Your new year’s resolution?

Here is a Christmas inspiration for you!

I dont usually share sales screenshots to avoid bragging about it but for your inspiration, lets do it today. He is one of the European Amazon sellers accounts, take a look.

This stuff WORKs! It is working now and it will work next year. Don’t believe the haters saying “it’s too late”.  2018 is your year to start BIG with Amazon and Shopify!
The spike on the chart was the launch of the new product. Our goal is to launch at least 2-3 new products every month next year.

What will be your new year’s resolution?​

It’s been a great year and today I would like to thank everyone, all the students of our course and wish you a successful 2018!

2017 was a great year for ecommerce but I am very excited to see what 2018 is bringing us!

More great products, more great tools and of course more sales!!!

If you are still missing out and have not started your ecommerce business I urge you to get started and stop missing the profit train!

Start following the course and I am sure you will be very successful!

​Mike and the team

​P.S yes, buy bitcoin too 😉 But wait for the price to drop first next week.


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Last Wall Comments

 Speedy says at 21:41 et
Guys, i am lost with all the VAT paperwork in EU, any help?
 Uncle Sam says at 21:41 et
Check FBA-hero .. helps you to setup and grow your Amazon business in Europe. Reach 700 million new customers fast, easy and secure.
from their site "We take care of your company EORI and VAT registration and all ongoing tax returns. Get your products not just translated, but localized to all 5 marketplace languages.
 JO says at 23:01 et
Thanks for the golden nuggets! Great course and community here! Love the vibe!
 Ted says at 03:25 et
Summer is coming soon, think of summer related products.. just got mail from suppliers of the Beach Blanket (similar to ) they might go big this summer, keep an eye on it, best seller tool shows good numbers.
Xuan says at 13:08 et
Hi I'm newbie here :)! 3 days I run camp ads fb but not effective
. I till not have first sale for me :(. I don't have direction right for me? How do you make the first sale?
 Theo says at 13:09 et
hi Xuan, it depends on many factors. what is your store? what product you sell? what ads you run? You might want to submit your project to Critics here and everyone will help brainstorming it.
 Mike says at 16:31 et
Here is a new video i added "I don’t have TIME! + surprising ending" to address the most common question I get "I don't have enough time!" "I don't have time to learn!" "I dont have time to watch 12 hours of videos!" I dont have time to research a product!" "I dont have time to find a supplier" I dont have time to open my own ecommerce store!"
PAT says at 05:30 et
Ok I am Very new to Facebook advertising I have a couple of boosted posts getting some reactions and page likes but still very small. I signed of for many chat and it looks interesting. I seem to be missing a step. How do I get my FB followers to optin to Many Chat?
 Lucy says at 05:32 et
You can experiment with different ways... They offer Json script and several widgets that you can place to your site.
Growing community takes a lot of patience, so keep going and growing it but dont expect fast results.
 lou says at 05:33 et
To grow faster best tip is to share top shared content from other pages. Save post or video from other pages (similar topic) and repost them on your page and mini-boost. Also research top liked and top shared contnet in your niche and repost it.
Jay says at 11:46 et
i am quite confused with driving traffic i keep hearing multiple people say different things do you recommend i start with Instagram influencers or FB ads? if FB ads do i start with conversion Ads and make multiple ad variations with one interest per variation? Just need some clear direction. Thanks
 Mike says at 11:47 et
You can do both of course, no need to limit just to one source.
FB ads I made several videos showing step by step what to do, yes start with multiple ad variations with one interest per variaton and see which converts better and then kill bad ads and scale up good ones!
Influencers is also good. Famebit etc.
 Mike says at 15:15 et
Another great idea what sells $100 NET? Check out here
dilini says at 19:04 et
hi, i am sri lankan. In sri lanka it is not allowed paypal and stripe still. for that i can use local intrenational payment gateway. But is there any option by opening amrican bank account to connect to world wide accept IPG? Thanks..
 Kylie says at 19:13 et
also search for local facebook groups, there must be people from sri lanka doing shopify and you can join them as well to get some local advice!