Magic mug case study?

Here is another great example of what sells well with drop shipping.

Honestly I really liked this product and even purchased it for myself. As usual I am giving you great finds that I got on facebook, I am not affiliated with any of the products I show in examples
Here is their winning ad. It’s a video FB ad, they are using “as seen on tv” approach with a lot of great scarcity special symbols like FIRE and special discount:
People are reacting well, it collected over 442 … Read more

How to make a profitable store? Case study

When trying to create your own shopify store it’s great to find out what WORKS!

You can use our Sellslikehotcakes best seller finder tools or do your own research.
Today I have a great finding for you, as example. (I am not affiliated with this store and just found it yesterday). I use it as an example of successful campaign. … Read more

HOT TIPS From the Amazon Sellers Summit: Everything you need to know about Selecting the RIGHT Products

The biggest Amazon sellers summit in Miami came with a lot of perks.

I was able to meet the movers and shakers of the e=commerce industry, people like Greg Mecer (creator of the Amazing Jungle Scout Pro Software), Scot Voelker (creator of the Amazing seller podcast) and many others..
There was so much to learn here including new tricks tips and strategies on how you can enhance your e-commerce business and reach your full potential. However, a crucial issue we discovered was that the number one problem seriously affecting … Read more

How to prepare to launch your e-commerce business

Hello guys!

It’s another month again! I hope you’re having a great weekend.
Today, let’s look at launching your business, what are the factors to consider before starting anything. The funny thing is, launching a rocket is awfully similar to starting a business, although the technical variables may be different, the fundamental prerequisites are pretty much the same. So, what do you need before getting on board the e-commerce business shuttle? … Read more

We are regular sellers who have launched our shops in different niches from scratch, and you can do it too

Remember, our goal is simple – for each store to reach $45,000 per month.

No, we don’t strive for a million dollars; we are down to earth and we believe that $45,000 per month is a good start. If this number sounds good to you, we are a great fit. If you are one of those people who plans to get rich overnight doing nothing, please don’t bother joining. We don’t have time to “coach your success” or give you magic tool that will provide you with “push button … Read more