Our Garlic Press Smasher’s Top Product Suggestion for the day!

Winter is here and nobody needs to tell you that this is the coldest period of the year!
People don’t want to go out looking like Eskimos, a lot of millennials want to maintain their high fashion sense and still protect themselves from the cold weather.
Well.. thanks to our GPS, you can help your customers do just that. Check out the product idea of the day: The Men’s Cotton Blended Hooded Cardigan.
It looks super cool, fashionable and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Tailored … Read more

How to Overcome Fear & Take your Business to the Next Level!

Without a doubt, fear is a helpful emotion. It can prevent us from putting our hands in fire and getting burnt and also help us make calculated risks when it comes to business, but the other side of fear that we must be cognizant of is its huge demerits.
Everything has demerits and merits, all that matters is how it is utilized. As we have indicated above, fear has merits, but it wouldn’t be wise to only consider the positives, as every good business person knows, when considering any matter, … Read more

Running Successful Special Sales: How to make BIG TIME BUCKS on Christmas!

August is here and it’s time to check on your progress!
I know some of you did take action and I saw some submissions in the Critics section of Sells like hot cakes members area, so if you have not submitted there – I urge you to do it! “Critics” is a great way to get your progress reviewed by me and the community of experts which can give you valuable insights! If you are very secretive you can submit anonymously as well.
Tip of the month:
Christmas is … Read more