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I have awesome news! Over the last years I have been receiving a lot of requests and questions from you guys on how to create marketing that works and sells!?

There is plenty information online however it’s really hard to navigate through the fluff and filler of so called “internet marketers”. Most of the tips and tricks they use are very outdated as well and don’t work in 2018!

That’s why I decided to create this new course on how to create video marketing that works and sells. Just 2 hours, short and sweet, 36 short videos, no fluff no filler. I am sure you are going to love it!


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  • 20 Step Time Proven Video Salesletter Formula that really works
  • Easy ready-to-use samples how to create your own Video Salesletter even if you have no copyrighting skills
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials that guide you by the hand to make the full process easy and fun
  • A Special Sneaky trick that can double your conversion (Secret step 21)
  • Ready to use Swipe files (Samples) from best converting video salesletters on each Step.
  • A special Video Report on how you can use Video Salesletter to market 3rdparty product as an affiliate even if you don’t have your own product at all
  • Bonus: “VSG Slides Photoshop Templates” That’s exact slides that we used for our VSG marketing. Take it and use it! It works!

A short and sweet, no fluff, no filler, up to date time tested and proven course! 


Hurry! First 50 students will get 50% off using coupon SPECIAL50


Would you like to learn how to create a video marketing that WORKS and SELLS?

Then this video course and the tutorials we developed are just right for you! We will teach you everything from scratch. Whether you have no prior experience or are already selling well, you will find something new for yourself! We’ll go through everything together, from basic to advanced stuff.

No fluff or filler, only actual step by step instructions that you can follow to make it WORK! Inside you will find a 20 Step Time Proven Video Salesletter Formula that really converts time and time again!

The hints, tricks and systems we share are not just theories but real, working systems that we use ourselves in our own online stores! We will share all the essential tools and important services we use, as well as resources you might need along the way.

Ready to take your video marketing and copyrighting skills to the next level?

Lets get started!


Hurry! First 50 students will get 50% off using coupon SPECIAL50

Betatester reactions

Great tools and course Mike, i think you hit the nail on the head here with your VideoSalesletter Formula: your 20 (oh year 21 actually) Simple Steps add up to a Truly Total Turnkey System for skyrocketing conversion. Well this is a real magic ingredient, I believe. thank you, my friend!
Diego Navarro, California, USA
Thanks mike for the valuable information provided. It’s a fresh breath for me. I dont have my own product so I really liked your idea with using VideoSalesletter Formula for overriding other people’s old marketing and directly linking to the buy now form. Great stuff!
Samuel, France
I enjoyed reading the case studies and watching your “VSL tutorials.” Very informative, containing innovative strategies for increasing conversions. Actually I’ve already implemented a couple of tricks you mentioned and they work like charm. Thanks, Dean.
Dean Wilkinson, NY


Hurry! First 50 students will get 50% off using coupon SPECIAL50


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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:24 et
hi claudia.. so iam starting with FBA.Please explain more what are the common providers for air and sea shipment (like UPS, Fedex etc)? Which do door-to-door? Which are more reliable for FBA?
Claudia says at 07:39 et
hi Cyril. Great question..

Actually, there are three ways, by air, by express & by sea.

By air:
1. shipped by major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia airlines, Northwest Airlines etc.
2. the goods will be shipped to airport and the client needs to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods by himself.

By express:
1. shipped by UPS, Fedex, EMS, TNT & DHL.
2. the goods will be shipped to the client's destination (door to door, such as Amazon warehouse). The express company will do the customs clearance.

By sea:
shipped by shipping company, such as Ma Shiji, COSCO, NYK, Kawasaki, Hanjin, United Arab Emirates, Sinotrans and so on.
Also can do Door to Door service.
 Midas says at 21:02 et
Im new to dropshipping... If you do dropshipping and sell more than one item on the same order, it can happen that the items are from different suppliers, how do you handle the shipping issue of 2 packages with your customers?
 Chris says at 21:02 et
Not a problem.. tell they are shipped from different warehouses.. Even amazon does that.. The customer does not care.
Or the forwarder can receive goods and consolidate orders..
 diego says at 21:44 et
Who is importer of record when shipping to amazon? AMAZON?
 little_tiger says at 21:45 et
No.. Amazon will not be the importer of record for any shipment coming in from overseas. Your shipment will be rejected. Your freight forwarder should take care of this! For example I use Flexport..
 Jay says at 21:45 et
What are hidden costs when importing by sea freight?
 Chris says at 21:45 et
JAY - Cargo Insurance, Customs Bond, Arrival Agent Fees, Warehousing fees, Delivery to amazon warehouse fee and of course Custom clearance.. Your freight forwarder should take care of this and give you invoice if any taxes are due!
 tyro_meg says at 21:48 et
Wondering if you guys and take a look at my situation? Running FB ads and getting like 200 visitors a day but zero conversions!

thanks a lot!
Claudia says at 21:48 et
Seems like you are not doing it right.. check the new FB mastery bonus series in the VIDEOS.. You need to target right audience with right ads! It's really helpful stuff there.
 freedom says at 21:49 et
Also about FB... FB video ads.. should i try with voice or muted?
 little_tiger says at 21:49 et
Most people watch their videos muted so it has to make sense without audio. With captions too if possible.. Attention span is 15-60 seconds. Remember facebook counts a video view as something like 3 seconds so its better to ignore views and track engagement.
Claudia says at 13:49 et
The hashtag for the day is "GET STARTED". Don't just sit on the information. Take action, and we are here to guide you and help you along the way!
Ricardo says at 02:00 et
Hi, I have one question, maybe someone could help me: What if I work with 3 providers from Aliexpress, and I make an upsell on my store, but each product is is from a different provider. So, my customer will have this separately, will I have to tell him/her that would come in different time? (something rare that figure I think (?))

This providers offer different things for the same niche, so their product are great for an upsell for the other provider.*
Claudia says at 02:05 et
I think it does not matter if all comes same or not. People are not expecting all products to be in same pack these days, you know even with amazon many times the products are shipped separately even if you order same day.
Ricardo says at 12:15 et
thanks Claudia
 Emma says at 02:06 et
I agree it's not a problem. If customer asks you reply that you ship from different warehouses.
Claudia says at 09:35 et
Datacenter migration - We are pleased to announce that we are moving to a new state-of-the-art data center in Arizona. scheduled downtime May 20-21
We will begin a physical move of all active servers on May 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM PDT (GMT-7). We expect the equipment to be at the new facility by May 21st at 6:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).
 chris says at 09:56 et
thank you for headsup you guys rock!!
Zaharey says at 05:23 et
Hi Claudia..

Does your store ( is Everything Store or Niche Specific Store?
Claudia says at 05:24 et
It's "everything dog related store". Niche specific store would be "Dog's Frisby Store" "Pug Toy Store" or "Dog Halloween Store"
Clay says at 16:29 et
How current is the information on the FBA fees and top sellers/total sales? I have another product that I am using and there is a big varience between the numbers.
 Mike says at 16:31 et
Its auto updating Clay. It will be alwayas a varience as there is no right or wrong way to calculate it, the real numbers only Amazon know.. What we or Jungle scout do is just approximation based on BSR to get an educated guess on sales
sol says at 05:00 et
I want to better my bullet points as i mentioned i have many best sellers and in house softwares that i built myself but i am lacking in describing my products so wwell
 Amelia says at 05:00 et
try bulletpoints tools and keyword research!
Brian says at 14:36 et
How do you know which products to use on the homepage slideshow of your site?
 Ted says at 14:37 et
Use the best selling products of your website of course. You can also do the seasonal offers there (like Halloween, Christmas etc)
Brian says at 18:55 et
Thank you Ted. I feel silly asking newbie questions, but it's the only way I'll get over the hump of launching my first store.