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The E-commerce Bible!
In our effort to continually provide value, we are offering a well-packaged e-book containing juicy information extracted from several of our courses. This is a great place to start and will definitely put you steps ahead of the average Joe. Take advantage of this opportunity and educate yourself. Knowledge is power!
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Everything store Vs. Niche Specific Store. Which is better?

Here’s a great question from Nasim, I wanted to share it alongside my response. “This course is really inspiring me to open my own store. Can you give me one more suggestion? From your experience which one do you think is better a specific product type or mixed product stores? ”
Example of a great everything store is
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The Sells Like Hot Cakes program is doing wonders! Here’s Libni’s story

The Sells like hot cakes training program has continued to help Amazon and Shopify sellers all over the world to grow and expand their business like never before. The vast amount of information including; tips, tricks, hacks, and tools packed into our courses is just INSANE!  There is no doubt that wherever your business is right now, you are guaranteed a ROCKET TRIP to the top
Look at Libni for example; she is a mother and entrepreneur, she found it so easy to understand the methods we taught, because … Read more

Is it too late to get into business?

Hello guys,
I saw this question which was asked by a user of the WALL. He was wondering if it was too late to get into this e-commerce business. This fear of being late in starting a business isn’t an isolated feeling, a lot of people often face this same fear. When that little voice in your head goes into overdrive and starts asking; what if I’m too late? Isn’t this business for younger people? There is already huge competition; the market is saturated… blah, blah, blah…
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3 Sure Tips that’ll Set You on the Right Path to Building the Ultimate Client List

I have continually pointed out the importance of a client list to growing and expanding your business. Regardless of how you want to spin it; building your client list is an inescapable necessity if you want to be successful. You are one hundred percent responsible for this. In an effort to grow and expand your client base, there lies the herculean task of publicizing your brand and services. I intend to make things easier for in this regard. You need to ensure you doing some things right; this would help … Read more

Smart business strategies to position yourself for success!

Hello guys,
Hope you’re having a great weekend so far.
When it comes to business, there is a myriad of factors that determine whether it’ll become a profitable enterprise or not. You should know that one constant thing in business is competition; and if your business cannot distinguish itself from the competition, you’ll always be at a loss. I am not saying this to scare you; in fact, there is no reason to fear competition. Instead of being scared, you can take advantage of your competition, study them and … Read more

Your Questions Answered!

What a great response we got… I got over 400 questions last days about the new Sells Like Hot Cakes program that you joined, lets quickly cover them all.
My mailbox is exploding. 53,192 emails anyone?
(Yes, I answer all real emails except the promos from marketers. I am subscribed to them all to make sure I learn from the best. I share the tricks on top converting emails in the bonus – email mastery course that’s also inside our members’ area)
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Setting goals for your business: The RIGHT WAY to go about it!

The core of a business lies in its goals. These goals serve as a yardstick to measure the success of any business. In the absence of goals, there is no way to know if your hard work has paid off. So, goal setting is very important to the business structure and should be an integral part of it. The question now is, how do you set these business goals?
Have realistic targets: In the sells like hot cakes program, we have set the goal to reach $45,000 profit per … Read more

The Wall Keeps Helping people: Here’s Violet’s Story

Did you know that most people fail with e-commerce not because they don’t have enough information (there is plenty of information!), but because they fail to USE it, they fail to implement.
That’s why I highly encourage everyone to share your experience with the community on the WALL!
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Email Marketing: What works, What doesn’t and Why

Hello guys,
Last week, we learned a simple truth that goes against the common fallacy that email is dead, we came to this conclusion based on hard facts. With this conviction in mind, it would only be wise to improve our email marketing strategy and take advantage of our new found knowledge. Based on this, let us take a look at how we can do just that; improve our email marketing strategy in order to build a great client list and achieve better results.
In the end, email marketing … Read more