How To Overcome Frustration, Redirect Your Energies And Succeed In Your Business

We get frustrated when things don’t go the way we want them to. When we set goals and make plans, other circumstances can make us fall short of achieving our desired purpose. In business, especially the e-commerce industry, it’s pretty easy to get frustrated and tired.
Imagine working so hard on your products, including its manufacturing and shipping process, then, you only a few sales that you can count on one hand, and then to top it off, you end up getting crappy reviews from your customers! Maybe something … Read more

Magic mug case study?

Here is another great example of what sells well with drop shipping. Honestly I really liked this product and even purchased it for myself. As usual I am giving you great finds that I got on facebook, I am not affiliated with any of the products I show in examples
Here is their winning ad. It’s a video FB ad, they are using “as seen on tv” approach with a lot of great scarcity special symbols like FIRE and special discount:

People are reacting well, it collected over 442 … Read more

5 Key Components To Help You Create AMAZING Product Listings On Amazon!

Poor product listing is the bane of success on Amazon. If you are serious about your products and you intend to turn your Amazon store into a profitable enterprise, then you must learn the science of creating great product listings. If you browse through Amazon, you will come across poorly constructed product listings; these listings are easily identified by poor descriptions, weak or poorly designed images, and spammed keywords. You can be sure that these sellers wouldn’t be making any ROCK-STAR sales on Amazon.
If you have determined that … Read more

What is Traffic and How can it affect your e-commerce business??

Traffic is a term used to describe visitors coming to a website.
To efficiently convert and make sales, a seller needs to be able to decipher and break down the incoming traffic.
This will help you to get the best out of your advertising money and launch better campaigns specific to your visitors.
You shouldn’t just aim to sell; you should try as much as possible to build great relationships with the individuals within your buying orbit. Working this way presents a lot of advantages, and understanding traffic better … Read more