Amazon Product Listing Optimization: Why Product Photos Matter!

Instagram has become one of the fastest growing and most successful social media outlets.

Why is this so?

They recognized one simple FACT; People love pictures!

Then they capitalized on this and built their company around this niche, and within three years, they took over the world.

So, no matter how you want to spin it, Pictures DO Matter!

This rings true especially when it comes to listing your products on Amazon.

Humans have always appreciated visual images compared to writing. One of our earliest known methods of written communication came in the form hieroglyphs which are essentially drawing! So, using pictures the right way on Amazon allows you to tap into that primordial human instinct embedded in the subconscious of your potential customers.

However, one thing to note is that pictures are not to be used anyhow. They must be attractive and more importantly adhere to Amazon’s product photo requirements.

So, if you are experiencing some drought in sales, then perhaps you should take a look at your product photos and make some tweaks! Never overlook this! A few optimizations in your product listing can be sufficient to end sales drought and send your business to new heights!

When next you take a look at your Amazon listing page, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do my product photos have enough visual appeal to attract customers?
  • Do I feel compelled to click on my page after viewing these pictures?

If you’re unsure or your answer is “NO,”  then you should seriously consider making some changes in this area.

Most people often run to professionals to assist with product photography, however, a lot of people cannot afford the professional’s touch. If you fall into the latter category, then you need not worry, we have a special DIY course to handle Product photography for Amazon listings right here!

Feel free to check it out.

Have a great week guys!


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Last Wall Comments

 Cyril says at 22:24 et
hi claudia.. so iam starting with FBA.Please explain more what are the common providers for air and sea shipment (like UPS, Fedex etc)? Which do door-to-door? Which are more reliable for FBA?
Claudia says at 07:39 et
hi Cyril. Great question..

Actually, there are three ways, by air, by express & by sea.

By air:
1. shipped by major airlines, such as Air China, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Thai Airways, Malaysia airlines, Northwest Airlines etc.
2. the goods will be shipped to airport and the client needs to do the customs clearance and pick up the goods by himself.

By express:
1. shipped by UPS, Fedex, EMS, TNT & DHL.
2. the goods will be shipped to the client's destination (door to door, such as Amazon warehouse). The express company will do the customs clearance.

By sea:
shipped by shipping company, such as Ma Shiji, COSCO, NYK, Kawasaki, Hanjin, United Arab Emirates, Sinotrans and so on.
Also can do Door to Door service.
 James.W says at 21:11 et
Hey pals!!! Is dropshipping legal on amazon? or just shopify?
 Mia says at 21:11 et
here is what amazon policy says "Drop shipping, or allowing a third party to fulfill orders to customers on your behalf, is generally acceptable. Be the seller of record of your products;
Identify yourself as the seller of your products on all packing slips and other information included or provided in connection with them; Be responsible for accepting and processing customer returns of your products; and
Comply with all other terms of your seller agreement and applicable Amazon policies.
 Olga says at 21:11 et
It's not illegal. Dont listen if people say it is. Read amazon link above!
 USA says at 21:31 et
What is amazon/shopify connection?
 lou says at 21:31 et
Maybe you mean this app? (Sell your products on Amazon using Shopify)
 Dr. Jam says at 21:39 et
Any great FBA podcasts to hear?
Claudia says at 21:39 et
Check Resources. Scott Amazing Seller is top one!
 Victor says at 15:03 et
My problem is I am selling too fast and often run out of stock... Should i rise prices to slow down or let it run out of stock?
 chris says at 15:03 et
Dont rise prices it will lower your BSR and ranks... Run out of stock swinging and refill fast!
 Alice says at 15:04 et and cashcow pro will help you manage inventory and plan better! hope it helps!
Alexander says at 04:45 et
Should I finish all the videos before I start building my E-commerce store?
 Highlander says at 04:46 et
You can start building it alongside watching videos, but it's good also to finish all to have a FULL picture!
Zaharey says at 05:23 et
Hi Claudia..

Does your store ( is Everything Store or Niche Specific Store?
Claudia says at 05:24 et
It's "everything dog related store". Niche specific store would be "Dog's Frisby Store" "Pug Toy Store" or "Dog Halloween Store"
Bill says at 08:19 et
So Im new....still doing research for a niche...what I'm finding is using the Hotcakes competitor spy tool, when I do find something that I might like to sell I find out the competitor didn't get it from Aliexpress. This happens more often that not with the biggest Shopify stores. What other dropshipper might they be using?
 Mike says at 08:20 et
It does not have to be only Aliexpress. Check the local dropshipping supplier video, you can also find local suppliers!
JAMES says at 15:00 et
Greetings !!! Glad to be here! I need guidance--i am a true Newbie!!! Please help--do i just start by watching these videos???
 Mike says at 15:01 et
Yes please. Welcome James!