GPS XMAS Special: Spice up sales this season with Paint Set Products!

Merry Christmas guys!
We are in that wonderful time of the year again, and our GPS has a fresh product that will help augment your sales this season.
We are talking about The Paint Set!

This is a season of celebration and color. It is an expressive time of the year, filled with joy, color, and art.
The Paint Set allows you to tap into the creativity of the season and make some cool sales this period.
A lot of professional artists will be doing designs here and there, and now, thanks to the GPS, you can be their supplier!

The product is awesome and has a lot of surprising statistics that help us know that it is the right kind of thing to put on our shelves.
First up, we can see that the total sales volume of top 10 sellers/month: 20149! And on top that, the average top 10 sellers are selling 2239 units per month.
Without a doubt, this is something that sells! And should not be joked with.

The Garlic press smasher doesn’t just leave you with product statistic; it goes a step further by providing title and keyword suggestions.

The Yuletide is a once in a year celebration, and our GPS is giving you the chance to take advantage of this season and make some cool sales, don’t be left behind while others a cashing
in BIG, get your CUT too!

In case you feel the Paint Set isn’t for you, you can check out our other product suggestions for yourself by using our GPS right here.

Just cause it’s a holiday, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate, you can still make KILLER Sales!

Don’t be complacent!

Merry Christmas Guys!


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Last Wall Comments

 Sandra says at 22:59 et
Good morning, I'm Sandra from Spain.. I have been following your course for 3 weeks and must say SUPER WORK! VERY HELPFUL AND DETAILED even for tech newbie like me.. Keep up great work!
 freedom says at 21:01 et
Why to go Shopify and not WooCommerce??
 Ted says at 21:01 et
Shopify Is Easier to Use, it's a turn-key solution. (hosting, ssl etc all included) + great app store to boost your sales.
WooCommerce is free opensource plugin and working with Wordpress which means you have to install and confirgure everything yourself, buy hosting, ssl separately too so there is no real saving just more headaches.
Go for shopify and jump straight into selling rather than micromanagement tech parts with WooCommerce..
 Iriness says at 21:05 et
WooCommerce looks like saving but in reality you have tons of hidden costs like domain, ssl and tons of extra hassles... Why not go easy with Shopify!
Claudia says at 21:05 et
I agree with Iriness!
 Vin says at 21:06 et
Why retail Arbitrage SUCKS?
 Emma says at 21:06 et
It does not.. And it works ok still, but it's more like OLD SCHOOL method to make money... 10 years ago it was a golden age of RA, but now more and more brands are closing their listings from piggibackers (RA crowd) so you might end up buying stock and then can't list it..
Claudia says at 21:07 et
For me RA is WORK... Not a passive income. If it works for you, fine. But it's not my song.
 Tyro Meg says at 21:08 et
Say Vin, you buy discounted stuff in Wallmart, you sell it ... and then WHAT? You need to start all over again. It's not scalable business model. just a quick buck. I know it works for some people if you have a team of assistants helping find deals and listing them quickly.. Online arbing
 Antony says at 21:47 et
Why you hate retail arbitrage so much?
Claudia says at 21:47 et
Anthony.. Have you watched the video about it? We don't hate it, we just say it's A JOB and hardly a passive income. Moreover brands are getting it harder and harder for you to sell their products on amazon.. More and more restricted categories will create a slow death for RA.. It's much better to get into FBA or Shopoify at this point. 10 years ago Retail arbitrage was booming but it's days are soon gone..
 Bill says at 21:23 et
What's my FBA return policy??
Claudia says at 21:23 et
If you FBA then the Amazon return policy is YOUR return policy
 diego says at 21:44 et
Who is importer of record when shipping to amazon? AMAZON?
 little_tiger says at 21:45 et
No.. Amazon will not be the importer of record for any shipment coming in from overseas. Your shipment will be rejected. Your freight forwarder should take care of this! For example I use Flexport..
 Jay says at 21:45 et
What are hidden costs when importing by sea freight?
 Chris says at 21:45 et
JAY - Cargo Insurance, Customs Bond, Arrival Agent Fees, Warehousing fees, Delivery to amazon warehouse fee and of course Custom clearance.. Your freight forwarder should take care of this and give you invoice if any taxes are due!
 Gab says at 22:23 et
Amazoners... with new UPC rules, is it better to print the FNSKU directly onto the product instead of a UPC?
 Alice says at 22:23 et
yes i did it and it worked fine
 Father says at 23:25 et
When running a promotion, what is the recommended discount for the sale to count as a verified review and feed the amz algorithm?
 Emili says at 23:27 et
Amazon does not reveal exact cutoff data for "verified" vs "unverified". some people say it's 50% but it's a wild guess. It does not matter really. Don't overthink it Father.
 Emili says at 23:27 et
I give minimum of 80% off. Keeps buyers happy and many reviews coming (WITHOUT asking even with new policies all ok).
 mia says at 09:35 et
Question about inspections in CHINA for amazon FBA. How to get my shipment inspected in China so you can have it sent directly to the Amazon warehouse? Thx
 jack says at 09:36 et
Use a 3rd party inspection company. Check out or
 Mike says at 11:35 et
Hi guys!

Great news, as you know I've been super active and super excited about the course, and today I'm glad to announce that I have added not 1, not 2 but 3 new great videos for you!

1. Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses
This is a video showing why and how you can buy and sell the ecommerce businesses (small or big)

2. Fullproof tips how to avoid paying huge long term storage fees on Amazon FBA
THis is great to show you how to avoid pitfalls with storage fees and get rid of slow selling product!

3. Using Crowdsourcing Campaign to boost your sales and jump start your product (Case study)
I dont always win and this is a fun video showing how i failed in crowdsourcing on kickstarter but still made $10k along the way and what you can learn from my mistakes! I hope my story will give you great ideas on how to boost your sales with crowdfunding!

By the way if you enjoy our course, please let me know, I really appreciate your reviews and your comments and questions!

You joined the course on the insane low price for first early-bird 500 betatesters (you know similar courses usually charge $150-190 or more for way less content) so your early feedback is really important to me!

If you have any questions, let me know!

Sells like hot cakes guy!
 Aria says at 11:37 et
thank you mike and SLHK team ... really great quality of video and I'm glad i joined early with such a silly price. I paid $10,000 for @Amazing@ Course 3 years ago and got way less info!
 Vin says at 11:40 et
thx for update, appreciated the efforts and the community has been very helpful to me!
 Mila says at 15:54 et
love the tools and community! my second product is reaching $300 per day now! it WOKRS!!!!
wade says at 04:27 et
Hello - Brand new here - Just wondering how long it took you to reach this point ? Also congratulations on the progress... :)