Everything store Vs. Niche Specific Store. Which is better?

Here’s a great question from Nasim, I wanted to share it alongside my response. “This course is really inspiring me to open my own store. Can you give me one more suggestion? From your experience which one do you think is better a specific product type or mixed product stores? ”
Example of a great everything store is chattuz.com

Example of a great niche specific store is http://www.deathwishcoffee.com/

There is no specific answer to this. You know Amazon itself is an “everything store,” and they are very successful. At the same time, a lot of Shopify stores are “one product only” or “one niche only.” If you target specific niche (like pugs lovers, pug owners for example), then your store should have only products for pugs because if they see a product for bulldogs instead, they will be frustrated and leave). I hope it helps, but there is no RIGHT or WRONG way here.

Here is my suggestion:

1. If you go with “everything store” then research top competitor everything stores and make sure to sell similar products at similar prices. This will reduce the chance of failure.

2. If you go specific niche, again use competitor spy tools and find out best-selling products in competitor stores and duplicate them.

Head to our website now and check out the competitor spy tools and start using information from your competitors to upgrade your business. Check it out here:

Choosing between the two can be quite confusing, but you have to find what works for you and then you’ve got to stick with it. Hope this helps out.

Keep selling, keep winning!

See you next time.


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Claudia says at 22:23 et
Welcome guys to Sells Like Hotcakes LIVE Q&A SESSION! I'd be glad to answer all your questions. Lets rock!
 Sandra says at 19:19 et
What tools do you use to count your fees?
Claudia says at 19:24 et
Check Fetcher, CashCowPro and tools like that! Hope it helps! They connect directly to your amazon seller-central to fetch data and build a nice stats&charts&fees page.
 Dakota says at 21:18 et
Friends... Love it here.. One question... How to calculate fees ??
Claudia says at 21:18 et
Check Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator https://salecalc.com/amazon
Usually FBA fee is 15-30% depending on the price.. higher price less fee %
 Bill says at 21:23 et
What's my FBA return policy??
Claudia says at 21:23 et
If you FBA then the Amazon return policy is YOUR return policy http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=15015721
 nicholas says at 21:40 et
welcome guys, i am new here.. i was wondering what upsell and funnel apps you guys are using and why?
 Tyro Meg says at 21:40 et
Welcome friend I tried clickfunnels its good but not integrated with shopify.. Use clickfunnels to build your landing page for facebook ads promotions and collect leads and THEN send them to shopify via followup series..
 Alice says at 21:41 et
For shopify try One click Upsell by Zipify. also Product Upsell.. You can set up rules for upsell offers. Klavio works well for retention emails..
 wing11 says at 21:42 et
Are there any alternatives to clickfunnels?
 Amelia says at 21:42 et
Check Leadpages it allows to gather leads on your own website so you can follow up and market to your list.
 mia says at 22:24 et
hi All! has anyone had a problem with amazon receiving a different quantity than what was listed as shipped?
 chris says at 22:25 et
Its common for the quantity to be wrong for the first few days. Let them update the stats.
 David says at 22:25 et
@MIA, If the quantity is wrong even after few weeks you can submit investigation report and they will refund missing units cost to you if they lost.
Jan says at 01:27 et
Hey guys, how valid are the estimated sales per month in the best seller finder?
 Uncle Sam says at 01:28 et
They are pretty good, you must understand that real numbers only amazon knows, all the tools can use the estimates based on the BSR approximation!
arthur says at 05:03 et
please someone help me with orbelo.
when i import a product with orbelo it does not recognize the collection i already have setup in shopify. therefore i cant place anything in a colections catagory in my store. thanks
 Kylie says at 05:03 et
After you import the products, you can simply edit them from Shopify itself (in the PRODUCTS section) and there you can update description, set collection etc. Also if you think it's a bug, reach Oberlo support, they are very helpful!
arthur says at 01:59 et
thx all for you help
 Mike says at 17:06 et
New tool - the Slogan Maker
The Slogan Maker allows you to generate catchy slogans and titles for
your marketing materials. If you refresh - every time you get a new
idea! Enjoy!
 wing11 says at 01:56 et
wow this is helpful one, thx!!
JAMES says at 15:00 et
Greetings !!! Glad to be here! I need guidance--i am a true Newbie!!! Please help--do i just start by watching these videos???
 Mike says at 15:01 et
Yes please. Welcome James!