Basic Steps to Scaling your Business and Making More $$$


There is no point in doing business if you are satisfied with mediocrity. You might as well get a job as a waitress! Scaling your business is the priority of any serious entrepreneur, and I am guessing that since you are reading this, it is your priority too.

To achieve these goals of expansion, you must have a plan and be able to back it up with solid action! You can leverage the following strategies to scale your business to tremendous limits.

  1. Utilizing Legitimate SEO Techniques: Recollect that in a previous post, I talked about illegal hacks people used on Amazon? Well.. just to reiterate, when it comes to SEO try your best to stay legal. SEO is not that hard to master. A basic understanding of the concepts of SEO and keywords will give your business a great boost by increasing your visibility; this automatically means more sales and more money for you. We are very aware of the importance of SEO and keywords, and to that effect we have developed well researched video courses to help you out in this regard. Go check them out here.
  2. Running Freebie Campaigns: The power of coupons and other bonanzas cannot be overestimated. Some greedy sellers may not want to budge when it comes to this, but they’ll end up going home with little or nothing at all, because their competitors(who were more generous) have snatched up all their customers. Don’t be a part of this lot! Offer your customers cool incentives and give them flocking to your store!
  3. Email Marketing: In case you are not aware, the most powerful driver of sales for leading e-commerce businesses is e-mail marketing. Remember; Email is NOT DEAD! The benefits of great email marketing strategies are tremendous. However, for it to work, email marketing must be done the right way. Avoid spamming, instead share authentic information that will be of help to your base.
  4. Advertising: No matter how successful a company is, they will still advertise. Have you ever wondered why Pepsi and Coca-Cola still pump in millions of dollars into advertisement despite the massive popularity they have gained all these years? Simple! Advertisements work! If huge companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola still advertise, then what exactly are you waiting for? You don’t have to spend millions like them. Take advantage of the tools available to you, use social media platforms to spread the word about your products and service.

Now, as I mentioned earlier these are just the basic steps to scaling your business. A complete guide handling other aspects of scaling your e-commerce business is covered in our video course. Get guidance on advertisements, the best way to use platforms like Facebook, how to take full advantage of holidays by offering cool irresistible incentives to your customers and so much more!

We leave no stone unturned as we explore the secrets to success on Amazon and Shopify.  Hurry and start learning so that you can apply these principles and hacks to your business. Check out the course here

When it comes to scaling your business, nobody is gonna do it for you. You’ve got to take the bull by the horns!

See you next time!


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 george says at 22:49 et
I've been selling on amazon FBA for the last 14 months.. Doing well, around 14,700 usd net profit after costs and taxes per month.. Looking to expand now to Shopify too with your help! Thank you!
 Lucy says at 21:25 et
hi guys.. Can I get BAD product reviews deleted off my products page?
Claudia says at 21:25 et
It's very rare to get bad review removed.. Usually it's better to prevent them like we teach in the course.. see video about negative feedback removal.. Also read
Also dont over sweat about bad reviews, it's natural for any good product to have 1-2 one-star reviews, nobody is perfect and your customer don't expect just 5 start reviews, it might even look suspicious and fake.
 Emma says at 21:25 et
Let it go.. Let it go...
 Bill says at 21:29 et
What dunnage to put inside to protect my products?
 jo says at 21:29 et
For example bubble wraps, foam, air pillows and sheets of paper.
 Papa says at 21:37 et
Hi guys.. Would love to know if you use paypal checkout in your shopify store, or any other checkouts in addition shopify?
 chris says at 21:38 et
Paypal accounts for about 45% of our sales. I'd say 20% of conversations are coming from Amazon. Also add Stripe and they'll have a much more straightforward guest checkout with credit card.
 Victor says at 21:38 et
Stripe is a way to go!
 victoria says at 23:07 et
Great stuff, thank you guys for the videos! I am launching soon next product and goal is to reach $450 profit per day.
 Evan says at 23:08 et
Way to go victoria. Thank you for inspiration!
Rene says at 22:57 et
How do i get started???
Claudia says at 22:58 et
Hi Rene. Best way to start is to go through the video course first which will guide you through the whole steps.
 Ethy says at 11:54 et
Great day for me, made $250 usd yesterday and $220 day before!!! YOU ROCK GUYS!
 Angel says at 11:55 et
thank you for sharing! inspiring stuff ethy
Ernestas says at 22:33 et
this is your start ? :)
 Gautam says at 08:57 et
Congrats. When did you start?
 Dennis says at 01:59 et
congratulation buddy :) hope you will do much more!
 Mike says at 16:25 et
New cool video released "Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses"
Alexander says at 04:18 et
When choosing a niche should I stick to single kind of product like memory sticks for example, or should I have different kinds of products on my shopify store?
 Mike says at 04:28 et
Hi guys!

I just returned back from China trip, that was such an amazing and eye opening experience to see REAL China, to break stereotypes, to meet my chinese partners, sourcing agents.

I had a great opportunity to get in depth insights into Chinese whitelabelling business, I even visited and FILMED several factories for you! So you will see my journey and hopefully follow and take action as well, starting your own successful business in China!

We also had a chance to visit Canton fair, the biggest industrial fair in the world with over 45000 factories showing their newest products to potential FBA sellers from all over the world! We filmed it too to give you real life insights on how we choose the product and what questions we ask!

It will take me couple of months to cut all material and prepare the videos, but once ready, you will be first to receive them! Stay tuned and enjoy our course! Remember I do it in my spare time from selling, as doing course does not really bring me any money with such a low price, so my main profit only comes from selling itself, that's why I'm little slow on cutting the videos so bear with me :)

Thank you again for leaving your reviews for the course, it really helps me a lot spread the word and inspire me keep going and share this exciting material with you to help you succeed on Amazon and shopify!


 Olga says at 05:31 et
looking forward mike!!! super exciting!
Brandon says at 14:21 et
What was your most meaningful review (so far) like? What impact did it have on you? What would you want your dream review to say if your student could only use one sentence?
 Mike says at 14:23 et
The fact that someone took action and started his own ecommerce business is the best review for me. I know many people only learn but never take action or find excuses like "i dont have time for this", so I really appreciate when people take action and do what they learn!
Brandon says at 03:47 et
Good answer