NEW video added: Visiting Coffee Factory Insights & Tips

Today we are in Guangzhou, an industrial city in China and visiting a

Coffee Maker Factory that is producing coffee makers for the top

European brands. We will see the production, show you real life

insights on how Chinese factories look and work, what questions you

should be asking when visiting your supplier and what quality control

is in place. Great insights from the real Chinese factory!

As a bonus we are sharing great tips for Amazon FBA sellers.

Visiting China is not required but will put you ahead of competition

if you really go extra mile and visit your suppliers and establish

personal level of trust with them. It’s much harder for supplier to

scam you and provide poor quality if he knows that you can just hop on

the plane and visit their factory in person next day to check the

quality! Trust me, it works!

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Last Wall Comments

 sam dh says at 23:18 et
i'm sam from LA.. new here.. LOVE it so far. excited to get started.. researching product now.. any tips?
 Claudia says at 07:40 et
Welcome Sam. Glad to have you with us.. Have you checked the new PRODUCT RESEARCH VIDEO? I have shared our tips there and gave step by step instructions how to do it!
 Cyril says at 19:39 et
Is it still ok to give away discounted coupons?
 Claudia says at 19:40 et
Yes as long as you don't ask for reviews in exchange. It will still increase your sales velocity and ranks.. However maybe it makes more sense to run PPC instead of giving away your product too cheap 50-75% OFF instead of PPC? Depends on the niche..
 ED says at 21:14 et
What do I do about state taxes? What's nexus?
 jo says at 21:15 et
You are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to a jurisdiction if you have established substantial presence in the state of delivery. Once established, you have created nexus. The threshold for this presence differs from state to state and a company’s presence in each state should be examined to determine if nexus has been established or not. A company clearly has nexus if there is a business location in the state/jurisdiction. Once you establish nexus, you are required to register as a retailer with each state before collecting sales tax for that state. Check more here
 Fadey says at 21:26 et
hi friends.. PREP question. do i have to do PREP myself??
 Claudia says at 21:26 et
No.. There are many companies who are set up just for this type of service, see resources section!
 Boris says at 17:39 et
I started private label selling 6 weeks ago and my conversion rate is 8.5%. Is that good or bad? I sell around 7 units per day
 lou says at 17:39 et
It's good. Your goal is to sell 10 units per day, $10 per unit profit. You are on the right track, keep pushing!
Andres says at 00:29 et
is this for world wide market or just USA?
 Uncle Sam says at 00:32 et
Andres, what "this"? Shopify drop shipping model works worldwide of course and chinese suppliers ship worldwide.. AMazon FBA works wit many countries as well (not all). But you can sell on AMazon USA for example even if you dont live in usa. its not a problem!
 lou says at 00:32 et
Right. Important where you sell, not where you live!
 victoria says at 08:06 et
My advice for people who are not successful with dropshipping/shopify - remember its not just about the product but the ads strategy!without building REAL community cold traffic ads just don't work to the cold traffic. I see others who are successful with dropshipping among my partners do a serious community and devote great effort into building it (like baby / moms community) or funny products community.
paying just for clicks to cold traffic with no community just does not work, no matter how hard you work or how much you test! So my advice is first build a facebook community before paying for facebook ads. there is some great video about it in the sells like hot cakes course in the end of the shopify mastery.
 Speedy says at 08:06 et
Great point. People love to buy from people they like!
 Mike says at 17:06 et
New tool - the Slogan Maker
The Slogan Maker allows you to generate catchy slogans and titles for
your marketing materials. If you refresh - every time you get a new
idea! Enjoy!
 wing11 says at 01:56 et
wow this is helpful one, thx!!
sol says at 05:00 et
I want to better my bullet points as i mentioned i have many best sellers and in house softwares that i built myself but i am lacking in describing my products so wwell
 Amelia says at 05:00 et
try bulletpoints tools and keyword research!
Brian says at 14:36 et
How do you know which products to use on the homepage slideshow of your site?
 Ted says at 14:37 et
Use the best selling products of your website of course. You can also do the seasonal offers there (like Halloween, Christmas etc)
Brian says at 18:55 et
Thank you Ted. I feel silly asking newbie questions, but it's the only way I'll get over the hump of launching my first store.