Optimizing for Change: Make Your E-Commerce Business Stand Out!

In older posts, we learned about how widespread e-commerce has become. On a global scale, it is safe to say that you can find an e-commerce startup virtually all over the world. This scary fact comes with its merits and demerits. First of all, this means that more people will be prone to patronize online stores, which translates to a wider range of potential customers for you. However, on the negative side, it then becomes fairly easy for upcoming e-commerce businesses to get stuck in the sheep zone; copying those that have gone before them and making the same mistakes.

No matter how you would like to twist it, a clone can never be better than the original. How can you make yourself standout from this emerging crowd of online entrepreneurs?

Well… first, you have to take a look at key aspects of your business. Marketing is the number one area you should take a look at, the success and failure of a business is largerly determined by how well the marketing campaign was run.

Marketing automation is something a lot of e-commerce businesses have failed to integrate into their overall plan, you can take advantage and be the pace setter. Sending newsletters, emails and following up on abandoned carts can be a real headache. These types of issues can be streamlined with the aid of good automation services, do you research and find out what suits your kind of business. Besides making you more efficient, it will take a huge load off your shoulder, giving more time to focus on other important things.

Another area to work on has to do with analytics. In the past, analytics was simply used to track the customer’s online journey; what store was visited, how long the visit lasted… blah, blah, blah… Now, advanced analytics tools exist which can do so much more than stalk your customer 🙂 A ton of data on consumer behavior can be obtained now, when compiled and analyzed, this can give you a fine idea on products performance, you can know what is trending and where to best channel your energy. Sells like hot cakes has a lot of these advanced analytic tools, which are capable of handling tasks such as spying on your competition, updating you with the latest trends, and providing great suggestions for slogans keywords, etc.

It’s like having your own personal e-commerce assistant!

Lastly, lets look at personalization. It is no secret that customers love to have that special treatment or would crave for something unique to them. In one of our posts, we touched on this subject of personalization, and how you can use it as an amazing incentive to attract new customers and keep the old ones loyal to you.

A lot of e-commerce business owners are lazy and would not consider offering customizations to their customers, but if you can dare to be different and put in the work, you will definitely reap tremendous benefits!

Implement these tips and watch your business evolve into perfection!

Take care…


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 David S says at 22:34 et
Hi guys! I am about to place the order with the factory, what is the difference between EXW and FOB?
 peter jr says at 22:47 et
I just got my first Shopify store installed by following your videos and now adding the essential apps to boost the sales like you suggested. Great stuff, i am super pumped to start selling!
 USA says at 21:30 et
How to find and contact influencers on Instagram??
 Samuel says at 21:31 et
Try whalar.com, socialhype.co, influence.co, Buzzsumo ,Boostagram .. each can provide list. Also BrandSnob app. Also of course direct contact without third party tools on instagram!
 nicholas says at 21:31 et
Already discussed before, please search first...
 Ray says at 21:44 et
What is ISF? I am confused
 jack says at 21:44 et
It's Importer Security Filing.. As the importer, you are required to file some basic information before the cargo departs overseas and arrives in the US. Your freight forwarder will always taken care of this but double check always!
 victoria says at 23:07 et
Great stuff, thank you guys for the videos! I am launching soon next product and goal is to reach $450 profit per day.
 Evan says at 23:08 et
Way to go victoria. Thank you for inspiration!
Claudia says at 13:49 et
The hashtag for the day is "GET STARTED". Don't just sit on the information. Take action, and we are here to guide you and help you along the way!
Kizzie says at 14:22 et
Great job
Jaikishin says at 03:40 et
Hi guys need help to configure the theme like the videos how do I color backgroundto the main menu and put the menu on the side bar on the collections page ? Help
 Evan says at 03:41 et
In shopify go to menu Online Store - > Themes -> click customize theme.
 Mike says at 12:15 et
Our new Summer “Take Action” contest is LIVE!!

Details and prizes
 Vin says at 12:15 et
wow sounds great!!!
 diego says at 12:29 et
Count me in!
Jimmy says at 03:39 et
Hi, is that a must to set up a credit card payment gateway. Can I just use paypal payment gateway only?
 Mike says at 03:39 et
Yes you can use just Paypal but it's always better to give more payment options.
Jimmy says at 06:37 et
I try to apply for 2checkout for my country, but without 90 days worth of sales history, they cannot move forward in the review process.
I may find Upwork to help for the sales history.
Oliver says at 02:38 et
Thanks Emma, I got the logo done!
 lou says at 15:04 et
Great start for the year!
Rodel says at 06:46 et
Could I use Alidropship plugin instead of shopify?
 rick says at 06:46 et
of course you can