How To Keep The Fire of Ambition BURNING!!

There is no success without motivation and the will to pursue one’s goals. Ambition is the principal factor when it comes to growth and evolution of any business. In the absence of ambition, you wouldn’t want to improve, you wouldn’t even have the drive to start a business, heck, you wouldn’t even be reading this article! So if you got here, then for sure, you are on the right path.

Ambition pushes us to venture into an enterprise and it is still ambition that drives us to expand and grow that enterprise. When a business is going through tough times (this is inevitable 🙁 ), your desire for success AKA ambition is what will sustain you and your business and keep things together.

If you lack determination and ambition, you are prone to give up when faced with obstacles. It is a known fact that those who give up never succeed.

So the key question to ask now is how do you fire up ambition with regards to your business?

Well… let’s see…

  • Try to remember why you went into business: the ability to recollect the reason for venturing into business serves as a good source of motivation. Was it the shitty attitude of a bad boss? Or your friends or enemies telling you that you wouldn’t amount to anything good? Or maybe you are just an independent person who wouldn’t want to work for anybody.. Whatever your reason may be, remembering them will help keep you focused on your goals, in other words, it will keep you ambitious!


  • Analyze your goals: ensure to keep track of your goals, know how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t. Could you have done things differently? Would you have had different results? Analyze this data extensively, make new plans for moving forward. This would keep you optimistic about the future.


  • Count your blessings: During hard times, it is not easy to stay motivated or optimistic, but this is absolutely necessary! Even if you haven’t hit your $1 billion goal yet, you should still try to appreciate your successes, no matter how small they are. Celebrate yourself and remain positive. No matter how little you might have accomplished, always remember that tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.


  • Networking with like-minded individuals: Contrary to what some people think, networking with individuals that are in the area of your business is actually a great thing. Having a network of like-minded people will help to motivate you and spur you to success. We recognize the importance of this and have created an amazing group for guys in the e-commerce niche to get together, share problems, solutions and give motivational testimonies. Head over to sells like hot cakes WALL to learn more.

In the pursuit of our desires, giving up is often the easier thing to do, but the merits of determination, ambition and focus completely outweigh the temporary relief that comes with giving up; which is preceded by only one thing… Regret.

With the tips above, you can stay motivated and ambitious enough to bring all your dreams to reality!



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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:24 et
hi claudia.. so iam starting with FBA.Please explain more what are the common providers for air and sea shipment (like UPS, Fedex etc)? Which do door-to-door? Which are more reliable for FBA?
Claudia says at 07:39 et
hi Cyril. Great question..

Actually, there are three ways, by air, by express & by sea.

By air:
1. shipped by major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia airlines, Northwest Airlines etc.
2. the goods will be shipped to airport and the client needs to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods by himself.

By express:
1. shipped by UPS, Fedex, EMS, TNT & DHL.
2. the goods will be shipped to the client's destination (door to door, such as Amazon warehouse). The express company will do the customs clearance.

By sea:
shipped by shipping company, such as Ma Shiji, COSCO, NYK, Kawasaki, Hanjin, United Arab Emirates, Sinotrans and so on.
Also can do Door to Door service.
 Cyril says at 22:25 et
Do you recommend to ship all by express if i am just starting?
Claudia says at 07:39 et
No, it would be too expensive. I suggest that you follow 20-80 rule. 20% by air express to get stuff fast for FBA launch and rest by sea freight (slower but cheaper). When your sales pick up, the sea shipment will arrive to Amazon
 Mike says at 22:54 et
On shopify you can increase your profits margins by increasing your prices, as your visitors cant compare your offer to competitor offers like on Amazon and pick cheapest.
Moreover you can build your list and drive your own traffic from facebook (you would not do it to amazon, as you cant build your list from amazon)... Cons? Well, you won't get easy organic sales like on Amazon just from having shopify store. So still you need to drive some traffic to get it going! but it works, I know many people sell their own products on shopoify not just dropshippers!
 Theo says at 21:17 et
Congratulate me.. First $2000 day today selling on FBA!
 Daniel says at 21:17 et
wow Theo, inspiring stuff. what do you sell??
 rick says at 21:17 et
Dont ask what people say, nobody will tell you, people are afraid that you can copy cat them. Just do your research.
 mya says at 21:18 et
IMPRESSIVE stuff Theo! Keep rocking!
Tiabrihani says at 12:32 et
Hello everyone, I am so grateful to be a member of this program, I have just started
Xuan says at 13:08 et
Hi I'm newbie here :)! 3 days I run camp ads fb but not effective
. I till not have first sale for me :(. I don't have direction right for me? How do you make the first sale?
 Theo says at 13:09 et
hi Xuan, it depends on many factors. what is your store? what product you sell? what ads you run? You might want to submit your project to Critics here and everyone will help brainstorming it.
 Mike says at 16:31 et
Here is a new video i added "I don’t have TIME! + surprising ending" to address the most common question I get "I don't have enough time!" "I don't have time to learn!" "I dont have time to watch 12 hours of videos!" I dont have time to research a product!" "I dont have time to find a supplier" I dont have time to open my own ecommerce store!"
Ernesto says at 06:36 et
I thought "boost post" was a big no- no, and should instead use ads manager? Can someone drop some knowledge on me?
 Eddy says at 06:38 et
Boost post is the same as using ads manager if you already created audience and just want to quickly boost the post for $10-15 when building community.
Bill says at 07:39 et
Hi everyone....I'm new here and looking forward to getting this thing off the ground! I'm hoping this course will help me decide which niche/products to use. I went to sign up for the Shopify trial and it asked for my store name....I have no idea ;-) I guess I have a lot of work to do!
 Mike says at 07:39 et
Welcome Bill! Good to have you here. Take your time to watch the videos, especially about Branding to get you some ideas.