Your Questions Answered!

What a great response we got… I got over 400 questions last days about the new Sells Like Hot Cakes program that you joined, lets quickly cover them all.

My mailbox is exploding. 53,192 emails anyone?

(Yes, I answer all real emails except the promos from marketers. I am subscribed to them all to make sure I learn from the best. I share the tricks on top converting emails in the bonus – email mastery course that’s also inside our members’ area)
Q: Is it really for me? I don’t have any product to sell (except for my wife lol)

No product, no problem! In fact, just a year ago I had no products at all. For years I struggled with e-commerce to make it work. Especially finding a winning product was a real pain. I was so frustrated I almost gave up!

After spending whopping $211,871 on seminars, video courses, and workshops, I stumbled upon the secret formula used by the rock star billion dollar sellers to grab any buyers’ attention and triple or even quadruple their sales.

This is how I started my own Amazon and Shopify business and I covered everything step by step inside “Sells Like Hot Cakes” video course … suddenly, everything I did just WORKED!

And you can duplicate it too!

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Q: Is it an automated get rich system?

No, it’s not. Those things don’t exist, don’t get fooled by the scam artists… We provide all the tools and guidance but you still need to take action and get started. This is not for you if are just looking for a magic pill and “next big shiny thing” that will automatically make you rich.

The hashtag for the day is “GET STARTED“. Don’t just sit on the information. Take action, and I am here to guide you and help you along the way!

Q: What if I have day time job, is it still for me? Do I need to do it full time?

Most of the Amazon and Shopify sellers start it part time, just as a passive income to reach the goal of $45,000 per month from their e-commerce business and ONLY AFTER that they consider quitting their main job.

Q: Do I need to invest a lot to get started?

No, you can get started with Shopify drop shipping model without any investments (except some small cash for domain, Shopify apps etc.) or with Amazon FBA model as well with small scale orders (10-20 units) or if you want to go “ALL IN” then with $5000 investment you can cut the corners and order up to 1000 units of product and go BIG from the start with white-labelling model. I will show you all 3 ways there!

Q: Do I have to live in USA?

Of course not. In fact, I am not even from USA (you see i really struggle with English and do voiceovers for all my videos so you can enjoy great content instead of trying to understand my foreign accents) but I sell on Amazon and Shopify just fine! It does not matter where you live, it matters where you SELL.

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Q: Show me the proof!

here you go. This is just one of 5 accounts we have. I am NOT making millions with it and you will not too. But I think even extra few thousands $ per month won’t hurt?

Q: How much can I do with it?

The goal to reach is $45,000 per month with 5 products on amazon and Shopify. My of the students of the course who completed it reached it too, you can meet them on the WALL and read their success stories.

If you are already doing more than 45k then you probably don’t need me anymore, and I would love to learn from you and hear your success story!

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P.S.  Mistake number 1 all people do is that they get the info and they sit on it. Like I said, the hashtag for the day is “GET STARTED“. Don’t just sit on the information. Take action, and I am here to guide you and help you along the way!


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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:52 et
whats the pros and cons of selling your own product on shopify vs amazon??
 george says at 22:58 et
Good point. thx for sharing! Love the effort you put in helping others here
 Mike says at 23:14 et
I use my sourcing agent for that.. You can check the links in the RESOURCES section.. I also heard asiainspection is great too
 sultan says at 21:16 et
I'm new here.. Quick one.. What's FOB ??
Claudia says at 21:16 et
"Free On Board" is a term in international commercial law specifying at what point respective obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of goods shift from the seller to the buyer. Indicating "FOB port" means that the seller pays for transportation of the goods to the port of shipment, plus loading costs. The buyer pays cost of marine freight transport, insurance, unloading, and transportation from the arrival port to the final destination. The passing of risks occurs when the goods are loaded on board at the port of shipment.
 Kettle says at 21:32 et
What shipment method is best from US to overseas for my products?
 Alice says at 21:32 et
DHL Express for all international shipments. IT's 20% more expensive than USPS but it will provide international tracking and it's much faster as well. For example $30 for 16 ounces (500 gram) in DHL to Australia.. (discounted rate) get account with them!
 sultan says at 21:47 et
2 questions. Love the community very helpful read..

1.Whats BSR??
2. Whats MOQ?
 Uncle Sam says at 21:48 et
BSR... BSR (best sellers rank) is how well you are ranked on amazon.. the smaller the number the better!
Ideally you must be under 10,000 BSR to get 5-10 sales per day!
 Lucy says at 21:48 et
MOQ minimum order quantity.. Usually 500-1000 units when doing whitelabelling..
 mya says at 17:20 et
Is Jungle Scout a scam or real deal?
Claudia says at 17:21 et
Of course it's not a scam, and greg is a great guy! we use a lot of tools and have a video about it, all the tools are helpful! The more tools you have the better.
Ricardo says at 04:48 et
HOW DO I manage customer returns?
Claudia says at 04:49 et
Ricardo, in case of FBA then Amazon will handle everything (returns, refunds). In case of drop shipping, I suggest to buy a virtual forwarding address in USA where customers can send returns and it forwards it to you later.
Ricardo says at 06:24 et
Thanks Claudia! , I am starting with dropshipping aliexpress and shopify. My store is about Rock Music (t-shirts and accesories) I have a fan page with +3 Million fans ( but they are almost everyone from MEXICO, so epacket here it does not work so well, I tested posting one product, (without ads, pixel, autoresponder, analytics, chatbots, retargeting, etc) and we sold 20 items in 3 days, but 15 from Mexico. So what idea do you know around how can I will manage returns?? thank you!
 Kylie says at 06:25 et
Tshirts you can ship using tspring or t-launch app for shopify or even Merch if you use amazon. you dont need to ship tshirts from china.
I suggest to post your store for critics and we all can post more suggestions. It's hard to suggest blindly.
 mya says at 06:25 et
Mexico is a great market, most people dont sell there and always target USA only.
 Mike says at 04:28 et
Hi guys!

I just returned back from China trip, that was such an amazing and eye opening experience to see REAL China, to break stereotypes, to meet my chinese partners, sourcing agents.

I had a great opportunity to get in depth insights into Chinese whitelabelling business, I even visited and FILMED several factories for you! So you will see my journey and hopefully follow and take action as well, starting your own successful business in China!

We also had a chance to visit Canton fair, the biggest industrial fair in the world with over 45000 factories showing their newest products to potential FBA sellers from all over the world! We filmed it too to give you real life insights on how we choose the product and what questions we ask!

It will take me couple of months to cut all material and prepare the videos, but once ready, you will be first to receive them! Stay tuned and enjoy our course! Remember I do it in my spare time from selling, as doing course does not really bring me any money with such a low price, so my main profit only comes from selling itself, that's why I'm little slow on cutting the videos so bear with me :)

Thank you again for leaving your reviews for the course, it really helps me a lot spread the word and inspire me keep going and share this exciting material with you to help you succeed on Amazon and shopify!


 Olga says at 05:31 et
looking forward mike!!! super exciting!
Brandon says at 14:21 et
What was your most meaningful review (so far) like? What impact did it have on you? What would you want your dream review to say if your student could only use one sentence?
 Mike says at 14:23 et
The fact that someone took action and started his own ecommerce business is the best review for me. I know many people only learn but never take action or find excuses like "i dont have time for this", so I really appreciate when people take action and do what they learn!
Brandon says at 03:47 et
Good answer
 Mike says at 12:15 et
Our new Summer “Take Action” contest is LIVE!!

Details and prizes
 Vin says at 12:15 et
wow sounds great!!!
 diego says at 12:29 et
Count me in!
Mark says at 11:57 et
Great course. What other payment gateways can I use as I don't live a country to be able to apply for paypal. Can't wait to make my first sale. I'm already done with the store and facebook page. Thank you.
 Emili says at 11:57 et
Maybe Stripe ? it allows to accept major credit cards!