Consistent Dropshipping Niches That Will Make You Rich Any Season

Hello guys!

Remeber when fidget spinners were the ‘hot stuff’, and everybody was trying to get one? Back then, if you didn’t have a spinner, you might as well be a caveman…

A couple of months later and things have drastically changed.

Fidget spinners are no longer the trend.

Following trends is never easy, but what if you didn’t have to?

Today, we’ll be dealing with the most profitable niches in dropshipping business. Get this…

These niches are not only profitable, but they are guaranteed to remain consistent, which means they are not affected by trends or season. People will always buy products from these niches, so making profit is as sure as the sun rising in the morning.

These niches have been suggested by experts in the field after analyzing and researching product performance over a period of time.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the most consistent and profitable niches in dropshipping.

Niche #1: Art & Crafts

Some have claimed that man’s love for art is as old as the human race itself. Regardless, we are certain that our love for good art is not about to run dry anytime soon. Products in this niche range from decorative items to children craft kits or painting accessories.

Niche #2: Jewelry



Jewelry is one staple dress accessory that everybody agrees will never go out of fashion. There are different types of jewelry; some of the products in this niche include bracelets, engagement and wedding rings, and fashionable earrings.

Niche #3: Beauty & Health

Products in the beauty and health niche include stuff like antioxidant bags, weight loss products, waist trainers, hair products, makeup, etc.

Niche #4: Necklace & Pendants

This was one of the highest performing dropshipping niches of the year 2017, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. A lot of merchants flock to this niche because products here are relatively cheap.

Niche #5: Home & Garden

This niche consists of products that are mostly found in the home (as decoration) or a small garden. Products here range from decorative plastic pots to synthetic carpet grass.

Niche #6: Women’s Clothing

This is one of the biggest niches in e-commerce, don’t ask me why: p

It ranked as the highest selling niche of 2017, so it is important to keep your eyes on products here.

Women’s clothing includes products like women’s clothes (obviously), dress accessories, lingerie, women’s underwear, headbands, scarfs, gloves, etc. It is a broad niche with a variety of products to choose from.

In conclusion, we would like you to know that the niches discussed here are barely scratching the surface. There are still hidden gems out there, niches that were previously underrated but have started to do very well in 2018. However, it should be noted that the niches discussed today are centered around stability and continuity, so as you pick products from these niches you can be assured of making sales and turning in profits!


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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 23:14 et
What do you suggest for product quality inspection?
 liam says at 21:00 et
How do i handle returns in dropshipping method?
 Claudia says at 21:01 et
Great question Liam!

1. if the product is very cheap it's easier to just refund, absorb the cost and don't ask the customer to ship anything and wasting time with it.
2. if the item is very expensive them ask them to ship to virtual office address (which should have package forwarding features) that will redirect later the item to your dropshipper for replacement or refund.
3. monitor the quality and complains and switch dropshipper with high returns/refunds.
 jo says at 21:27 et
Do i need to hire VA??
 Alice says at 21:27 et
If you are scaling up YES! If you are just starting NO! Learn first yourself, then outsource!
 victoria says at 21:28 et
A VA is a virtual assistant, mostly freelancer. A large majority of VA's are in countries like Philippians or India. Most have a decent ability to understand, speak and write English and help you with customer support, scheduling, proofreading etc.
There are a handful of websites where you can hire a VA, oDesk, Fiverr etc. How much to pay.. For VA's in the Philippians you can find a good worker that's decent with English for $3-5/hr and a very good worker that's fluent in English for $6-8/hr
 Victor says at 21:36 et
What app allows to share reviews on facebook?
 Evan says at 21:36 et
Check,, (recommended) also SocialShopWave - lets collect more ratings and reviews by giving your customers a beautiful, simple, mobile-first reviewing experience. You can embed reviews into blogs, facebook etc
 Victor says at 15:03 et
My problem is I am selling too fast and often run out of stock... Should i rise prices to slow down or let it run out of stock?
 chris says at 15:03 et
Dont rise prices it will lower your BSR and ranks... Run out of stock swinging and refill fast!
 Alice says at 15:04 et and cashcow pro will help you manage inventory and plan better! hope it helps!
Butz says at 13:47 et
Does this work for residents in Australia?
 Claudia says at 13:48 et
of course. You dont need to live in USA to get started.. In fact, I am not even from USA but I sell on Amazon and Shopify just fine! It does not matter where you live, it matters where you SELL.
 Mike says at 16:25 et
New cool video released "Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses"
Alexander says at 04:18 et
When choosing a niche should I stick to single kind of product like memory sticks for example, or should I have different kinds of products on my shopify store?
 Mike says at 18:41 et
I am at Seller Summit in Miami guys! Great event it's going to be! All top amazon sellers gurus are here!
wade says at 21:14 et
Thats awesome - I hope you learn a lot of new tricks to share ;)
 Mike says at 21:16 et
Super exciting news guys! I just came from the Sellers Summit conference in Miami, it’s the biggest Amazon seller conference in USA organized by Steve Chou

?I had a unique chance to see in person and to talk and listen to the industry leaders such as Greg Mercer (the creator of Jungle Scout), Scott Voelker (the creator of The amazing seller podcast) and of course Manuel Becvar, the creator of ImportDojo and Number 1 Best selling Amazon Course on Udemy.

I had also a chance to talk to Manuel after the session and even made a short video interview where he is going to share his secrets and insights on how to choose the right product and avoid getting scammed. Once I get back home from the trip, I will edit and release the video, really great stuff.
The conference was really amazing, a lot of great new strategies, tips and tricks on what is working RIGHT NOW on Amazon. However the biggest surprise for me was that most people have not started yet, they are stuck in the research phase and take too much time picking the product. That’s why I plan to release more videos with helpful tips and ideas on how to pick the right product, right from the start.

During the conference we had a great chance to talk to ex-amazon employees and see how it all works. The biggest thing you need to know is that Amazon is BOOMING right now and it is also cracking down on the shady sellers and scammers, that means you have a great timing to get started and take a piece of the 250 billion dollar industry! Don’t miss out and take action, the timing can’t be better!

Wait… You don’t have time to start ecommerce business? I heard that million times. Truth is, we all have same amount of time, it’s only about HOW you spend your time and what your priorities are. Setting your passive income should be the highest priority and will set you up for life. You don’t have to quit your job, just start it part time, in the evening, on the weekends and you will have a great passive income stream that will bring you money for years to come.

Today during the lunch break I talked to George, he started his coffee related business on Amazon just 7 months ago (on the side from his main job) but already making over $15,000 in sales every month. All is possible! He did not quit his job.. but he might soon

That’s why the best time to get started is right now!

Stay tuned for more videos and updates! And remember if you have any questions, let me know!

 Amelia says at 21:24 et
wow amazing news mike thank you!
 casey says at 21:24 et
thank you for visiting conferences and china , i am very excited but still not afford to travel a lot so i learn!
 Dylan says at 22:06 et
Choosing product from the start is a good one!!
dilini says at 19:04 et
hi, i am sri lankan. In sri lanka it is not allowed paypal and stripe still. for that i can use local intrenational payment gateway. But is there any option by opening amrican bank account to connect to world wide accept IPG? Thanks..
 Kylie says at 19:13 et
also search for local facebook groups, there must be people from sri lanka doing shopify and you can join them as well to get some local advice!