How to create your own ecommerce store, find product, get traffic and start sales

hi guys! as you know im a passionate jetsurfer but i am also doing
ecommerce selling on amazon and shopify and today i am going to show
you how you can make money by opening your own shopify store, what
tools you need and what traffic sources you can use.

As a fresh example I will be using my new surfing fashion store that
I just opened, take a look. It’s called Noshoes store and it’s selling
funny tshirts
It’s a fully functional website so in case you want to support me and
what we do at jetsurfingnation feel free to buy a funny tshirt for
yourself or your friends!

Allright! lets get started! To keep this video quick I will be only
showing you essential tools you need, assuming you already have a
basic understanding of ecommerce. If you have never done any ecommerce
before, then the best is to first pass my short video course at that will teach you everything you need to know
from a to z.

So what tools we will need.
1. account at shopify which is a biggest ecommerce platform
2. a domain which you can buy at namecheap and then connect directly to shopify
3. fiverr account which is a biggest marketplace of freelancers that
will help you customise the store and do the designs
4. and finally instagram and facebook ads account to drive traffic
5. and of course i would suggest to get account as
well so you can be using the research tools that we developed to help
you find the products

Now lets go through the store i created showing you first major
elements that you need and what to pay attention too.

Next you need to choose the products to sell and the niche. I would
not recommend trying to copy me because surfing is way too small of a
niche. To choose the niche for you and find the idea you can use several tools.

Passionate niches tool
niche finder and google trends
aliexpress top sellers

After you chose the product you need to choose the way to sell, there are 3 ways
1. Dropshipping – basically the customer is placing an order and you
go re-order it from the supplier on aliexpress
2. Print on demand – the one that i use in my store using teescape app
3. Amazon FBA or your own fullfillment. When you go big its the best way

Creating a product is what we are going to discuss next. There are several ways:
create your own designs – fiverr

Now lets quickly go through my store and the design and apps that I am using.
I am showing you all the apps I use and how they help me with the conversions

Finally getting traffic. There are several ways to get traffic:
facebook ads (Directly or via agencies like Vantage app)
retargeting ads (Retarget app)
instagram and youtube influencers (directly or via famebit)

Here is a sample email to instagram Influencers
I’m Mike from Pug Lovers Club… maybe you heard of me from
my youtube channel where I review different pug products.
I’ve been following you for a while and was wondering if you’d be
interested in doing a sponsored post about my new pug dress / Frisbee?
If you’re interested, we can send you free sample for review/unboxing,
and can discuss
further compensation!

Good luck!

P.S. If you have never done any ecommerce
before, then the best is to first pass my short video course at that will teach you everything you need to know
from a to z.


P.S. Upgrade to VIP Club and Unlock All The Videos and Tools. Instant Access and $1 Easy Trial

Last Wall Comments

 Sandra says at 23:00 et
My question is.. What is the best time to start selling summer products?
Claudia says at 07:40 et
Thank you Sandra.. Please check the TRENDS and SEASONS tool we have for your product.. Usually April-May is a good time to start selling summer products. Sales peak in June-July.
 Kenga says at 20:59 et
What if the customer goes directly to aliexpress and buys from it?
 Dylan says at 21:00 et
Truth is, it was not your customer on the first place. If the person savy enough to know about dropshipping and aliexpress method then he was not your customer in the first place. No point to worry about it. It's like worry about online pirates. People who always download cracked software are not your customers anyways, don't worry about them.
Target people who are not aware of dropshipping methods and you will be just fine! 99.9% of people will never bother finding alternatives and going to aliexpress is the last thing on their mind. They might go Amazon in worst place but never aliexpress..
If they go Amazon, again, they were not your customer so don't worry about them. Some people tend do buy exclusively on Amazon Prime for example.
Claudia says at 21:00 et
Another tip... if you offer some sort of exclusivity or special deal then people wont be looking much for alternatives.
I have many people ordering Dog Frisbi for example and wait 2-4 weeks just fine when they could buy it cheaper probably on amazon and get in 1 day using prime. There is room for everyone here and a huge marketplace!
 Aria says at 21:19 et
What's ASIN?
Claudia says at 21:19 et
A 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier assigned by and its partners for product identification within the organization
 diego says at 21:44 et
Who is importer of record when shipping to amazon? AMAZON?
 little_tiger says at 21:45 et
No.. Amazon will not be the importer of record for any shipment coming in from overseas. Your shipment will be rejected. Your freight forwarder should take care of this! For example I use Flexport..
 Jay says at 21:45 et
What are hidden costs when importing by sea freight?
 Chris says at 21:45 et
JAY - Cargo Insurance, Customs Bond, Arrival Agent Fees, Warehousing fees, Delivery to amazon warehouse fee and of course Custom clearance.. Your freight forwarder should take care of this and give you invoice if any taxes are due!
 Natalie says at 22:32 et
Today's marks the 5th product launch on Amazon. First product failed completely. Second was ok (4 units per day), 3rd was a flop. 4th was 20 units per day (I think i strike the gold here). Looking for a new one! So far I am making around $700 per day and looking to grow more! this stuff WORKS!
 Tycoon says at 22:33 et
Congrats Natalie. Inspiring stuff! Keep up great work!!!
 jack says at 22:33 et
Thank you for sharing with us!!!
 Chris says at 22:34 et
So true.. i don't always win but when i do I win superbowl!
 Father says at 23:45 et
do we really need to wait for our first product to sell at least 10 items per day as suggested ? is this still a valid benchmark to work with?
 wing11 says at 23:45 et
Yes but you don't just sit and wait, you prepare your next product while promoting and launching previous ones!
Sathaporn says at 01:27 et
I just starting to do a dropshipping with Shopify and I'm from Thailand. How can I get customers trust me from USA?
 James says at 01:29 et
Dont say that you are from Thailand on your store. Buy a virtual address in USA, use fiver to proofread the texts (very cheap). See the video about building credibility, it helped me a lot
 K1nggg says at 03:11 et
i agree with james. many of us are not from usa so it's not a problem where you are from!
 Violet says at 03:14 et
Sathaporn, make sure your store looks trustworthy, follow the common steps outlined in the video lesson about building trust.
- virtual address
- phone number in US
- forwarding service (to forward returns)
- hire virtual assistant to proofread your english if you struggle with english. (on fiverr for $5)
- put trust seals
- be clear about delivery time
- provide great tracking and good customer service to keep customers happy
 Mike says at 11:59 et
Great quetion from Nasim, i wanted to share it and then my response. "This course is really inspiring me to open my own store. Can you give me one more suggestion. From your experience which one you think is better a specific product type or mixed product stores? "
 Mike says at 11:59 et
There is no specific answer to this. You know Amazon itself is "everything store" and they are very successful. At the same time a lot of shopify stores are "one product only" or "one niche only". If you target specific niche (like pugs lovers, pug owners for example) then your store should have only products for pugs, because if they see the product for bulldog, they will be frustrated and leave). I hope it helps, but there is no RIGHT or WRONG way here.

I would suggest

1. If you go with "everything store" then research top competitor everything stores and make sure to sell similar products by similar prices. This will reduce chance of failure.

2. If you go specific niche, again use competitor spy tools and find out best selling products in competitor stores and duplicate them.
 Mosquit says at 12:00 et
great question, thanks mike for sharing the tips. to Nasim good luck!!
 Emma says at 12:04 et
Example of great everything store is
Example of great niche specific store is
PAT says at 05:30 et
Ok I am Very new to Facebook advertising I have a couple of boosted posts getting some reactions and page likes but still very small. I signed of for many chat and it looks interesting. I seem to be missing a step. How do I get my FB followers to optin to Many Chat?
 Lucy says at 05:32 et
You can experiment with different ways... They offer Json script and several widgets that you can place to your site.
Growing community takes a lot of patience, so keep going and growing it but dont expect fast results.
 lou says at 05:33 et
To grow faster best tip is to share top shared content from other pages. Save post or video from other pages (similar topic) and repost them on your page and mini-boost. Also research top liked and top shared contnet in your niche and repost it.