My Amazing China Trip!!

Hi guys!

I just returned back from my China trip, and I must confess… that was such an amazing and eye-opening experience, to be able to see the REAL China, to break stereotypes, to meet my Chinese partners and sourcing agents.  We also had a chance to meet the famous Manuel Becvar, the creator of the first FBA Udemy course about the French press. What a great guy! He is an expert on sourcing in Hong Kong.
I had a great opportunity to get in-depth insights into Chinese whitelabelling … Read more

Taking Advantage of China!

Transforming a war-torn country into a manufacturing giant capable of going head to head with America would’ve seemed like a fantasy to some people about fifty years ago.

As fictitious as this sounds, this is the story of China. Today, China has done what many deemed impossible.  They have succeeded in bringing this fantasy to reality, but what does all this mean for an e-commerce business?
For upcoming and novice e-commerce marketers, working via China isn’t a faraway dream. You can take advantage of China’s ever expanding manufacturing workforce … Read more

We are regular sellers who have launched our shops in different niches from scratch, and you can do it too

Remember, our goal is simple – for each store to reach $45,000 per month.

No, we don’t strive for a million dollars; we are down to earth and we believe that $45,000 per month is a good start. If this number sounds good to you, we are a great fit. If you are one of those people who plans to get rich overnight doing nothing, please don’t bother joining. We don’t have time to “coach your success” or give you magic tool that will provide you with “push button … Read more