more
Jay says at 04:06 et
is this course still up to date in regards to FB ads?
 Mike says at 04:06 et
Yes of course!
 Natalie says at 15:15 et
works great for me
 Father says at 15:15 et
yes great tips there Jay!