Kick Off July with a Great Product Idea from Our Garlic Press Smasher!

Hello sellers!

Let’s review our Garlic Press Smasher’s product idea for the day, Men’s Short Sleeve Deck Polo Shirt, Navy, X-Large.

First up, there’s nothing with a greater demand by humans than clothes…well… except for food and

But, the truth is people don’t want to go out naked, they want to wear clothes, and not just any type of clothes, they want to was fashionable good looking clothes.

You can provide a solution for this need by hooking up the Men’s Short Sleeve Deck Polo Shirt, Navy, X-Large to your product rack.

The men’s short sleeve is highly fashionable and a causal wear to can put on to anywhere at any time; yeah, short-sleeves are cool like that. *wink*

According to our GPS statistics; the top 10 sellers have average 879 reviews! And the average price of the product from top 10 sellers: $22.9, with an approximate FBA fees of $4.58.

These stats are wonderful, and prove our aforementioned summation right; this product is in demand!

The GPS also provides some great title and keyword ideas, plus some amazing bulletpoint suggestions.

For more details, take a look here.

Keep selling guys, and have a great month!


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Last Wall Comments

 Spider Fuji says at 21:18 et
I have a question to Amazon, not to you guys... Does Seller support have a number I can call?
 David says at 21:18 et
You can get direct support through seller support.. Use the contact seller support link at the bottom of the page and request response by call back, they will call you if it is an issue which can be dealt with on the phone. Also I found following 866-216-1072
877-251-0696 206-266-2992 Cust. service Seller support
 Mister A says at 17:40 et
How accurate are sales estimates based on BSR?
 Aria says at 17:42 et
It's pretty accurate but it's only a GUIDE, not exact amount. You need to understand that amazon does not release real sales amounts on public. So it's an EDUCATED GUESS. The problem is that all of that information is based on the sales rank at the time you are viewing the product. So if they ran some promo last week they have more BSR than usual.

That's why good to use TRACKING tools like "Track my product" in sells lik ehot cakes..
 Lane says at 17:44 et
FBA toolkit, Unicorn smasher, Jungle scout, all give you some estimate. Nothing is "ACCURATE" and cant be accurate as you dont know real numbers, only amazon does... all tools just try to help you research. Dont worry about "accuracy".
paul says at 22:52 et
i don't have 5k on any bank cards or in the bank where do u get product
 Evan says at 22:55 et
Check the videos called "
TEELAUNCH App: How To Start your own Shopify Store WITHOUT DROPSHI
And "Amazon FBA without big investments"

Bottom line you dont need 5k to get started with ecommerce. Start your Shopify store or simply do teelaunch business or even Amazon FBA WITHOUT whitelabelling ! Tons of oppotunities!
Ricardo says at 06:20 et
Just started on this new course, with lots expectations hope for good results!
 Mike says at 06:20 et
Lets rock Ricardo!
Claudia says at 09:35 et
Datacenter migration - We are pleased to announce that we are moving to a new state-of-the-art data center in Arizona. scheduled downtime May 20-21
We will begin a physical move of all active servers on May 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM PDT (GMT-7). We expect the equipment to be at the new facility by May 21st at 6:00 AM PDT (GMT-7).
 chris says at 09:56 et
thank you for headsup you guys rock!!
florea says at 05:31 et
thank you
Andres says at 05:22 et
Thx for answering @Mike , @Kylie @Claudia....Im starting my plan on Shopify store...Do you experts, have only one theme, one storeo? giving that they are so many choices
Jay says at 11:46 et
i am quite confused with driving traffic i keep hearing multiple people say different things do you recommend i start with Instagram influencers or FB ads? if FB ads do i start with conversion Ads and make multiple ad variations with one interest per variation? Just need some clear direction. Thanks
 Mike says at 11:47 et
You can do both of course, no need to limit just to one source.
FB ads I made several videos showing step by step what to do, yes start with multiple ad variations with one interest per variaton and see which converts better and then kill bad ads and scale up good ones!
Influencers is also good. Famebit etc.
GERRIE says at 08:26 et
I would love to go to the Canton Fair. Do they contract with Dropshippers?
 Mike says at 08:27 et
Yes many of the factories are glad to be a dropshipper.