How to create your own ecommerce store, find product, get traffic and start sales

hi guys! as you know im a passionate jetsurfer but i am also doing
ecommerce selling on amazon and shopify and today i am going to show
you how you can make money by opening your own shopify store, what
tools you need and what traffic sources you can use.

As a fresh example I will be using my new surfing fashion store that
I just opened, take a look. It’s called Noshoes store and it’s selling
funny tshirts
It’s a fully functional website so in case you want to support me and
what we do at jetsurfingnation feel free to buy a funny tshirt for
yourself or your friends!

Allright! lets get started! To keep this video quick I will be only
showing you essential tools you need, assuming you already have a
basic understanding of ecommerce. If you have never done any ecommerce
before, then the best is to first pass my short video course at that will teach you everything you need to know
from a to z.

So what tools we will need.
1. account at shopify which is a biggest ecommerce platform
2. a domain which you can buy at namecheap and then connect directly to shopify
3. fiverr account which is a biggest marketplace of freelancers that
will help you customise the store and do the designs
4. and finally instagram and facebook ads account to drive traffic
5. and of course i would suggest to get account as
well so you can be using the research tools that we developed to help
you find the products

Now lets go through the store i created showing you first major
elements that you need and what to pay attention too.

Next you need to choose the products to sell and the niche. I would
not recommend trying to copy me because surfing is way too small of a
niche. To choose the niche for you and find the idea you can use several tools.

Passionate niches tool
niche finder and google trends
aliexpress top sellers

After you chose the product you need to choose the way to sell, there are 3 ways
1. Dropshipping – basically the customer is placing an order and you
go re-order it from the supplier on aliexpress
2. Print on demand – the one that i use in my store using teescape app
3. Amazon FBA or your own fullfillment. When you go big its the best way

Creating a product is what we are going to discuss next. There are several ways:
create your own designs – fiverr

Now lets quickly go through my store and the design and apps that I am using.
I am showing you all the apps I use and how they help me with the conversions

Finally getting traffic. There are several ways to get traffic:
facebook ads (Directly or via agencies like Vantage app)
retargeting ads (Retarget app)
instagram and youtube influencers (directly or via famebit)

Here is a sample email to instagram Influencers
I’m Mike from Pug Lovers Club… maybe you heard of me from
my youtube channel where I review different pug products.
I’ve been following you for a while and was wondering if you’d be
interested in doing a sponsored post about my new pug dress / Frisbee?
If you’re interested, we can send you free sample for review/unboxing,
and can discuss
further compensation!

Good luck!

P.S. If you have never done any ecommerce
before, then the best is to first pass my short video course at that will teach you everything you need to know
from a to z.


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Last Wall Comments

 peter jr says at 22:47 et
I'm new here but really LOVE the course and the all the detailed info so far!! You guys have been really helpful to me!
 Sandra says at 19:19 et
What tools do you use to count your fees?
Claudia says at 19:24 et
Check Fetcher, CashCowPro and tools like that! Hope it helps! They connect directly to your amazon seller-central to fetch data and build a nice stats&charts&fees page.
 USA says at 20:59 et
What about long waiting time with dropshipping from aliexpress?? 2-4 weeks is a lot of wait? wont there be complains and refunds?
Claudia says at 20:59 et
That's not an issue as long as you don't sell on amazon or ebay and only use this method on your OWN site (shopify store). So you customer cant ruin your acc feedback with negative reviews on slow delivery time.
For amazon you should only use domestic dropshippers to avoid long waiting time.
One more tip - call the shipping "FREE". when something is free people tend to complain less. Okay it's slow but i got it for free so i will wait.
 Jeff says at 21:15 et
Can i get negative feeback removed??
Claudia says at 21:16 et
yes, JEFF. please see video about feedback removal. It's pretty easy to prevent negative feedback with followup series.
 Julian says at 21:23 et
OMG!! today i see ... part of my inventory seems missing? what to do?
Claudia says at 21:23 et
Go to Inventory > Manage FBA Shipments and check if they were received correctly by warehouse? if not, file a report and amazon will research and investigate and credit you for missing or lost units. Finally, check to see if there have been any recent inventory adjustments by using the Inventory Adjustments Report and check to see if there are any ongoing warehouse transfers using the Inventory Event Detail Report.
 Speedy says at 21:41 et
Guys, i am lost with all the VAT paperwork in EU, any help?
 Uncle Sam says at 21:41 et
Check FBA-hero .. helps you to setup and grow your Amazon business in Europe. Reach 700 million new customers fast, easy and secure.
from their site "We take care of your company EORI and VAT registration and all ongoing tax returns. Get your products not just translated, but localized to all 5 marketplace languages.
 Oli says at 17:32 et
how to decide which amazon fulfillment center to ship to in the US?
 Violet says at 17:32 et
Amazon will decide when you create a shipment. sometimes it goes to all in one, sometimes you ship to separate.
 Father says at 23:45 et
do we really need to wait for our first product to sell at least 10 items per day as suggested ? is this still a valid benchmark to work with?
 wing11 says at 23:45 et
Yes but you don't just sit and wait, you prepare your next product while promoting and launching previous ones!
Tiabrihani says at 12:32 et
Hello everyone, I am so grateful to be a member of this program, I have just started
Claudia says at 12:32 et
You are welcome guys, glad to have you here!
Butz says at 05:01 et
Hi All, Im a beginner here. I have seen most of the videos.
I am interested on doing FBA.
I am from Australia and I just registered my business, applied for a seller account on amazon.
what should I do next?
Claudia says at 05:02 et
Welcome Butz! Well... Just follow the lessons, pick the products and start the FBA business. Let me know if you have more specific questions!
Sathaporn says at 01:59 et
I think the big concern is shipping times for dropshipping with Shopify. Anyone that have more experience in this concern...please give me for advice. Thanks!!
 little_tiger says at 02:01 et
there is a video about it "The BIGGEST Problem with Dropshipping: TIPS and HACKS on how to SOLVE it " in shopify bonus section
Jimmy says at 03:26 et
Hi there, I am a newbie at here. May I know what is the best auto currency switcher for Shopify? Thanks.
 James.W says at 03:27 et
Welcome, there are many plugins, not sure which is best, they are pretty same!
Jimmy says at 12:15 et
Now I am using Auto Currency Switcher, thanks so much James.
Mark says at 11:57 et
Great course. What other payment gateways can I use as I don't live a country to be able to apply for paypal. Can't wait to make my first sale. I'm already done with the store and facebook page. Thank you.
 Emili says at 11:57 et
Maybe Stripe ? it allows to accept major credit cards!
GERRIE says at 08:27 et
I have watched a lot of videos and I understand what they are telling me to do. However, I can't memorize an all the instructions. Is there a written text instruction that I can reread the instructions as I am filling out the forms? I have been putting everything on my reading list but don't know if that is enough.
 Mike says at 08:27 et
Most of our videos have text transcript to download.