Summer “Take Action” contest is LIVE!!


Summer is one of the best times to start your online business. Most people are on vacation, they’re in “sleep mode,” this means you have more time and more opportunities available to get on board and take the piece of the e-commerce pie. Additionally, if you are serious about succeeding, then it’s also a good time to start thinking about preparing your Christmas products (so you have them developed and in stock when Christmas comes). It usually takes me 2-3 months to get the product to the market, so it might take little longer if you are just starting out.

That’s why it’s a perfect time to start!

However, what saddens me is that most people just keep learning and learning, buying course after course, tool after tool but never TAKE ACTION and never start actual doing. They keep looking for a magic bullet that will make CASH appear in their pockets; the truth is that there is no such thing. The only REAL magic bullet is just hard work and taking action.

That’s why I’m starting this TAKE Action summer contest to give you a PUSH you might need.

To qualify for the contest and win the prizes

a) Complete at least 50% of the course. I want to see that you took your time to learn the material, else we waste each other’s time covering questions that are already answered in the course. It does not matter when you joined the course.


b) TAKE ACTION. Send me a message showing the actions you’ve taken based on what you learned from the course. It does not have to be a complete million dollar product ready, but I really want to see your progress. You developed a product for FBA? A dropshipping site? Just an idea or logo? I want to see that you took action. This is the most important thing that holds people back – Not Taking Action!


c) Spread the good word about the course. Tell your friends of the immense goodies they might benefit from, share the course link on your Facebook or Twitter, and refer people that might benefit from it as well, go ahead and post a review if you haven’t done that yet. You help me, I help you, it’s a win-win for all. I will personally select the winners based on these 3 criteria listed.The person who takes massive action wins it all!!


TOP WINNER: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 1 hour Skype chat consultation with me about your product /idea/ business.

2nd Place: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 30 mins Skype chat with me “ask me all” style

3rd Place: Free membership in Sells Like Hotcakes and access to all tools + 30 mins Skype chat with me “ask me all” style

4th Place: Free Sells Like Hotcakes membership and access to all tools

5th Place: Free Sells Like Hotcakes membership and access to all tools

In this game, there will be no losers. Even if you take the slightest action, you are on the right track already!

The winners will be decided on the 1st of August and I will announce them in the newsletter.


“The good guy”


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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:24 et
hi claudia.. so iam starting with FBA.Please explain more what are the common providers for air and sea shipment (like UPS, Fedex etc)? Which do door-to-door? Which are more reliable for FBA?
Claudia says at 07:39 et
hi Cyril. Great question..

Actually, there are three ways, by air, by express & by sea.

By air:
1. shipped by major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia airlines, Northwest Airlines etc.
2. the goods will be shipped to airport and the client needs to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods by himself.

By express:
1. shipped by UPS, Fedex, EMS, TNT & DHL.
2. the goods will be shipped to the client's destination (door to door, such as Amazon warehouse). The express company will do the customs clearance.

By sea:
shipped by shipping company, such as Ma Shiji, COSCO, NYK, Kawasaki, Hanjin, United Arab Emirates, Sinotrans and so on.
Also can do Door to Door service.
 Mike says at 22:34 et
hi David! FOB means that the seller ships the goods to the port (such as FOB Shenzhen Yantian Port), and then the remaining responsibilities (sea freight, picking up and customs clearance) will be taken by the buyer . EXW is factory price.. . It means that the seller finishes the products and the goods is placed in the warehouse and the buyer needs to pick up the goods from the seller's warehouse.
Claudia says at 07:39 et
If it's your first shipment I suggest to use "door to door" to avoid delays and hassles.
 Jeff says at 21:15 et
Can i get negative feeback removed??
Claudia says at 21:16 et
yes, JEFF. please see video about feedback removal. It's pretty easy to prevent negative feedback with followup series.
 Aria says at 21:31 et
What shopify app allows you to quickly make branded Tshirts etc?
 wing11 says at 21:31 et
@ARIA Try Teelaunch app, super easy to make tshirts, etc
 Diego says at 17:33 et
I see many people start to use emoji in aweber but i dont udnerstand how to add them to titles??
 Chris says at 17:36 et
Aweber says "use this - so it's allowed
 mia says at 09:35 et
Question about inspections in CHINA for amazon FBA. How to get my shipment inspected in China so you can have it sent directly to the Amazon warehouse? Thx
 jack says at 09:36 et
Use a 3rd party inspection company. Check out or
Blaine says at 00:14 et
I'm watching the videos. I can only watch a couple a day, looks very exciting. I will try to get it going this weekend.
Claudia says at 00:14 et
No rush, take your time! I know that's a LOT of info but they are pretty short and up to the point!
Blake says at 04:24 et
Just started the course maybe a few hours ago and like the content so far. Great things are coming in the future! Very excited to get everything going.
Claudia says at 04:25 et
Thank you Blake! Great to see you here!!!
 Kettle says at 11:41 et
welcome blake!!! nice to meet you!
Mark says at 11:57 et
Great course. What other payment gateways can I use as I don't live a country to be able to apply for paypal. Can't wait to make my first sale. I'm already done with the store and facebook page. Thank you.
 Emili says at 11:57 et
Maybe Stripe ? it allows to accept major credit cards!
EDWARD says at 16:45 et
Hi, Claudia and Friends...
Just brainstorming a bit! Is it possible to monetize a Shopify store solely or in part by customer's purchases?

 Mike says at 16:45 et
I am not sure what you are asking Edward. Please explain more
George says at 08:51 et
What is the best thing to do if you are out of stock, close the listing or let it run? how about the metrics are they going to drop?
 Ted says at 08:52 et
Are you talking about amazon or shopify? On shopify it will say "Sold out" which is pretty cool for building urgency for other items.
On Amazon if you have no stock your listing is not displayed. You dont need to "close" it. Some people like to rise the prices before you run out of stock. The metrics will go down unfortunately. You need to plan your inventory better.
dilini says at 19:04 et
can I open USA shopify account? If yes what are the things I need? Thanks
 Lane says at 19:07 et
You need to do your research. To open USA shopify account you will need VPN, some USA forwarding address. But to use USA payment systems you will need more work - US company and bank account. You might also partner with someone from USA.
Sergey says at 05:12 et
Good day, community!

My name is Serhii Nediak and I'm from Ukraine! I looked at all videos concerning Amazon FBA and now trying to understand all phases of launching process of new product more deep to calculate approximately the amount of funds needed. I even looked at couple products: since I'm fitness coach I'm interested in supplements niche. That is why I will annoy you a lot in the nearest future with all the questions, sorry for that))).

And the first one is: as I've already mentioned I'm from Ukraine, Ukraine is among countries eligible to work on Amazon, to work on Amazon I will need to open professional account, so I will need to open a company and finally the question - where would be better to open a company, in Ukraine, in USA (if this possible) or maybe in offshore zone and what kind of a company it should be?

Will be glad to hear from you, maybe you know any kind of services that can help me with this.
 Ted says at 05:15 et
hi Sergey, good idea about supplements and you can be the face of your product since you are looking so Good yourself. Ukraine is loved in USA and Europe after the donbass thing so you can play this card even more as Ukranian Giant and his secrets of health supplements. Where to open the company - probably locally if it is eligible so no point to overpay high usa fees for companies, as you need bank account and visa/mastercard as well to work! However you need to understand how you ship products to amazon FBA and if you plan selling in germany or europe (pas european acc) or USA ?
 Dr. Jam says at 05:15 et
Good luck Sergey, great idea and what a body!