5 Reasons You Haven’t Gotten Your First Sale Yet

Starting any business is not easy; starting a successful e-commerce business is no walk in the park either!

Knowledge is the key and working on the road of ignorance won’t get you very far.

The good news is that you are not alone!

We understand the rigors and mistakes a beginner can make because we used to be noobs ourselves, but we have decided to help stir you in the right direction by turning your focus to important things you should concentrate on, that will take you from ZERO to HERO!

Let’s dive in!

Reason #1: Ignoring social media

Social media marketing has transformed the e-commerce landscape, and it is not so difficult to see why. Social media provides a platform for interaction and expression; it is the single driving force that has turned the internet into a global village! Businesses that capitalize on this are prone to succeed. However, one must be careful, because when doing social media marketing, you have to get it right! Targeting the right audience, using the right words and images are some of the prerequisites for social media marketing success.

Reason #2: Selling the wrong product

Nothing can drive a business down the drain faster than selling bad products. It is never easy to select the right product, research must be done, and this encompasses competition research, product research, and niche research. Selling the right product boils down to doing your homework properly, substituting laziness for this research work will only lead you to pick bad products (which you think may be good), and this is as good as shooting yourself in the foot!

Reason #3: Using poor product image

Your product image says a lot about your brand and the quality of products you are offering. Now, you may be offering a good product that any serious buyer will want to purchase, but because you have selected a poor product image which doesn’t depict your wares in good light, your potential customers will run to the next store. Always utilize high-quality images, preferably, images that show your products being used by another human being; this would subconsciously create empathy and social value. Whoever said “pictures speak a thousand words” clearly had e-commerce in mind 🙂

Reason #4: Weak SEO implementation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one thing you should ignore if you don’t want your store or products to be seen by people. I am guessing this isn’t your wish! SEO is a broad topic that involves the correct use and application of keywords, adwords, and even images. It is basically a manipulation that allows the algorithm of most websites, including Google and Amazon to pick up on your products/store and rank them high whenever a customer searches for a particular item. So, I’m guessing you want your products to be at the first thing a customer sees when h/she makes a search, if this is the case, then you better pay attention to your SEO!

Reason #5: Failure to analyze the competition

Ignoring the competition might sound good on paper, but trust me, this is a dumb move! Things are rapidly changing, and new tricks and ways of doing things are always pop up every day. In e-commerce, this rings true! How will you know the latest trends or tricks, if you don’t eavesdrop on your competition once in a while eh?

Analyzing your competition will keep you in the game and help you know what they are doing and how they are doing it, this will help you to strategize, modify or make new plans that will position you for success! Confused about how to stalk your pesky competitors, then you can check out our easy to use tool; the competitor spy tool.

There you have it guys! Implementing these tips will surely help you get the ball rolling in the sales department, and once you can get your first sale going, then you can get two more, ten more, a hundred or as much as you want.

But… you have to get that positive vibe going by getting the first one! I challenge you to get out and start practicing what you read, as there is no surer way to complacency and stagnancy than inaction.

Keep selling guys!



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Last Wall Comments

 Claudia says at 22:23 et
Welcome guys to Sells Like Hotcakes LIVE Q&A SESSION! I'd be glad to answer all your questions. Lets rock!
 Mike says at 23:22 et
Just make sure you don't stuck in "research" stage for too long. When I started I kept researching far too long and missed a hot summer sale season for my summer products. There is never ideal product with no competition and perfect conditions. Just TAKE ACTION and START SELLING!
 Eddy says at 21:12 et
I find it super difficult to find a local dropshipper with lower cost compared to the competitors on amazon.com , I have like 4 wholesellers with different products most of them are expensier than those on amazon is it possible to find cheapers ones??
 Claudia says at 21:12 et
That's why doing it on Shopify makes more sense, like the course is teaching.. So that you can mark up prices higher and no competition or related products are shown!
Also I believe it's possible to find products with better profit margins on Amazon. also remember you can still bundle it!
I think having an amazon dropship business could be helpful for a lot of ppl? but shopify is a way to go to start it. Amazon still better for FBA!
 Ab says at 09:31 et
Glad to see you are rocking guys!!! Just a quick one. How do I follow up the buyers without violating AMAZON TOS?
 Rob says at 09:32 et
Use feedbackgenius or sellerbacker.. After the client left positive reviews under seller feedback you automatically ask if they'd be interested in sharing their experience with the product on the product page! Works like charm.
 wing11 says at 09:33 et
Also Jump Send.. easy to automate everything with followup
 Caleb says at 00:54 et
Very excited to meet many of you guys at Traffic and Conversion summit in san diego!! You are crushing it!
 Samuel says at 00:55 et
TLC2017 rocks.. rian dies and perry belcher on fire. By the way Perry is also doing sourcing from CHINA! this topic is on FIRE !!! he is doing 20 million with his strategic knife sales this year and expanding.
 Ted says at 00:56 et
True, ecommerce is growing really fast. It's a golden time to start!
william says at 02:26 et
? I have went thew 4 of the 4 videos in Module 1, my question is should I go back and work one module and work that one before going to the next one is this how this work
 Mike says at 02:27 et
Well, it's best to finish full module so you have a big picture of tools that you can use and full understanding of the structure, and then implement it!
 Speedy says at 02:35 et
i agree with mike. but in some videos where they show specific apps, it's good to install those apps when you already have a store installed , or just re-visit the video again later! Cheerssssss
william says at 01:07 et
 Claudia says at 17:16 et
Will it work for me? What if I have no coding skills? Check out Libni's store and case study here: http://sellslikehotcakes.co/blog/index.php/2017/03/29/sells-like-hot-cakes-program-wonders-heres-libnis-story/
 Mike says at 16:25 et
New cool video released "Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses"
wade says at 05:00 et
I know that combating procrastination is an important common theme here – But I think maybe you guys have forgotten how intimidating and overwhelming some of this is. Yesterday for about 6 hours I was really going though some negative emotions – Thinking no way this can work and no one is going to responded to these products I am putting up – What took me out of this funk was 1) the fact that I am starting this business for very little money 2) the realization that doing something I least had a better shot and making it than I had doing NOTHING – Might sound simplistic but that’s the edgy thinking it took for me. I think what maybe the more experienced folks here have disregard is how over whelming it can be when you can latterly chose ANYTHING for you shopify niche and product line – that is awesome and daunting all at the same time….. God I hope I get the White label level soon …LOL One last thought fear of success and fear of failure seem to go hand in hand and feed off of one another…
 adam says at 05:02 et
Wow well said Wade. I went through similar hardships when starting out... What if people don't buy my product? What if it's too late? But then again what do I have to lose? It's not like i am investing 100,000 into this.
 Rob says at 05:03 et
Good Luck Wade! You are on the right track just by giving it a try. 99% of people fail because they never start and give it a chance.
Oliver says at 04:35 et
how do you add a logo to the shopify store
 emma says at 04:36 et
you can do in your store Theme settings very easily.