Achieve Happiness & Financial Freedom by running a Successful E-commerce Business!

Hello guys,

I want to share something amazing with you.
In today’s world, we have a lot of people who aren’t satisfied with where their finances are at the moment.
These people feel stuck where they are, and some, if not most have already begun to accept their fate and suck it up. It’s not that these people are lazy, it is just that they lack the knowledge on how they can escape their financial crisis.
Are you one of these people? Then, you are in luck, because I am to transform that ignorance to expertise.

How does running a business from your home or any part of the world sound to you? How about if I told you that this business could bring in a sweet $45,000 into your pockets every freaking month?!?
Want to know the best part of this business? You can run it on autopilot and still be immensely successful if you know what you’re doing of course 🙂
So what is this highly profitable business that I’ve been talking about?
Well…. It is called e-commerce: Particularly e-commerce business on Amazon and Shopify.

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world, and it is only getting bigger and bigger. Amazon’s billionaire, Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, and he has achieved his wealth and fame via this e-commerce business!
Bezos isn’t a greedy guy, and in Amazon’s 23-year existence, he has made several people millionaires in $$$, and you can be one of these people too! Provided you know how.

A lot of people realized that Amazon and Shopify were the markets of the future and they rushed in, without having an in-depth knowledge of how to run an Amazon or Shopify business, your guess is as good as mine…Their little experiment ended up in capital failure!
Permit me to reiterate, “Knowledge is Power.” This is the reason I created sellslikehotcakes, I don’t want people to waste their time and money and rush into a business they hear is doing well, only to fail all because they lack knowledge and proper guidance, I don’t want people to remain stuck in their financial woes because they think there is no alternative.

Sellslikehotcakes is the platform to change all that. Here, we aim to turn ignorance into knowledge, neophytes to experts, financial ruin to riches! All this is possible with the right knowledge and the right application of this knowledge! We would guide you every step of the way, showing you the system that works, how to channel your energy and resources in order to make profit!
We would teach you how you can effectively setup your online store and begin to set yourself up for an early retirement. Think about this for a moment… How many times have you had to give up that fantasy of a beautiful vacation or cross out items on your purchase list just because you couldn’t afford it?

Enough is enough!
Give your finances a fresh breath by taking the right steps to set yourself free! Financial freedom doesn’t just fall from the sky; you have to earn it! Let us help you do just that, go and check out the sellslikehotcakes Amazon and Shopify courses right here and give your finances a fighting chance!
Remember, there is no change without action… Take ACTION Now! 


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Last Wall Comments

 Ethan says at 21:01 et
i look to scale up my business and get more help.. where to find assistants?
 Evan says at 21:01 et
Check great filipinos workershere and assistant on Upwork, and fiverr!
 Spider Fuji says at 21:18 et
I have a question to Amazon, not to you guys... Does Seller support have a number I can call?
 David says at 21:18 et
You can get direct support through seller support.. Use the contact seller support link at the bottom of the page and request response by call back, they will call you if it is an issue which can be dealt with on the phone. Also I found following 866-216-1072
877-251-0696 206-266-2992 Cust. service Seller support
 Chuck says at 21:28 et
Can you guys review my Shopify store and give suggestions?
Claudia says at 21:28 et
Sure Chuck, go to CRITICS section!
 JO says at 21:30 et
Where can i run retargeting???
Claudia says at 21:30 et
There are many advertising networks allowing you to start a retargeting campaign for your online store. Facebook, Google, Twitter. Use retargeting apps such as Rontar (for retargeting on Google) and RetargetApp and Shoelace (for Facebook retargeting).
 freedom says at 21:50 et
Does dropshipping work? i worry about slow delivery times? who will wait 2-4weeks??
 Gab says at 21:50 et
Dont be discarded about drop shipping there are lots of people have succeeded in drop shipping, my advice drop ship is good when you do it internationally. I have no problems with international customers.
 Victor says at 21:50 et
You can reduce the delivery time.. Try DHL, i pass the cost to the consumer, i find consumer will pay the xtra amount to get the instant gratification they seek in online shopping.. Or find domestic suppliers..
It is Ok to use AlieExpress - just make sure that your customers know about the delivery times and the reason is because all products are made to order and direct from the factory.
Then scale up and move slowly to FBA once you know what sells best for your store and fullfill via amazon prime!
 Oli says at 17:32 et
how to decide which amazon fulfillment center to ship to in the US?
 Violet says at 17:32 et
Amazon will decide when you create a shipment. sometimes it goes to all in one, sometimes you ship to separate.
 Mr.A. says at 22:39 et
How's everybody else's experience with Amazon? My planned price range is in the $30 range. Maybe better $20 or $40? or $15?
 Tyro Meg says at 22:40 et
Cheaper = easier to sell but harder to profit.
Expensive = harder to sell but more profit
 Kylie says at 22:40 et
Stick to the golden rules. Saw the videos of the course? If your product is under $20 then BUNDLE it (or make a SET)
 Caleb says at 22:55 et
You don't have to be the cheapest product to compete. My best selling products are also the most expensive products in my niche. It comes down to perceived value. If people see your price is higher, give them a reason why. Make sure your packaging is not just great, It should be amazing.
Jan says at 01:27 et
Hey guys, how valid are the estimated sales per month in the best seller finder?
 Uncle Sam says at 01:28 et
They are pretty good, you must understand that real numbers only amazon knows, all the tools can use the estimates based on the BSR approximation!
william says at 02:26 et
? I have went thew 4 of the 4 videos in Module 1, my question is should I go back and work one module and work that one before going to the next one is this how this work
 Mike says at 02:27 et
Well, it's best to finish full module so you have a big picture of tools that you can use and full understanding of the structure, and then implement it!
 Speedy says at 02:35 et
i agree with mike. but in some videos where they show specific apps, it's good to install those apps when you already have a store installed , or just re-visit the video again later! Cheerssssss
william says at 01:07 et
 Mike says at 16:25 et
New cool video released "Exit Strategies: How to sell your business and buy other thriving businesses"
Sergey says at 05:12 et
Good day, community!

My name is Serhii Nediak and I'm from Ukraine! I looked at all videos concerning Amazon FBA and now trying to understand all phases of launching process of new product more deep to calculate approximately the amount of funds needed. I even looked at couple products: since I'm fitness coach I'm interested in supplements niche. That is why I will annoy you a lot in the nearest future with all the questions, sorry for that))).

And the first one is: as I've already mentioned I'm from Ukraine, Ukraine is among countries eligible to work on Amazon, to work on Amazon I will need to open professional account, so I will need to open a company and finally the question - where would be better to open a company, in Ukraine, in USA (if this possible) or maybe in offshore zone and what kind of a company it should be?

Will be glad to hear from you, maybe you know any kind of services that can help me with this.
 Ted says at 05:15 et
hi Sergey, good idea about supplements and you can be the face of your product since you are looking so Good yourself. Ukraine is loved in USA and Europe after the donbass thing so you can play this card even more as Ukranian Giant and his secrets of health supplements. Where to open the company - probably locally if it is eligible so no point to overpay high usa fees for companies, as you need bank account and visa/mastercard as well to work! However you need to understand how you ship products to amazon FBA and if you plan selling in germany or europe (pas european acc) or USA ?
 Dr. Jam says at 05:15 et
Good luck Sergey, great idea and what a body!