Amazon’s Buy Box: What Is This Popular Amazon Feature All About?

Amazon has a ton of stuff, including terminologies, and features; it’s not easy wrapping your head around everything, especially if you’re just a beginner.

This is why we are here 🙂

One of our Wall members had such a problem. Elena was curious about Amazon’s Buy Box.

Frankly, we are not surprised by this, as we mentioned earlier, you cannot know everything.

Let’s clear the air on the buy box now, shall we?

So, what is Amazon’s Buy Box?

When you look up an item on Amazon, a box to your right appears on the webpage. This box is the buy box. See the image below.

The Amazon Buy Box permits users to add Chromecast to their carts. This is done by clicking “Add To Cart” in the buy box.

If you are a seller and your product gets featured here in the buy box, you are one lucky fella because you may just get the sale at the checkout.

So you can understand why a lot of Amazon sellers want to get featured on the buy box. It simply makes things easier for everybody, you, the buyer and Amazon.

Amazon’s buy box is a feature with the primary aim of streamlining the online shopping experience. The buy box accomplishes this by not only assisting customers in finding the items they are looking for, but by also providing suggestions on trusted sellers, and trust me if you have been in the e-commerce business, trust is an essential element that cannot be overestimated. *pun intended*

So, it is easy for a customer to patronize a seller that is featured in the buy box, simply because it was a suggestion made by Amazon. Therefore, the seller and the product has to be trusted.

Landing your product on Amazon’s buy box is important because this is the first place customers come to when searching for products they want. It also presents a better opportunity to market your products which means more sales!

I hope you’ve gotten a good overview of what Amazon’s Buy Box entails.

In a future post, I will discuss some cool methods, and show you tips and tricks that you can use to help get you featured on the buy box.

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Have a wonderful week ahead.

Keep selling!



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Last Wall Comments

 Eddy says at 21:12 et
I find it super difficult to find a local dropshipper with lower cost compared to the competitors on , I have like 4 wholesellers with different products most of them are expensier than those on amazon is it possible to find cheapers ones??
Claudia says at 21:12 et
That's why doing it on Shopify makes more sense, like the course is teaching.. So that you can mark up prices higher and no competition or related products are shown!
Also I believe it's possible to find products with better profit margins on Amazon. also remember you can still bundle it!
I think having an amazon dropship business could be helpful for a lot of ppl? but shopify is a way to go to start it. Amazon still better for FBA!
 Wolf says at 21:43 et
My store is ready and doing pretty well. What app to create a contest and collect emails?
 Emma says at 21:43 et
Check kingsumo.. it lets set giveaway on wordpress sites. in exchange for emails.
Sathaporn says at 12:15 et
Can someone give me advice for our address office & telephone number in USA? and how much the pricing?
Thank you!!
 wing11 says at 12:16 et
There is a video about it covering it in detail. It's called "How to INCREASE the CREDIBILITY of your store and BOOSTS your SALES" in shopify mastery section
Sathaporn says at 06:16 et
Thank you!!
Andres says at 04:42 et
Hello new one here.....Is there a video on how to choose your product and niche?
 Mike says at 04:43 et
Of course Andres, a big part of both Shopify master and Amazon FBA video course is devoted to it, please take your time to watch!
 Kylie says at 08:54 et
welcome Andres... there is also a new cool tool with automatic daily ideas for the product that sells well, called Garlic press smasher
 Mike says at 09:01 et
Yes, for example today

Idea of the day:
Acorn Chrome Lug Nut and Lock System (1/2" Thread Size)
(Selected automatically. Come back tomorrow for more product ideas)

Sales Statistics:
Total sales volume of top 10 sellers / month: 3463 (Recommended 3000+)
On Average top 10 sellers are selling 385 units per month. (Recommended 300+)
Reviews: top 10 sellers have average 277 reviews
Average price of the product from top 10 sellers: $31.25 (Approximate FBA fees: $6.25)
Top 10 sellers approximate average gross profit per month $12846.11
Claudia says at 12:02 et
right, new idea every day!
wade says at 10:07 et
Hello Everyone - Brand spanking new here and excited to dig in - I look forward to getting to know you all - And I hope in time to give back as well... Now what to sell? lol that's going to take some thought....
 Victor says at 10:07 et
Good one wade! nice to have you here! welcome!!!
Andres says at 03:05 et
Same here....exploring niches
wade says at 18:39 et
Still working my way though the videos – And it is funny to me how much my opinions on what to sell or the most interesting niches and how easy or difficult this posses is going to be has changed and continues to change as I go along. Really like what I am seeing here – Good job SLHC team !! -
 Mike says at 18:40 et
Thank you Wade, we really appreciate. Well the list of what you can sell is endless... Our job here is to give you tips and tools so you can try to narrow it down to potentially good ones! I cant tell people what to sell but if you follow the criterias and niche finder and other tools I am sure you will find several good ideas that will fit your needs!
dilini says at 19:04 et
hi, i am sri lankan. In sri lanka it is not allowed paypal and stripe still. for that i can use local intrenational payment gateway. But is there any option by opening amrican bank account to connect to world wide accept IPG? Thanks..
 Kylie says at 19:13 et
also search for local facebook groups, there must be people from sri lanka doing shopify and you can join them as well to get some local advice!
JAMES says at 15:00 et
Greetings !!! Glad to be here! I need guidance--i am a true Newbie!!! Please help--do i just start by watching these videos???
 Mike says at 15:01 et
Yes please. Welcome James!
ABDURRAZAQ says at 05:15 et
Guys, anybody here in this group using this platform start making some income on E-COMMERCE?
 Mila says at 05:15 et
We all use it, just follow the course!