Learn How Simple Handy tools can fetch you some SERIOUS Cash!

What’s up guys!

It’s a new month again and we are so close to the Yuletide and the Holiday Season.
It is only fitting that we refresh our think bank with fresh and new ideas!
The Sells like hot cakes’ GPS is just the right tool for the job.

Today, we’ll be looking at a new kind of product with so much potential, it may very well be underestimated. In our usual fashion of investigating products, we’ll let bias and sentiment go to the side and allow the facts to speak for themselves.
We’ll be looking at MLTOOLS Pliers Cutters Organizer, AKA The Plier Rack!

Pliers are hand-held tools used for holding objects firmly or grabbing and turning them. They have a wide of applications and can be used at home or by professionals to carry out installations or repair.
So why is it good to consider selling this product?
Well… as aforementioned, we will allow the facts speak for itself.
The GPS will help us in this regard.

Checking out the sales stats, we can see that the Total sales volume of top 10 sellers/month: 4463, while the average top 10 sellers are selling 496 units per month!
These are impressive numbers, and they indicate that this product is profit viable!
Okay, maybe you’re now thinking about doing further research on title ideas, keywords, and bullet points? Do not fret, the GPS is here to the rescue. Below, you can check cool title ideas, keyword, and bullet point suggestions.

If you are in dire need of a new idea to spark things up in your business, then you should consider adding new merchandise to your store, and the handy plier rack could just be the right thing you need to bring life back into your store! Perhaps you still aren’t feeling the Pliers, then you can check out the GPS tool and use it yourself until you find a cool product that resonates. You can check out the GPS for yourself right here.

For those who are new, GPS is an acronym for the Garlic Press Smasher! A sells like hot cakes’ tool specifically designed to help out with fresh product ideas and even do some basic product research on those ideas. The GPS simplifies things for the seller, ensuring you are equipped with the right knowledge before embarking on any new product!

Have a wonderful week guys!

Remember to keep pushing ahead; there is still so much you can achieve.
Don’t be deceived, the sky isn’t the limit.
Reach for the stars!


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Last Wall Comments

 Mike says at 22:34 et
hi David! FOB means that the seller ships the goods to the port (such as FOB Shenzhen Yantian Port), and then the remaining responsibilities (sea freight, picking up and customs clearance) will be taken by the buyer . EXW is factory price.. . It means that the seller finishes the products and the goods is placed in the warehouse and the buyer needs to pick up the goods from the seller's warehouse.
Claudia says at 07:39 et
If it's your first shipment I suggest to use "door to door" to avoid delays and hassles.
 Cyril says at 22:52 et
whats the pros and cons of selling your own product on shopify vs amazon??
 george says at 22:58 et
Good point. thx for sharing! Love the effort you put in helping others here
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? https://apps.shopify.com/amazon (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 freedom says at 21:41 et
Anyone knows on demand print for shopify in UK??
 Lucy says at 21:41 et
Check https://apps.shopify.com/all-over-print and teemill.co.uk (it doesn't integrate with Shopify)
 Father says at 23:25 et
When running a promotion, what is the recommended discount for the sale to count as a verified review and feed the amz algorithm?
 Emili says at 23:27 et
Amazon does not reveal exact cutoff data for "verified" vs "unverified". some people say it's 50% but it's a wild guess. It does not matter really. Don't overthink it Father.
 Emili says at 23:27 et
I give minimum of 80% off. Keeps buyers happy and many reviews coming (WITHOUT asking even with new policies all ok).
 victoria says at 23:07 et
Great stuff, thank you guys for the videos! I am launching soon next product and goal is to reach $450 profit per day.
 Evan says at 23:08 et
Way to go victoria. Thank you for inspiration!
Andres says at 10:01 et
Hello Im a fresh rookie Im a little confused on the Goal of 45,000.00 .....It reads...."Our goal is to make at least $10 per product per sale and at least make 10 sales per
day from each product, which means from five products, we are going to make
$45,000 at least per month plus your Shopify store profits and, of course, minus the
cost of sales, production, shipping and advertising. Our estimated profit is $45,000
per month. Well you can’t live with that but you would agree it’s a good start "

Is that goal only when you start with Amazon, or still good if you take the Shopify to start with...?
 Mike says at 10:02 et
Welcome Andres. $10 per product per sale and 10 sales is a universal rule of thumb for any ecommerce store. 10-10 rule some people call it. It's same rule no matter if you start shopify or amazon or even better BOTH channels combined.
 Diego says at 10:04 et
I agree, starting both is a way to go, you never know the future and which source will be more profitable for your product or niche! Good luck!
 meni says at 05:04 et
Great tips, thx guys!
Sallyann says at 06:42 et
hi after taking the steps to show you my store I realised that i did it in hast and have closed it, by the way thanks for all the comments they were super useful!
I am going for my original niche and I have several ideas for others once im up and running. I am very impressed by the help you get here, from the keyword, title generator, the filler and bullet point generator and everything else, all great in helping newbies like myself.
i would like to ask that once i have my shop up and running and looking great would it be an option to do a full launch campaign with one of the email companies to send out emails to your target audience? I have seen ones advertised and I am realistic about the feedback and actual conversions but i don't have an email list yet and this seems to be a great option. let me know

 Alice says at 06:43 et
thank you and that's a good plan. what companies do you mean specifically?
 rick says at 02:28 et
New store is in Critics http://sellslikehotcakes.co/wall.php come and post your feedback to help fellow seller
 Mike says at 15:15 et
Another great idea what sells $100 NET? Check out here http://sellslikehotcakes.co/blog/index.php/2017/10/24/another-great-idea-sells/
A says at 04:51 et
I have finished watching the video about "incorporation and taxes" but I'm lost. If I understood correctly the suggested way to open a seller central account is as a professional.
-What do I need to open a professional account?
-Do I need a LLC? bank account? address??
Can someone explain ---> my situation will be "Rest of the world selling in the US"
Thank you!
 jo says at 04:52 et
You need an LLC, Bank account and a credit card. Yes your company does not have to be from USA even if you plan to sell in USA