Hard work vs. Smart work: The Secrets Nobody Talks About

Humans are lazy by nature.

Yup…you heard me right!

And I’m going to prove it…
Laziness is the primary reason we invent things. We keep looking to create stuff that’ll help us do things faster and quicker. We don’t do maths again with our brains since we now have calculators, we no longer go to the mall to buy provisions; thanks to e-commerce websites and people like you and me…he-he. Our propensity for laziness is also what makes us susceptible to get-rich quick scams and promotions.

Bottom line is that we are a lazy species and this attitude of laziness and complacency often slips over into our business. This can have disastrous consequences for the entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur. Handling and running a business requires a ton of hard work, and as entrepreneurs and business owners, laziness is a luxury we cannot afford!
We shouldn’t just go about telling people we are entrepreneurs, we should also show it, by our time and commitment devoted to improving and excelling at whatever business we are running.

According to current stats, a significant percentage of successful entrepreneurs devote about 60 hours to their business every week! If you can’t see yourself working at this level, then maybe you aren’t ready to bring your business dreams to reality.
Now, before we go on, it is important to realize that there is a difference between working hard and working smart. One can spend a ton of time on his business but achieve very little when compared to someone else who spends less time. So, how does this apply to you and your business?

Ensure you work not just hard, but smart as well! Make sure your time is judiciously spent, invent your time into productive activities that will move your business forward and take you to the next level. Look at the activities you are engaged in throughout the day, analyze which ones are helping your business progress and which one isn’t, cut down time for those activates that aren’t doing much for your business and focus on the ones that are pushing things forward.

Review your actions. Whenever you find yourself engaged in any activity, ask yourself, “does this help move my business towards my goal.” If your answer is “no,” then make the necessary adjustments. This would keep you focused and ensure you are always engaged in productive activities.

Time is steadily slipping away, and like the adage goes “Time waits for no man” productivity isn’t only about hard work, but it also demands that one works smart! Become a smart entrepreneur today and place your business in the position for success!

Have a great week!


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Last Wall Comments

 Mike says at 22:40 et
With the new Amazon policies, Amazon does not allow incentivized reviews tied to free or discounted products. However they still allow discounts coupons and people can leave the reviews as long as you never ASK THEM TO or promise discount in return for a review.. See new video we posted about AMAZON launch and getting reviews legally with Followup series and social media!
Claudia says at 07:40 et
Moreover discount sales will boost your amazon ranks a lot. It's still a great idea combining with Lightning Deals and PPC.
 Mike says at 22:54 et
On shopify you can increase your profits margins by increasing your prices, as your visitors cant compare your offer to competitor offers like on Amazon and pick cheapest.
Moreover you can build your list and drive your own traffic from facebook (you would not do it to amazon, as you cant build your list from amazon)... Cons? Well, you won't get easy organic sales like on Amazon just from having shopify store. So still you need to drive some traffic to get it going! but it works, I know many people sell their own products on shopoify not just dropshippers!
 freedom says at 21:01 et
Why to go Shopify and not WooCommerce??
 Ted says at 21:01 et
Shopify Is Easier to Use, it's a turn-key solution. (hosting, ssl etc all included) + great app store to boost your sales.
WooCommerce is free opensource plugin and working with Wordpress which means you have to install and confirgure everything yourself, buy hosting, ssl separately too so there is no real saving just more headaches.
Go for shopify and jump straight into selling rather than micromanagement tech parts with WooCommerce..
 Iriness says at 21:05 et
WooCommerce looks like saving but in reality you have tons of hidden costs like domain, ssl and tons of extra hassles... Why not go easy with Shopify!
Claudia says at 21:05 et
I agree with Iriness!
 jo says at 21:27 et
Do i need to hire VA??
 Alice says at 21:27 et
If you are scaling up YES! If you are just starting NO! Learn first yourself, then outsource!
 victoria says at 21:28 et
A VA is a virtual assistant, mostly freelancer. A large majority of VA's are in countries like Philippians or India. Most have a decent ability to understand, speak and write English and help you with customer support, scheduling, proofreading etc.
There are a handful of websites where you can hire a VA, oDesk, Fiverr etc. How much to pay.. For VA's in the Philippians you can find a good worker that's decent with English for $3-5/hr and a very good worker that's fluent in English for $6-8/hr
 emma says at 21:30 et
Where to find FBA fee calculator?
 Dylan says at 21:30 et
You can find here https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/fba/revenue-calculator/index.html and also Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator here https://salecalc.com/amazon (without fba fees)
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? https://apps.shopify.com/amazon (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 Ab says at 09:31 et
Glad to see you are rocking guys!!! Just a quick one. How do I follow up the buyers without violating AMAZON TOS?
 Rob says at 09:32 et
Use feedbackgenius or sellerbacker.. After the client left positive reviews under seller feedback you automatically ask if they'd be interested in sharing their experience with the product on the product page! Works like charm.
 wing11 says at 09:33 et
Also Jump Send.. easy to automate everything with followup
 Optimus says at 02:33 et
love the course pals!! my question is what are tthe best Autoreponsder services to use to build the list and followups? sry for my question
 Mike says at 02:34 et
Try Aweber.com , convertkit.com , getresponse, mailchimp or icontact. I used almost all of them, pretty easy, drag and drop email creation... Make sure to watch our video about Email Mastery as well ;)
Claudia says at 05:59 et
Do you know number 1 reason most people fail in ecommerce?

It's because they never get themselves a chance, they never get started, always procrastinating and delaying the start.

I get questions and complains like "I don't have time for this", "How much time do I need?" Well if you can't even find time to learn how are you supposed to build your passive income?

The beautify of Amazon and Shopify business is that once it is set, you are set "for life" with a strong passive income.

The problem? Most people don't realize it and never start!

"I'm too busy working" (the old way)

So the hashtag for the day - TAKE ACTION!

Start implementing what you learned and you will become successful, I believe in you!
 Alex says at 05:59 et
true words!
Bill says at 07:39 et
Hi everyone....I'm new here and looking forward to getting this thing off the ground! I'm hoping this course will help me decide which niche/products to use. I went to sign up for the Shopify trial and it asked for my store name....I have no idea ;-) I guess I have a lot of work to do!
 Mike says at 07:39 et
Welcome Bill! Good to have you here. Take your time to watch the videos, especially about Branding to get you some ideas.
GERRIE says at 08:27 et
I have watched a lot of videos and I understand what they are telling me to do. However, I can't memorize an all the instructions. Is there a written text instruction that I can reread the instructions as I am filling out the forms? I have been putting everything on my reading list but don't know if that is enough.
 Mike says at 08:27 et
Most of our videos have text transcript to download.