Social Proof: A Secret Marketing Strategy to BOOST Sales in the e-commerce Industry.

Our basic human desire to fit into a group or find like minds is something that has governed human interaction, behavior, and psychology for decades. By nature, we are all pack animals, we all want to be where we belong.

This is the primary reason why we would easily follow a friends recommendation when it comes to our decision to buy a particular product or not. Our need to fit into a group makes us vulnerable to influence from people within our group; our choices can be modified, and thus our behavior can change.

Smart entrepreneurs know this and have implemented several strategies into their business to help them portray positive social proof and thus garnered more followers and customers. You shouldn’t just read about this stuff; you should apply it to your business too.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of things, let us understand what social proof is all about…

Well… in layman’s terms, we would define social proof as social influence. It occurs when a person thinks an action is right because s/he has seen many people performing the same action.

For example:

A person walks into an eatery and sees everybody eating Chicago pizzas, then that person will reason that this restaurant’s Chicago pizzas must be really delicious that is why lots of people are ordering it, at this point, the individual in question is prone to order a Chicago pizza too.

Social proof can also work in another manner. If a famous or influential person does something or is seen using a particular product, people will tend to want to use that product too, because they have seen someone of importance use it.

This is the reason why Nike and Adidas like to sign popular sportsmen and women to help promote their brand.

So, how do we use this social proof thingy to improve our business?

Well… first off, I’m pretty sure you don’t have enough cash in the bank to hire a celebrity to promote your store, but if you do, then THAT’S AWESOME! But that is not what we would like to focus on; there are other simple ways to integrate social proof into your business without having to break the bank.

1. Reviews: Customers don’t really read reviews, they’ll just check out your product description, if it resonates with them, they’ll buy it. DON’T fall for this crap! According to a survey done by, it is proven that 77% of customers will read reviews before purchasing any product or service. Don’t joke with your reviews, do you remember we said group opinions influence people? Well… if a bunch of people are saying bad things about your product or service, you can be assured that you won’t be getting many sales anytime soon.

Ensure you remind your customers to leave good reviews for you after they make their purchases. A note of caution, however,  you cannot force your customers to leave good reviews if you delivered a terrible product or service, this is why your product must be top notch, it’ll give you the confidence to ask for a review from your customers. So if you’re still sloppy on delivery, clean up your game first!

Good reviews have a ton of benefit, especially in the long-term. As an entrepreneur looking to build a sustainable online business, your reviews should paint your business in the positive light. Thankfully, there are many tools to help you fix up your review section. You can check out some of our courses to learn more about them.

2. Social Influencers: Remember I mentioned something about how top brands sign contracts with celebrities to help promote their brand? Well… this is kinda what I was talking about. We both agreed that the money to hire Kim Kardashian to wear your store’s T-shirts and post some pictures on Instagram might not necessarily be available. That doesn’t mean you cannot use other social influencers to do the same thing and save money.

Several successful e-commerce brands have utilized social influencers to help in social proof marketing, and you can do the same. Reach out to social influencers on any of the social media outlets. These guys and girls can help to tremendously accelerate your business success, by positively talking about your products on their favorite media outlet.

3. Blogs: Outlets like blogs can be very useful in marketing, more so, in the act of social proof marketing. Content is key! Your blog should help establish you as a leader in your niche, someone to be trusted and is trusted by a number of people. As you position yourself as a knowledgeable and experienced leader in your niche, you will draw followers to your blog; this is traffic that can easily be converted to customers.

Your blog visitors will leave comments on your articles further boosting your value and increasing your social proof. More customers will trust you and therefore believe in what you are selling. I’m sure at this point you can see the bigger picture, the reverberating effect a good blog can have on a business.

A positive brand image reflected by your blog is a money spinner in many ways, but to ensure your blog is properly optimized for social proof marketing, you must integrate things like social sharing buttons, a mailing list or newsletter. These modular components will work together to increase activity on your blog, leading to more social proof, more traffic, and more customers.

If you haven’t started a blog for your business, you should seriously consider it.

These three methods, when implemented in the right manner, will assist in promoting your brand, increasing your social proof and business value. If you can combine all three the right way, then, you can be assured that you will never have a shortage of customers ever again.

Social proof is a powerful tool in business, take advantage of it!

That’s it for today guys.

Happy selling!


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