How To Keep The Fire of Ambition BURNING!!

There is no success without motivation and the will to pursue one’s goals. Ambition is the principal factor when it comes to growth and evolution of any business. In the absence of ambition, you wouldn’t want to improve, you wouldn’t even have the drive to start a business, heck, you wouldn’t even be reading this article! So if you got here, then for sure, you are on the right path.

Ambition pushes us to venture into an enterprise and it is still ambition that drives us to expand and grow that enterprise. When a business is going through tough times (this is inevitable 🙁 ), your desire for success AKA ambition is what will sustain you and your business and keep things together.

If you lack determination and ambition, you are prone to give up when faced with obstacles. It is a known fact that those who give up never succeed.

So the key question to ask now is how do you fire up ambition with regards to your business?

Well… let’s see…

  • Try to remember why you went into business: the ability to recollect the reason for venturing into business serves as a good source of motivation. Was it the shitty attitude of a bad boss? Or your friends or enemies telling you that you wouldn’t amount to anything good? Or maybe you are just an independent person who wouldn’t want to work for anybody.. Whatever your reason may be, remembering them will help keep you focused on your goals, in other words, it will keep you ambitious!


  • Analyze your goals: ensure to keep track of your goals, know how far you’ve come and what you’ve accomplished and what you haven’t. Could you have done things differently? Would you have had different results? Analyze this data extensively, make new plans for moving forward. This would keep you optimistic about the future.


  • Count your blessings: During hard times, it is not easy to stay motivated or optimistic, but this is absolutely necessary! Even if you haven’t hit your $1 billion goal yet, you should still try to appreciate your successes, no matter how small they are. Celebrate yourself and remain positive. No matter how little you might have accomplished, always remember that tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean.


  • Networking with like-minded individuals: Contrary to what some people think, networking with individuals that are in the area of your business is actually a great thing. Having a network of like-minded people will help to motivate you and spur you to success. We recognize the importance of this and have created an amazing group for guys in the e-commerce niche to get together, share problems, solutions and give motivational testimonies. Head over to sells like hot cakes WALL to learn more.

In the pursuit of our desires, giving up is often the easier thing to do, but the merits of determination, ambition and focus completely outweigh the temporary relief that comes with giving up; which is preceded by only one thing… Regret.

With the tips above, you can stay motivated and ambitious enough to bring all your dreams to reality!



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 pat says at 23:09 et
Not to brag... but It's my first $1000 DAY pals! 37 units sold today! Really appreciate all the help you gave me to boost my sales.. Last year I never reached even 15 units per day!
Claudia says at 23:22 et
And don't put all eggs in one basket. Launch several products (ideally related) to build a brand quickly + Build your LIST!
 Optimus says at 21:02 et
hi guys! great to see you are all crushing it. Any help would be really appreciated.. How can I ship Fedex DHL from ali without killing the bank?
Claudia says at 21:02 et
Welcome to community! You will love it here! Regarding your question - Make a deal with your supplier or get your own Fedex and DHL account. Usually a big factory that ships a lot get special deals and lower rates on shipping.
 Dakota says at 21:18 et
Friends... Love it here.. One question... How to calculate fees ??
Claudia says at 21:18 et
Check Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator
Usually FBA fee is 15-30% depending on the price.. higher price less fee %
 Leo says at 21:29 et
Hi there! I'm new here and preparing to ship first set... What is the max box size I can ship to the warehouse?
 Emma says at 21:29 et
Welcome! The boxes must not exceed 25" on any side and weight limit of 50 lb
Dont put over 150 units of product in a single box!
Blaine says at 00:30 et
Hello I'm new and just trying to feel my way around
 jack says at 00:31 et
Welcome Blaine, you will love it here, we are crushing it!!! Videos are here they work fine for me, try Chrome or firefox.
 Mike says at 04:46 et
Over the next few weeks, I’d like to do something a little bit different. 

I thought it would be fun to ask people what they wanted to learn about (so I can customize my future emails to help YOU :-D).

Here's your first question...

What is your #1 single biggest ecommerce challenge right now (and how is it impacting your life on a daily basis)?

Click reply and tell me right now.
 Castle says at 04:47 et
good one! finding time to do all the tasks is my biggest challenge!
 Olga says at 04:48 et
Mike for me is finding good designer is a biggie
 Tycoon says at 05:21 et
For me it's finding the product and suppliers
mohamad says at 13:28 et
Good idea !! For me this about scalling with Facebook Ads. Actually, I can just make 5 sales by day and i want to Scale :)
 Mike says at 08:27 et
New video added (NEW!) Visiting Coffee Factory Insights & Tips
Today we are in Guangzhou, an industrial city in China and visiting a
Coffee Maker Factory that is producing coffee makers for the top
European brands. We will see the production, show you real life
insights on how Chinese factories look and work, what questions you
should be asking when visiting your supplier and what quality control
is in place. Great insights from the real Chinese factory!

As a bonus we are sharing great tips for Amazon FBA sellers.

Visiting China is not required but will put you ahead of competition
if you really go extra mile and visit your suppliers and establish
personal level of trust with them. It's much harder for supplier to
scam you and provide poor quality if he knows that you can just hop on
the plane and visit their factory in person next day to check the
quality! Trust me, it works!
 diego says at 08:28 et
where to see it Mike??
 tom says at 08:30 et
In China with Love series (BONUS)
 Samuel says at 07:53 et
great video!