🎅 Start your Xmas sale. Here is example

Starting a Xmas sale is a great example of making extra money on Amazon FBA and Shopify.

According to stats, the sales usually rise up to 70% during this period!

Here is example of my umbrella sale

=> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KZI4MVY


Only 67 units left, hurry up to get your windproof umbrella 75% OFF till 23 December only

Have a great successful 2019!


P.S I am selling out umbrellas for real to empty storage space for 2019, so if you are from US you can get one!


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Last Wall Comments

 Mike says at 22:40 et
With the new Amazon policies, Amazon does not allow incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products. However they still allow discounts coupons and people can leave the reviews as long as you never ASK THEM TO or promise discount in return for a review.. See new video we posted about AMAZON launch and getting reviews legally with Followup series and social media!
 Claudia says at 07:40 et
Moreover discount sales will boost your amazon ranks a lot. It's still a great idea combining with Lightning Deals and PPC.
 Midas says at 21:02 et
Im new to dropshipping... If you do dropshipping and sell more than one item on the same order, it can happen that the items are from different suppliers, how do you handle the shipping issue of 2 packages with your customers?
 Chris says at 21:02 et
Not a problem.. tell they are shipped from different warehouses.. Even amazon does that.. The customer does not care.
Or the forwarder can receive goods and consolidate orders..
 Diego says at 17:33 et
I see many people start to use emoji in aweber but i dont udnerstand how to add them to titles??
 Chris says at 17:36 et
Aweber says "use this http://getemoji.com - so it's allowed
Rene says at 22:57 et
How do i get started???
 Claudia says at 22:58 et
Hi Rene. Best way to start is to go through the video course first http://sellslikehotcakes.co/videos.php which will guide you through the whole steps.
Andres says at 00:29 et
is this for world wide market or just USA?
 Uncle Sam says at 00:32 et
Andres, what "this"? Shopify drop shipping model works worldwide of course and chinese suppliers ship worldwide.. AMazon FBA works wit many countries as well (not all). But you can sell on AMazon USA for example even if you dont live in usa. its not a problem!
 lou says at 00:32 et
Right. Important where you sell, not where you live!
Sathaporn says at 01:27 et
I just starting to do a dropshipping with Shopify and I'm from Thailand. How can I get customers trust me from USA?
 James says at 01:29 et
Dont say that you are from Thailand on your store. Buy a virtual address in USA, use fiver to proofread the texts (very cheap). See the video about building credibility, it helped me a lot
 K1nggg says at 03:11 et
i agree with james. many of us are not from usa so it's not a problem where you are from!
 Violet says at 03:14 et
Sathaporn, make sure your store looks trustworthy, follow the common steps outlined in the video lesson about building trust.
- virtual address
- phone number in US
- forwarding service (to forward returns)
- hire virtual assistant to proofread your english if you struggle with english. (on fiverr for $5)
- put trust seals
- be clear about delivery time
- provide great tracking and good customer service to keep customers happy
Alessandro says at 08:58 et
Hi to all, I'm new here. I was thinking about starting an action figure store, but I don't think items from Aliexpress are original. Is it a problem for collectors?
Thanks so much.
 Good Vic says at 09:00 et
I see pretty big choice for action figures on aliexpress. but you need to decide for whom are you selling? if you are selling 10-15 usd action figure for kids they dont care if they are "original or not". if you sell memorabilia for collectors then you can charge premium and drop ship from other marketplaces as well.
 Gab says at 09:08 et
Alessandro you can even dropship from ebay and amazon as well for your store. I see the prices start from 5-15 usd for basic action figures toys and 50-100 for "high end" more quality figures
Alexander says at 04:18 et
When choosing a niche should I stick to single kind of product like memory sticks for example, or should I have different kinds of products on my shopify store?