SLHC’s Brand Name Generator: Brand Naming Has Never Been This EASY!

All brands are “brandless” without a name. Putting a name on your business will give you an identity, something your customers will remember whenever they think about your product.

With this in mind, it is only ideal that you pick a great name that will encompass the characteristics mentioned above. This process of naming your business and giving it an identity often gives many entrepreneurs headaches.

This doesn’t have to be you anymore, sit tight, remain calm and with a few clicks of your mouse button, you can have a list of great brand name suggestions to pick from.

This is no fantasy. Sells like hot cakes has developed an AMAZING tool to do just that; create a brand name for your business.

All you have to do is input the keywords and click the “generate brand names” button and voila! In an instant, you will have catchy names on your screen; you can then relax and make a selection.

And here is a bonus; our generator will also suggest potential domain names for each brand name it displays, also ensuring that these domains are available. We are killing 2… okay maybe 3 birds with one stone! If you check out the column to the right, you will see suggested domain names and their availability.

So, if you intend to build a website from a suggested name, then our brand name generator has got your back.

It that EASY and SUPER FAST!

Innovation is constantly making things easier for businesses, don’t be stuck with the old ways of doing things, get on the train and do business the smooth and comfortable way.

Why don’t you head over here and try out our brand name generator now!


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Last Wall Comments

 pat says at 23:12 et
Getting ready to ship next batch of 1500 units next week by sea :)
 Dakota says at 21:18 et
Friends... Love it here.. One question... How to calculate fees ??
Claudia says at 21:18 et
Check Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator
Usually FBA fee is 15-30% depending on the price.. higher price less fee %
 freedom says at 21:50 et
Does dropshipping work? i worry about slow delivery times? who will wait 2-4weeks??
 Gab says at 21:50 et
Dont be discarded about drop shipping there are lots of people have succeeded in drop shipping, my advice drop ship is good when you do it internationally. I have no problems with international customers.
 Victor says at 21:50 et
You can reduce the delivery time.. Try DHL, i pass the cost to the consumer, i find consumer will pay the xtra amount to get the instant gratification they seek in online shopping.. Or find domestic suppliers..
It is Ok to use AlieExpress - just make sure that your customers know about the delivery times and the reason is because all products are made to order and direct from the factory.
Then scale up and move slowly to FBA once you know what sells best for your store and fullfill via amazon prime!
 Boris says at 17:39 et
I started private label selling 6 weeks ago and my conversion rate is 8.5%. Is that good or bad? I sell around 7 units per day
 lou says at 17:39 et
It's good. Your goal is to sell 10 units per day, $10 per unit profit. You are on the right track, keep pushing!
 Gus says at 09:45 et
HI ROCKSTARS!!!! SUPER EXCITED! Today is my first $2000 day! I launched 2 months ago. It's spring & Summer product. (not hammock!) I'm very excited to see more!
 Chris says at 09:47 et
Well done gus... the best is yet to come! like in a song!
 Ted says at 09:47 et
Inspiring stuff. Thank you for sharing GUS!!!
Qqq2 says at 09:51 et
May the force be with you !!!
Sallyann says at 06:42 et
hi after taking the steps to show you my store I realised that i did it in hast and have closed it, by the way thanks for all the comments they were super useful!
I am going for my original niche and I have several ideas for others once im up and running. I am very impressed by the help you get here, from the keyword, title generator, the filler and bullet point generator and everything else, all great in helping newbies like myself.
i would like to ask that once i have my shop up and running and looking great would it be an option to do a full launch campaign with one of the email companies to send out emails to your target audience? I have seen ones advertised and I am realistic about the feedback and actual conversions but i don't have an email list yet and this seems to be a great option. let me know

 Alice says at 06:43 et
thank you and that's a good plan. what companies do you mean specifically?
 lou says at 08:22 et
Great results for me this month guys, firing up for the holiday sales!!!
 Jordan says at 08:22 et
me too, closer to the holidays i usually see 20-30% increase each year!
 Mike says at 08:27 et
New video added (NEW!) Visiting Coffee Factory Insights & Tips
Today we are in Guangzhou, an industrial city in China and visiting a
Coffee Maker Factory that is producing coffee makers for the top
European brands. We will see the production, show you real life
insights on how Chinese factories look and work, what questions you
should be asking when visiting your supplier and what quality control
is in place. Great insights from the real Chinese factory!

As a bonus we are sharing great tips for Amazon FBA sellers.

Visiting China is not required but will put you ahead of competition
if you really go extra mile and visit your suppliers and establish
personal level of trust with them. It's much harder for supplier to
scam you and provide poor quality if he knows that you can just hop on
the plane and visit their factory in person next day to check the
quality! Trust me, it works!
 diego says at 08:28 et
where to see it Mike??
 tom says at 08:30 et
In China with Love series (BONUS)
 Samuel says at 07:53 et
great video!
Sergey says at 05:12 et
Good day, community!

My name is Serhii Nediak and I'm from Ukraine! I looked at all videos concerning Amazon FBA and now trying to understand all phases of launching process of new product more deep to calculate approximately the amount of funds needed. I even looked at couple products: since I'm fitness coach I'm interested in supplements niche. That is why I will annoy you a lot in the nearest future with all the questions, sorry for that))).

And the first one is: as I've already mentioned I'm from Ukraine, Ukraine is among countries eligible to work on Amazon, to work on Amazon I will need to open professional account, so I will need to open a company and finally the question - where would be better to open a company, in Ukraine, in USA (if this possible) or maybe in offshore zone and what kind of a company it should be?

Will be glad to hear from you, maybe you know any kind of services that can help me with this.
 Ted says at 05:15 et
hi Sergey, good idea about supplements and you can be the face of your product since you are looking so Good yourself. Ukraine is loved in USA and Europe after the donbass thing so you can play this card even more as Ukranian Giant and his secrets of health supplements. Where to open the company - probably locally if it is eligible so no point to overpay high usa fees for companies, as you need bank account and visa/mastercard as well to work! However you need to understand how you ship products to amazon FBA and if you plan selling in germany or europe (pas european acc) or USA ?
 Dr. Jam says at 05:15 et
Good luck Sergey, great idea and what a body!
A says at 04:51 et
I have finished watching the video about "incorporation and taxes" but I'm lost. If I understood correctly the suggested way to open a seller central account is as a professional.
-What do I need to open a professional account?
-Do I need a LLC? bank account? address??
Can someone explain ---> my situation will be "Rest of the world selling in the US"
Thank you!
 jo says at 04:52 et
You need an LLC, Bank account and a credit card. Yes your company does not have to be from USA even if you plan to sell in USA