3 Myths About Crowd Sourcing You Need to Know

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A lot of sellers are ignorant of what crowdsourcing means; maybe they’re too lazy to do some research or just too complacent. Hopefully, that isn’t you 🙂 Crowdsourcing is virtually an unexploited avenue for getting lots of exposure for your products and getting plenty potential buyers. So what exactly is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing involves the posting of your idea or prototype of your products; now when people see your product or idea and like it, they make pledges, so, peradventure your product gets funded, you can then go into production and start shipping your products to your pledgers. So with this platform, your pledgers eventually become your customers. Like everything else, they’re myths surrounding crowdsourcing; let’s look at some of them:

MYTH #1: You need a completely unique and original product

The term “unique product” has been thrown around for so long it has become too cliché. People don’t even know what it means anymore. It is a matter of fact that in today’s world, a ton of products already exists; so, unless you plan on creating a flying bike or a teleporting device, you aren’t doing something completely unique. Then how do you stand out in crowdsourcing? You can do this by making small cool tweaks to a regular product or marketing your products differently.

MYTH #2: If you fail once… then it’s over

This is simply not true. If you fail; all you can do is simply market your products differently and launch again in three months. You will be seen as different and brand new, so don’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

MYTH #3: No direct contact with pledgers

Like the other myths, this is another false assumption. As aforementioned, pledgers will eventually become clients. The platform makes it easy for you to reach your pledgers through the backers report. So you can reach them directly and contact them. In our course on crowdsourcing, we’ll teach you how to do this, whether you are funded or not.

There you have it guys! Crowdsourcing is all about getting exposure; this is very valuable for beginners. If done right, you can rake in a lot of pledgers who would eventually turn into your customers and that equals a lot of $$$get the drift??

Sells like hot cakes recognize this opportunity and to that effect, we have a course dealing specifically with the nitty-gritty of crowdsourcing. Here, you will learn from my mistakes and see why I failed and how you can avoid that. Go take a look at our video courses for this.

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 Natalie says at 22:32 et
Today's marks the 5th product launch on Amazon. First product failed completely. Second was ok (4 units per day), 3rd was a flop. 4th was 20 units per day (I think i strike the gold here). Looking for a new one! So far I am making around $700 per day and looking to grow more! this stuff WORKS!
 Tycoon says at 22:33 et
Congrats Natalie. Inspiring stuff! Keep up great work!!!
 jack says at 22:33 et
Thank you for sharing with us!!!
 Chris says at 22:34 et
So true.. i don't always win but when i do I win superbowl!
Claudia says at 17:16 et
Will it work for me? What if I have no coding skills? Check out Libni's store and case study here: http://sellslikehotcakes.co/blog/index.php/2017/03/29/sells-like-hot-cakes-program-wonders-heres-libnis-story/
Alexander says at 04:18 et
When choosing a niche should I stick to single kind of product like memory sticks for example, or should I have different kinds of products on my shopify store?
FITZGERALD says at 15:36 et
What is Influencer Marketing and does it really work like the guru claim it is?
 Gab says at 15:38 et
It means when you contact the influencers (youtube stars, instagram stars) via famebit or similar services or directly. It does work but it depends on the service you offer or the product. Lets say you have a beatuty product or tech product - it's easy to find the massive influencer for that. But if you offer something rare and local, it would be hard to advertise via influencers, as their audience is very broad!!! Hope it helps!!!!
uma mahesh says at 05:23 et
Hello All,

I am launching a wellness and health niche on shopify. We have our private labeled products and also connected to aliexpress. How can I selectively charge shipping on our private labelled products and not charge on aliexpress products? Thank you
 Chris says at 05:24 et
Uma, two ways...
1. set the shipping zones in shipping settings
2. add shipping cost in price for your private label products and make shipping appear free.
Rodel says at 06:46 et
Could I use Alidropship plugin instead of shopify?
 rick says at 06:46 et
of course you can