5 Key Components To Help You Create AMAZING Product Listings On Amazon!

Poor product listing is the bane of success on Amazon. If you are serious about your products and you intend to turn your Amazon store into a profitable enterprise, then you must learn the science of creating great product listings. If you browse through Amazon, you will come across poorly constructed product listings; these listings are easily identified by poor descriptions, weak or poorly designed images, and spammed keywords. You can be sure that these sellers wouldn’t be making any ROCK-STAR sales on Amazon.

If you have determined that you will separate yourself from this group, if you don’t want to remain mediocre, then this is the right place for you.

To understand product listings efficiently we need to break it down into it’s most important components.

These are:

  1. Product title
  2. Product Image
  3. Product description
  4. Keywords
  5. Product reviews

As you have rightly guessed, each of these components will help guide your buyer towards making a purchase decision.

How well you construct these components will determine how well you sell, so their role in making sales cannot be overlooked.

Let us zoom in on these components and talk about them in more detail.

1. Product Title: The title of a product might seem like something innocuous that should be paid much attention, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Product titles provide a peek into what you are selling. They should contain complete or a near complete information describing your product(s). Amazon allows a 250-character limit for product titles; ensure you judiciously make use of this opportunity! As a guide, when filling out the product title, make sure you include the brand name, quantity, color, model size etc., also try to some keywords into the title to help with SEO.

2. Product Image: Now, to convince your sellers to buy your product isn’t it obvious you will require high-quality images? While you are sourcing for great product images, ensure that they truly depict the size and scale of the product. Amazon will permit posting of nine product photos with one lead photo, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be trifled with, try to use images that show your products in use by a person, this will help your clients relate to your product. Don’t attempt to deceive anyone by posting a picture showing something your product doesn’t have, this can be viewed by your sellers as deception and it can lead to bad reviews, this isn’t the time to show off your Photoshop skills!

3. Product Description: Wish you had the chance to convince a client that your product was superior to whatever the competition had to offer? Well, the product description is just the right place to do this. With a 2,000-word character limit, Amazon provides its sellers ample opportunity to show your potential customers what your product is all about. Here, you can use short sentences detailing your products functions and the problem it solves, you may or may not include information about the manufacturing company, this is up to you, determine what is beneficial by putting yourself in the client shoes and asking yourself a simple question after reading your product description; will this make me proceed further? When describing your products, leave no stone unturned, however, don’t over exaggerate, as this could backfire in the form of bad reviews!

4. Keywords: One popular mistake amongst Amazon sellers is the misuse of keywords! There is no doubt that knowing the keywords your buyers are targeting and ranking for is very useful, but more importantly, the RIGHT application of such keywords/phrases is vital. Don’t spam keywords, only use keywords that are relevant to your niche and your buyers; additionally, keywords should be added to relevant places like the product title and product features.

5. Product Reviews: Product reviews on Amazon do what social proof does in real life. They provide evidence that your products are high quality and sought after, or they could also tell a different story, that you are selling cheaply manufactured items. The latter is known as “bad reviews” while the former is the standard “good product review.” Now, you don’t need the genius to tell you that what you need on a consistent basis is good product reviews. To ensure this is your story, you must deliver top quality products; avoid deception of any kind and request for good reviews from your buyers after they make a purchase. Remember, if you deliver a substandard product, then you cannot expect good reviews, so try to stay on top of your game at all times!

These 5 key components are crucial in setting up a good product listing, if you require more information on these, then you can take a look at our video courses here. We also got some amazing tools to help out with product title suggestions, keywords generation etc. You can check out the garlic press smasher here.

Have a profitable week ahead!



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 sam dh says at 23:18 et
i'm sam from LA.. new here.. LOVE it so far. excited to get started.. researching product now.. any tips?
Claudia says at 07:40 et
Welcome Sam. Glad to have you with us.. Have you checked the new PRODUCT RESEARCH VIDEO? I have shared our tips there and gave step by step instructions how to do it!
 Chuck says at 21:28 et
Can you guys review my Shopify store and give suggestions?
Claudia says at 21:28 et
Sure Chuck, go to CRITICS section!
 emma says at 21:30 et
Where to find FBA fee calculator?
 Dylan says at 21:30 et
You can find here https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/fba/revenue-calculator/index.html and also Amazon Marketplace Fee and Profit Calculator here https://salecalc.com/amazon (without fba fees)
 mia says at 22:24 et
hi All! has anyone had a problem with amazon receiving a different quantity than what was listed as shipped?
 chris says at 22:25 et
Its common for the quantity to be wrong for the first few days. Let them update the stats.
 David says at 22:25 et
@MIA, If the quantity is wrong even after few weeks you can submit investigation report and they will refund missing units cost to you if they lost.
Cathy says at 13:48 et
Hi Everybody! My name is Cathy and I'm new here. Excited to be here and get started!
 jo says at 13:49 et
Welcome Cathy, you will love it here!
Blaine says at 00:14 et
I'm watching the videos. I can only watch a couple a day, looks very exciting. I will try to get it going this weekend.
Claudia says at 00:14 et
No rush, take your time! I know that's a LOT of info but they are pretty short and up to the point!
Leslie says at 00:15 et
I was on shopify then left over grey areas of card merchants not wanting to support product. Months later I came back and then left after 10 days due to lack of available products in my niche. Aliexpress vendors using misleading titles or description don't help. I then tried an app to upload Amazon products as an affiliate and do a review site, but it looks gawdy compared to shopify, and I will never make money like that. Therefore, I am convinced that shopify is way better. I'll just have to find a different niche that Aliexpress or a US dropshipper can fulfill!
 jack says at 00:16 et
I think the niche finder tool and the "Most passionate niches" report will help you find the product http://sellslikehotcakes.co/niches.php Good luck, keep us posted on your progress.
 Tyro Meg says at 00:16 et
Shopify supports Stripe and Paypal, no grey areas there, very easy these days. Try to attach them both!
Alexander says at 04:18 et
When choosing a niche should I stick to single kind of product like memory sticks for example, or should I have different kinds of products on my shopify store?
Sallyann says at 06:42 et
hi after taking the steps to show you my store I realised that i did it in hast and have closed it, by the way thanks for all the comments they were super useful!
I am going for my original niche and I have several ideas for others once im up and running. I am very impressed by the help you get here, from the keyword, title generator, the filler and bullet point generator and everything else, all great in helping newbies like myself.
i would like to ask that once i have my shop up and running and looking great would it be an option to do a full launch campaign with one of the email companies to send out emails to your target audience? I have seen ones advertised and I am realistic about the feedback and actual conversions but i don't have an email list yet and this seems to be a great option. let me know

 Alice says at 06:43 et
thank you and that's a good plan. what companies do you mean specifically?
 Mike says at 14:33 et
Here is a short blog posts about our China trip http://sellslikehotcakes.co/blog/index.php/2017/04/29/amazing-china-trip/
Super excited to scale up amazon business now, over 25 new products we found during the trip and Canton fair... The niche is booming, don't miss out guys!
 Chuck says at 14:35 et
thank you, very inspiring, please make videos mike.
 James says at 03:56 et
Factory insights is super cool to learn thx!!
 Mike says at 18:41 et
I am at Seller Summit in Miami guys! Great event it's going to be! All top amazon sellers gurus are here!
wade says at 21:14 et
Thats awesome - I hope you learn a lot of new tricks to share ;)
 Mike says at 21:16 et
Super exciting news guys! I just came from the Sellers Summit conference in Miami, it’s the biggest Amazon seller conference in USA organized by Steve Chou

?I had a unique chance to see in person and to talk and listen to the industry leaders such as Greg Mercer (the creator of Jungle Scout), Scott Voelker (the creator of The amazing seller podcast) and of course Manuel Becvar, the creator of ImportDojo and Number 1 Best selling Amazon Course on Udemy.

I had also a chance to talk to Manuel after the session and even made a short video interview where he is going to share his secrets and insights on how to choose the right product and avoid getting scammed. Once I get back home from the trip, I will edit and release the video, really great stuff.
The conference was really amazing, a lot of great new strategies, tips and tricks on what is working RIGHT NOW on Amazon. However the biggest surprise for me was that most people have not started yet, they are stuck in the research phase and take too much time picking the product. That’s why I plan to release more videos with helpful tips and ideas on how to pick the right product, right from the start.

During the conference we had a great chance to talk to ex-amazon employees and see how it all works. The biggest thing you need to know is that Amazon is BOOMING right now and it is also cracking down on the shady sellers and scammers, that means you have a great timing to get started and take a piece of the 250 billion dollar industry! Don’t miss out and take action, the timing can’t be better!

Wait… You don’t have time to start ecommerce business? I heard that million times. Truth is, we all have same amount of time, it’s only about HOW you spend your time and what your priorities are. Setting your passive income should be the highest priority and will set you up for life. You don’t have to quit your job, just start it part time, in the evening, on the weekends and you will have a great passive income stream that will bring you money for years to come.

Today during the lunch break I talked to George, he started his coffee related business on Amazon just 7 months ago (on the side from his main job) but already making over $15,000 in sales every month. All is possible! He did not quit his job.. but he might soon

That’s why the best time to get started is right now!

Stay tuned for more videos and updates! And remember if you have any questions, let me know!

 Amelia says at 21:24 et
wow amazing news mike thank you!
 casey says at 21:24 et
thank you for visiting conferences and china , i am very excited but still not afford to travel a lot so i learn!
 Dylan says at 22:06 et
Choosing product from the start is a good one!!
wade says at 17:44 et
Just about ready to go here ..... I am getting my logo done and plan on going live this weekend.

If I find the nerve look for me to be criticized official like on the critics page :)
 Evan says at 17:44 et
Of course do! We'd love to post some thoughts and feedback! And Good luck!