Customer Emotions & Purchase Decisions: The Business Secret Nobody Talks About

Humans are emotional creatures, and whether we care to admit it or not, our emotions hold a great sway over how we see the world, not only that, our emotions determine our decisions in life, relationships, business even down to what we chose to buy.

That’s right, contrary to popular belief, emotion guide our purchase decisions NOT logic. As a wise merchant whether online or offline, it would be of tremendous advantage to your business if you can understand human emotions and use that knowledge in the areas of marketing and advertising.

This would yield mind-blowing results for your business!

Think about it; emotion can easily get in the way of logic or rational thinking. Can you remember anytime you got really angry and then made a decision shortly after? I’m sure that if you reflect on this properly, you would realize that you didn’t make the best decision in your angry mood; if you weren’t angry you would’ve been open to rational thinking and thought things through before taking action.

The same principle applies to the world of buying and selling. Consumers don’t make rational choices when it comes to purchasing products, they go with their emotions at that moment.

How does this product make me feel? This is the platform for making buying decisions. This is also the reason smart companies spend a lot of advertisement. They are attempting to associate certain emotions with their products.

I hope you have been able to realize the crucial role emotions play in the business market. Whenever you create ads or slogans for your business, pick your words wisely, ensure you convey good feelings through them and your customers will quickly associate these good feelings with your products, you can be sure to expect your sales to soar!

With so much negative out there, who doesn’t want to feel good these days?

This is an eye-opener, and it is just one of our many secret tips we would keep revealing to help you keep selling and remain ahead of the competition.

See you next time.

Keep selling, Keep winning!


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 peter jr says at 22:47 et
I'm new here but really LOVE the course and the all the detailed info so far!! You guys have been really helpful to me!
 Sarah says at 21:03 et
hi.. new here.. where to find bloggers influencers in my industry?
 Evan says at 21:03 et
Welcome Sarah!! Try musefind, tapinfluence, tomoson, famebit. also check Groundsignal, socialchain , Shoutcart.
Or reach personally specific top influencers via their contact forms/fb messaging/youtube etc. Most have already ads department and managers to handle that.
Also bloggers you can find alltop directory..
 GoldmaN says at 21:04 et
For me works best reaching influencers directly.. I never had much luck with those paid services, they are just a middleman.
 Victor says at 21:04 et
Try Tomoson also, a good place to find mommy bloggers and instagrammers
 Spider Fuji says at 21:18 et
I have a question to Amazon, not to you guys... Does Seller support have a number I can call?
 David says at 21:18 et
You can get direct support through seller support.. Use the contact seller support link at the bottom of the page and request response by call back, they will call you if it is an issue which can be dealt with on the phone. Also I found following 866-216-1072
877-251-0696 206-266-2992 Cust. service Seller support
 Julian says at 21:23 et
OMG!! today i see ... part of my inventory seems missing? what to do?
Claudia says at 21:23 et
Go to Inventory > Manage FBA Shipments and check if they were received correctly by warehouse? if not, file a report and amazon will research and investigate and credit you for missing or lost units. Finally, check to see if there have been any recent inventory adjustments by using the Inventory Adjustments Report and check to see if there are any ongoing warehouse transfers using the Inventory Event Detail Report.
 emma says at 21:28 et
What are the ways to ship stuff from CHina to USA?
Claudia says at 21:28 et
You can choose Express courier, Air freight, and Sea freight. Incoterms rules can be FOB, EXW, usually i suggest to choose FOB. So its not your duty to worry about exporting fees and china customs..
 Aria says at 21:51 et
WOW Great stuff here guys, very inspiring and helpful! thank you for all you do Hot cakes team!
Claudia says at 21:52 et
Thank you Aria!
 Ron says at 09:15 et
where to find local suppliers?
 Aria says at 09:16 et
see resources... for example or salehooo
wade says at 17:44 et
Just about ready to go here ..... I am getting my logo done and plan on going live this weekend.

If I find the nerve look for me to be criticized official like on the critics page :)
 Evan says at 17:44 et
Of course do! We'd love to post some thoughts and feedback! And Good luck!