Easy Steps to Success in Dropshipping!

In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping is now a common thing, and a lot of people are flocking to this method, because it allows you to make a tremendous amount of money without emptying your bank account.
To start a business in the past, one would have to get a loan from the bank, but now, dropshipping has changed all that.
With a little amount of cash, you can setup an online store and start selling premium products to thousands of people all over the world.
So how can … Read more

Another great idea what sells

Here is another great example of what sells well with drop shipping. Honestly I really liked this product and even purchased it for myself. As usual I am giving you great finds that I got on facebook, I am not affiliated with any of the products I show in examples
Here is their winning ad. It’s really well done with special symbols !!! to grab attention, a clear call to action, social proof (based on demand) and scarcity (only 50 left)

As you can see the set is on … Read more

How to make a profitable store? Case study

When trying to create your own shopify store it’s great to find out what WORKS!
You can use our Sellslikehotcakes best seller finder tools or do your own research.
Today I have a great finding for you, as example. (I am not affiliated with this store and just found it yesterday). I use it as an example of successful campaign. … Read more

3 Business Philosophies that will help Steer you to Tremendous SUCCESS!

Success is brought about by a myriad of skill, abilities, and talents. However, it is worth noting that regardless of the amount of talent at your disposal, you will not succeed if the execution isn’t right. The execution of any task all begins in the mind, so it is mandatory to have a healthy mindset and outlook on business before embarking on any venture.
As you journey through your business, you will pick up lessons here and there, and these experiences will help shape your precepts regarding business. The … Read more