SLHC’s Brand Name Generator: Brand Naming Has Never Been This EASY!

All brands are “brandless” without a name. Putting a name on your business will give you an identity, something your customers will remember whenever they think about your product.
With this in mind, it is only ideal that you pick a great name that will encompass the characteristics mentioned above. This process of naming your business and giving it an identity often gives many entrepreneurs headaches.
This doesn’t have to be you anymore, sit tight, remain calm and with a few clicks of your mouse button, you can have … Read more

HOT TIPS From the Amazon Sellers Summit: Everything you need to know about Selecting the RIGHT Products

The biggest Amazon sellers summit in Miami came with a lot of perks.
I was able to meet the movers and shakers of the e=commerce industry, people like Greg Mecer (creator of the Amazing Jungle Scout Pro Software), Scot Voelker (creator of the Amazing seller podcast) and many others..
There was so much to learn here including new tricks tips and strategies on how you can enhance your e-commerce business and reach your full potential. However, a crucial issue we discovered was that the number one problem seriously affecting … Read more

Create Catchy Slogans For Your e-commerce business with Sells Like Hot Cakes Amazing Slogan Maker

Slogans are a crucial aspect of marketing and branding, they have been used to engage customers, transmit ideas and convey emotional response that triggers a person to purchase a product or service. Companies have known the importance of good slogans for ages and this marketing strategy never gets old. This is why a lot of businesses are always optimizing several aspects of their branding, including the content of their slogan.
E-commerce businesses are not to be left out when it comes to this. Therefore, your brand should have a … Read more

Sellers Summit conference insights

Super exciting news guys! I just came from the Sellers Summit conference in Miami, it’s the biggest Amazon seller conference in USA organized by Steve Chou

​ ​I had a unique chance to see in person and to talk and listen to the industry leaders such as Greg Mercer (the creator of Jungle Scout), Scott Voelker (the creator of The amazing seller podcast) and of course Manuel Becvar, the creator of ImportDojo and Number 1 Best selling Amazon Course on Udemy.
I had also a chance to talk to … Read more

The Garlic Press Smasher’s Amazing Product Ideas

Sells Like Hot Cakes garlic press smasher is a wonderful tool that keeps helping merchants on Amazon pick great marketable products. Don’t be left out! Today, the Garlic press smasher has turned up one of such amazing products – Nonstick Rib Rack.
What makes this product so special? Well first of all for those who don’t know what a rib rack is, it is simply a device that helps double the amount of ribs you can cook in a limited grill space. Doesn’t seem like something popular eh? Wrong! … Read more

Hot Tips For Picking a GREAT Brand Name For Your e-commerce Business

Generally, there is a popular conception that the meaning of names has a special effect on the object that bears the name. Independent of superstitions, we can proclaim that this is true when it comes to business. The name of your brand determines a lot; including how your customers perceive you and your products. Names are special, and can doom your business to abject failure or propel you to outstanding success.
When naming your brand, you should ensure the name you pick is able to convey uniqueness, expertise and value of … Read more

3 Point Checklist to Scale your FBA Business

There is a tremendous advantage in being part of the Fulfilled by Amazon business; you don’t need a warehouse for your products. Picking, packaging and shipping are all handled by Amazon. This is one of the juicy perks of the FBA business that draws people to it. However, achieving success here seems to elude man merchants, this is simply because of ignorance and probably laziness. Just like any other business model, there are some key things one needs to know and do to succeed.
Building a website: A lot … Read more

Insider Tips On How To Save Money & Run Your E-Commerce Business

As an entrepreneur in the field of e-commerce, you must be in charge of all the financial aspects of your business, including the management of your finances taxes, tracking your earnings and expenses. Although each country has its own set of laws and rules regarding taxes, there are certain basic things you as the business owner should have in place to ensure you are not over-spending.
A business that does not track its finances will quick spiral downward and eventually crash. Asides, from taxes, the personality of the business … Read more

The Secret Keys to Ungating

There are a lot of myths and tales surrounding ungating; it isn’t a surprise that things are this way, especially when you consider the fact that not many people get access to this legendary amazon’s program. There is a strict and meticulous process of screening you will go through before you get approved.
However, you should count yourself among the lucky elite merchants once you manage to get approved, because you will start enjoying a ton of benefits; namely getting access to start selling some of the bestselling and … Read more

Sells Like Hot Cakes Garlic Press Smasher Product Idea Of The Day!

Okay so if you didn’t get a chance to follow our post from last week, I’m sure you’ll be wondering what the heck we mean by Garlic Press Smasher? Well… let me bring you up to speed! For starters, when we talk about the Sells Like Hot Cakes Garlic press Smasher, we are not talking about a regular garlic press smasher.
We are referring to an amazing tool we’re offering you on our website. Very helpful and capable of giving you great suggestions for products you can delve into. … Read more