What is Traffic and How can it affect your e-commerce business??

Traffic is a term used to describe visitors coming to a website.

To efficiently convert and make sales, a seller needs to be able to decipher and break down the incoming traffic.

This will help you to get the best out of your advertising money and launch better campaigns specific to your visitors.

You shouldn’t just aim to sell; you should try as much as possible to build great relationships with the individuals within your buying orbit. Working this way presents a lot of advantages, and understanding traffic better helps in this regard.


Types of Traffic

There are three types of traffic:

Cold traffic

These are visitors coming to your website not really because they are interested in the products or solutions you provide, but because they just want to learn more about what you’re offering. Not everybody who clicks on your ads is familiar with your store or product; this is the cold truth. *pun intended*

So, essentially, cold traffic consists of people that have never heard of your brand before. I like to think of them as online window shoppers. They may actually have a need which your product can solve, but since they are not familiar with your brand, they would probably not purchase from you. Moreso, they wouldn’t be easily swayed by any sales message, since in their minds they aren’t looking to buy anything.

Wait guys, don’t be sad! This doesn’t mean you should give up on cold traffic. If you can build a relationship and some trust, you are guaranteed to convert your cold traffic into willing customers!

In a later post, I’ll teach you how to warm up cold traffic and convert them into actual customers.

Warm Traffic

Warm traffic consists of people who have shown interest in what you are selling. They are not new to your product, they are very familiar with your brand, they are regular visitors of your website, and they may have been engaged with you on other media, like facebook or twitter. However, they are yet to show any interest in purchasing your products.

So, despite the fact that they have shown interest in your services, they haven’t moved to the point of actually buying your products. They want it, but something is holding them back.

It is your job to figure out what it is and clear the road for them so that they can start patronizing you.

Hot Traffic

Now, these are your real customers. They are people who have already trusted you with their money, purchased your products and didn’t ask for a refund. They are very familiar with your products and services, and there is a chance that they will make more purchases from you in the future.

It should be your goal to convert all cold and warm traffic to hot traffic. You can only do this by building trust and solid relationships with your visitors.

Not every e-commerce seller understands the value of traffic and how to market to these individuals based on their needs, trust level and knowledge of your products and services. It is your job to educate them, identify their problems and build trust. Understanding the traffic group your visitors belongs to will help you organize better sales and advertisement campaigns.


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The race to the bottom is a dangerous game. Instead of lowering price try to offer unique product, a bundle, a set, to stand out from competition. You lowering the price will just make other sellers lower their price as well, and now everybody is making less profit with no added benefit.
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Think of doing a bundle or a set and RISE the price, not lower it
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I heard Amazon is now accepting only GS1 UPC codes
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Bad idea, totally crowded with big sellers with deep pockets, Too easy to copy any product, too much competition also
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