Sells Like Hot Cakes - Videos

Module 1: Watch This First
Course INTRO: Your E-commerce Bible. Your ULTIMATE Blueprint to get from ZERO to $45,000 PROFIT per month!
Full course overview by author Mike: No investments, No product, No problem
Here is my garage... (4 ways to start e-commerce business)
What if I don’t have TIME for this?! + surprise ending
Canton Fair Case studies, product ideas and PRO Sellers Tips
Shopify Mastery: Ultimate Guide on Creating your own Shopify Store using Drop shipping model
Shopify Bonus Module: Facebook Ads Mastery
Shopify New Apps: App Of The Week
Amazon FBA Nuts and Bolts: How To Start Your Own Brand And Whitelabelling Business?
FBA Strategies: How To Find A Product To Sell?
FBA Strategies: How To Find The Right Suppliers?
FBA Strategies: Checking Samples, Placing Order, Shipping to Amazon
FBA Strategies: Creating A Perfect Listing, Images and Keywords
FBA Strategies: Effective FBA Launch Formula
FBA Mastery : Bonus Section
From China With Love: Bonus Section
Course INTRO: Your E-commerce Bible. Your ULTIMATE Blueprint to get from ZERO to $45,000 PROFIT per month!

Welcome to the Sells Like Hot Cakes video series on creating your first profitable Amazon and Shopify store. In this short video, we are going to talk about this new e-commerce business to see if it’s a great fit for you or not, what skills you’re going to need, what you don’t need to get started, and what profit goals you’re going to set.

Inside you will learn:

  • The first step in business is having GOALS: Learn how to put in place specific goals for your business that’ll SET YOU UP for SUCCESS
  • See GREAT examples of how I set SPECIFIC GOALS for my business
  • Set your own goals Follow my blueprint AND PREPARE TO MOVE FROM $0 - $45,000 PROFITS PER MONTH!!
  • What YOU DON’T need to Succeed; Let me help you get out of your head and stop over thinking
  • Find out how to LAUNCH your products and GENERATE ORGANIC PROFITS!
  • Learn about the MYTHS that are HOLDING YOU back and watch me SQUASH EM!
  • Two FULL PROOF METHODS of generating passive income through e-commerce
  • How to SHIELD yourself from liabilities and legal issues in this Business
  • So you think you’re ready? That’s great! I’ll show you exactly what you need to get started
  • Still NOT sure this business is for you? Don’t worry, I’ll help you figure it out.